Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    D*I*Y (DO IT YOURSELF) is a coming-of-age teen drama set in Tucson Arizona about a teenage boy who starts his dream-business and embarks on an adventure for a new life. To save the foreclosure on his ill mothers house, he does everything in his power to transform his struggling company into a profitable enterprise. His journey toward financial success is derailed by the loss of his house, an unstable business plan, and the innocence of youth. Its not until he comes to realize that self-identity is more important than external wealth, that our hero is able to reconcile with his inner demons and follow his dream.

    Set in the midst of Arizonas punk rock unity movement, teenie-bopper, SHANE CABLE forms his own Record Label, he is forced to deal with the enslavement and challenge that accompanies the cut-throat record industry. Motivated by passion, Shane embarks on an adventure to find his place in society; that of a punk rock poster-child caught between the glamour of the scene and the responsibility of growing up. Passion, however, quickly turns to greed as Shane hunts for his true identity on his emotional roller-coaster ride. Long-time friend, BO RILEY, sees to it that Shane stays on track and never forgets who he truly is: a compassionate dreamer.