Gerard Butler nearly drowned when a 20 foot wave broke on his head whilst filming a scene at Mavericks, California.

Jonny Weston was hired with no prior film or commercial acting work. He was discovered via an audition video he submitted via a casting website where anyone who's looking for modeling or acting work can sign up for, create a profile and audition for work.

Michael Apted directed the last three weeks of principal photography after Curtis Hanson had to pull out for health reasons. When Hanson was proved to be in too poor of health to return, Apted ended up directing all of post-production and completing the final cut without Hanson's involvement.

Final film for director Curtis Hanson.

Gerard Butler was a very inexperienced surfer before taking on his role in the film. Jonny Weston, on the other hand, had been surfing for about 10 years.

Gerard Butler was briefly hospitalized when a surfing stunt went wrong. Part of his recovery involved a heavy course of painkillers. Butler would later check himself into the Betty Ford Clinic to wean himself off these painkillers.

6 Red Epics were lost while shooting the Mavericks surf footage.

Jonny Weston beat 3,000 other actors to land his role.

This movie was actually shown on the same beach that is flown over in the first few opening minutes of the film in Mid-August 2013.

Originally titled "Of Men and Mavericks."

Stepping into Curtis Hanson's shoes at such short notice was a daunting experience for Michael Apted. He arrived on a Sunday, and started working the next day with a cast he'd never met, a crew he didn't know and on locations he'd never seen.

Kirby Bliss Blanton was considered for the role of Kim Moriarity.

Leven Rambin is credited as playing "Kim Moriarity," so if you were to go on IMDB to look at the cast list before watching the film, you would know that Jay and Kim get married at some point, even though no marriage takes place within the film.