When Hiroshi Sakurazaka wrote the novel, he got the idea from video-gaming: resetting a game over and over until finding the winning strategy.

It was never stated in the movie, but in the manga, the reason why Rita uses a melee weapon is because during her "resets" she would often run out of ammo, which resulted in her deaths. Keiji (in the manga) also learned about the convenience of a melee weapon and started using one.

While filming the car chase scene which includes a minivan, Emily Blunt was instructed to drive fast and then to take a right hand turn so that the van would shake. However, Blunt missed her mark and she drove the car right into a tree. She later said that it was both hilarious and terrifying, as she almost killed Tom Cruise, who was in the passenger seat, but both of them started laughing after the incident.

During an early sequence in the film, Emily Blunt punches a young soldier who says, "Bloody hell, it's the Full Metal Bitch!" The part was played by her real-life younger brother, who had a cameo in the film.

Emily Blunt admitted that after putting on the metal suit, she started crying because it was so heavy (it weighed 85 pounds) and that she would be required to perform action scenes in it for five months. She was jokingly told by Tom Cruise to "stop being such a wuss."

Doug Liman wanted to do the film because it showed a role that Tom Cruise hadn't done yet: someone very bad at what he does.

Based on the manga and novel "All You Need Is Kill" by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Tom Cruise did all his own stunts; Doug Liman said he could make an amazing career out of it.

Tom Cruise admitted that Emily Blunt was an actress he wanted to work with for a long time, and he recommended her to the producers for the role of Rita.

The default language set-up for Cage's battle armor is Japanese, a nod to the novel's country of origin.

When Emily Blunt's character is introduced, she is doing a "planche" hold. Although she needed a wire for help on long takes, she is actually capable of doing that maneuver without assistance. In fact, when discussing the introduction, a cast member said, "Em, show that yoga move," and she casually demonstrated it.

In the movie, Rita appreciates having coffee at the farmhouse. This is a nod to her character in the book, who is a coffee lover and had been introduced to coffee at an early age by her coffee addict father. In the world of the book, where coffee growing has virtually ceased because of the Mimic invasion and people drink artificial substitutes, Rita still has some supplies of exotic real coffee beans and her only personal possession is a coffee grinder.

The film was released in the U.S. on June 6, 2014, the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion during World War II. The film shares many similarities to the attack on Normandy Beach. Uniquely, it premiered in two sequential events, designed to mirror the D-Day landings within the exact timeline of the historic event. The premieres experienced comparible déjà vu of weather conditions, starting near 6:00 a.m. GMT in an IMAX theater in London.

Tom Cruise was one of the first people to learn about Emily Blunt's pregnancy. The cast and crew had to return a few months after principal photography had wrapped to do some pick-up shots. During the months between the two shoots, Blunt became pregnant and was only a few weeks along when they had to return for the additional filming. Because of the pregnancy, she opted to not do her own stunts for this portion of the shoot, but didn't tell anyone why, since the pregnancy was still in the early stages. This confused Cruise, since she had done most of her own stunts during principal photography. She revealed to him that she was in the early stages of pregnancy, which, according to her, made him the only person, besides her husband John Krasinski and one close friend, to know about the pregnancy.

Tom Cruise spent over 100,000 dollars on a lavish wrap party for the cast and crew. He did not attend himself, as he was finishing his scenes for the movie.

After the film's box-office failure in the U.S., (it still managed to turn a profit worldwide), its marketing strategy was changed slightly for its DVD release. In this case, on the front of the video box, the film's tagline was emphasized heavily, with the title "Edge of Tomorrow" in small text at the very bottom of the case. As a result of this packaging, it gives the illusion that the film's title is "Live Die Repeat." Warner Bros. maintained that the title of the film had not been changed and that "Live Die Repeat" was only a tagline, yet this appears in front of "Edge of Tomorrow" not just on the cover, but on the spine of the packaging and even on the discs. The rental company Red Box has the film listed under the letter "L" in its kiosks, and all online retailers have the digital streaming version titled "Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow."

During the opening sequence of the movie, among other scrambled television footage, there are brief scenes from the Chelyabinsk meteor event, that took place in February 2013.

In the original book, the Mimics are invading Tokyo. Rita is an American nicknamed "Full Metal Bitch" and Cage is a Japanese man named Keiji Kiriya, nicknamed "Killer Cage" by the end.

The filmmakers described this project as a cross between Groundhog Day (1993) and Starship Troopers (1997).

Operation Downfall, the name the movie gave the planned invasion, was in fact a real planned invasion: the final invasion of the Japanese Home Islands to end World War II. The real Operation Downfall never happened, as the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought about the surrender of Japan.

The first writer on the film, Dante Harper, who did not receive final credit, sold his spec script to Warner Bros. in 2010 for over one million dollars.

Tom Cruise wanted Cage's deaths to be terrifying as well as humorous.

It was Tom Cruise's idea to do three film premieres in one day; Emily Blunt said it was harder for a girl because she needed a different dress, hairdo and makeup for each one, while he just needed a suit.

Tom Cruise began pre-production on the film on July 20, 2012, less than a week after wrapping his film, Oblivion (2013).

Cage never mentions how many times the reset had happened to him, during the entire movie. Even though Rita asks him on few occasions about how many times, he never answers with a number. Rita once says she watched Hendricks die 300 times. That is the only mention of reset times.

Tom Cruise didn't want the exo-suits to be too CGI, so it would be more real to the audience. He showed up two months early to research and develop the suit. He thought its weapons were fun and cool. Emily Blunt was unprepared for the weight of the suit which was between 85-90 pounds, and the armaments between 120-125 pounds.

The jackets weigh 370 kilograms in the book, and there are 2,500 of them with a platoon made up of 146. Jackets grant a soldier superhuman strength. In the book, getting the hang of a jacket is hard; it likens it to walking across eggshells without breaking any. It takes up to two minutes to put on a jacket. The jackets read minute muscular electric signals, and each one is custom made. Wearing the wrong suit could break all the bones in your body, or leave you inert. Before putting one on, you have to go through 37 pre-suit-up checks, or eleven if you're in a hurry.

During the opening credits, Cage is making a statement on the upcoming Operation Downfall. The room behind him is NORAD command from the movie WarGames (1983).

In the book, Cage awakes at 0600 hours, like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (1993), who's also trapped in a never ending day; also Cage in the book says "same old, same old", and Murray got that line too.

Filmed almost entirely at Leavesden Studios, where the "Harry Potter" films were made.

Even though he's in every scene, Tom Cruise doesn't have any dialogue throughout the final six minutes of the movie.

The film takes place in 2020.

The landscape and scenery from the "German dam" are actually from Torres del Paine National Park in Chile (Patagonia). The world-famous location had the dam added by CGI at a location close to the well-known "Cerro de Aleta de Tiburon" (Shark's Fin Mountain).

Brad Pitt was originally considered for the role of Bill Cage.

The sound design of the jacket is the same gun used in Aliens (1986).

Rita, for her bravery, was nicknamed by the public "The Angel of Verdun." In real life, Verdun was the site in France of the bloodiest battle of World War I in 1916. It lasted almost a year and an estimated one million men on both sides died, and Mons was the site in Belgium of a battle in 1914 and spawned tales of what many consider an otherworldly miracle. A 1914 newspaper short story about the battle, "The Bowmen," written by horror-story specialist Arthur Machen, told the tale of how during the battle, soldiers on both sides saw "supernatural" medieval archers appearing in the sky and causing the enemy to retreat. Despite Machen's attempts to prevent it, his story, which was entirely fictional, quickly inspired a popular and strongly believed account of "the Angels of Mons." The Battle of Verdun occurred two years later and there was no association with angelic apparitions, but Rita's nickname does seem to be inspired by the "Angels of Mons" story.

Following her lead roles in The Adjustment Bureau (2011) and Looper (2012), this marks the third time that Emily Blunt has starred in a science fiction film where the main characters are trying to alter future events.

Only three characters from the original novel made it into the film; Cage, Rita, and Farell, though all three were drastically changed from their original counterparts. A character mentioned by Rita, Hendricks, shows up in the novel as well in the same position she mentioned, her commanding officer. However, he is never seen in the film, only talked about.

The screenplay for this film was featured in the 2010 Blacklist, a list of the "most liked" unmade scripts of the year.

Tom Cruise's first movie (outside of the "Mission: Impossible" films) to gross over 100 million dollars domestically since War of the Worlds (2005).

While preparing for her role here, Emily Blunt was tutored in the Israeli self-defense system of "Krav Maga".

In the book, Cage starts to get headaches from so many times in the loop.

Jeremy Piven's character was added during re-shoots and ended up on the cutting room floor.

Doug Liman liked the film because he got to reshoot the same scenes until he got them right.

Guillermo del Toro worked on the initial design of the Mimics, even doing the sketches for how they should look and advising on how they should sound. The design changed numerous times during post-production, and the Mimics in the movie bear little resemblance to del Toro's design.

Filming started while the script was going over multiple revisions.

Reversal: during the trailer park escape, Cage, an American, tells Rita to unhook the caravan (the British term for a camper / trailer). Later, Rita, a Briton, mentions that she forgot to unhook the trailer (the American term for a caravan).

Had its premiere in London, Paris and New York City on the same day; one of the premieres was at 5 a.m., and it was wet; Doug Liman said that was a testament to Tom Cruise's star power. For the film's London premiere, Cruise landed a helicopter in Trafalgar Square. Emily Blunt called Cruise a Chatty Cathy at one of the premieres. At the film's French premiere, one of the exo-suits was on display.

In the book, Rita lost her parents when she was fifteen. Her grades were average and she wasn't any good at sports and she could fool people with her crying. Her family is from Illinois, unlike the English Emily Blunt, and she grew up on a farm with no military aspirations, but enlisted when Mimics decimated her home and town, killing 1,500 people, including her parents. She was underage, but used a phony passport that gave her a new last name. The Mimics came to Earth to terraform it, meaning to transform it into a planet that suited their needs, and not ours. Rita earned the Thor Medal of Valor after killing ten or more Mimics in a single battle, which was rare. She received it on just her second battle. Rita had enlisted half a year before becoming trapped in the loop after killing a Mimic in battle to retake the Florida peninsula that lost 28,000 troops. Mimics possess the ability to see through time which is how they were able to win so many battles against humanity, and how Cage and Rita became trapped in time. Rita went through 211 loops of two days and won a medal, the Order of the Valkyrie for killing over one hundred Mimics in a single battle, a singular honor. Rita escaped the loop after finding a winning strategy against the Mimics, not because of a blood transfusion that robbed her of it. In the book, Rita has a top secret research team study the loop. Her battles took her to Europe and the Far East. A Mimic time loop lasted thirty hours. Rita felt alone when trapped in the loop. Japan had managed to avoid invasion by the Mimics, because it was just the right distance from Asia. China fashioned a toy that looked like Rita. The war also waged in Indonesia. When the soldiers speak military jargon to each other, it's called bursts because it's short and to the point. Rita always wanted to meet a fellow looper in the book; they would teach each other a special sentence to recognize each other, "Japanese restaurants don't charge for green tea". Rita's name for the Mimics in the book, is Servers.

Both this film and Groundhog Day (1993) have a character called Rita and both are about time loops. Also, in that film, Bill Murray pinches Andie MacDowell to prove that tomorrow has finally arrived, in the novel, Cage pinches himself when time first resets. Also, in the book, anything new terrified Cage while Bill Murray had the opposite reaction.

At the beginning of the movie, there is a montage of different newscasters, news footage, and public officials trying to deal with the alien invasion. One of the public officials they showed was Hillary Clinton, implying that she was President of the United States. The movie was released in 2014, two years before the 2016 presidential elections.

The Americans pronounced Keiji's name as Cage in the book, hence his name in the film.

In the book, if Cage hadn't been caught in the loop, he wouldn't have met Rita, but in the film he meets Rita on the battlefield before the loop.

In the initial invasion scene, around 17-20 minutes in, three distinct types of landing craft are clearly visible: The short but relatively wide ones are the LCAC hovercraft that operate from most U.S. amphibious vessels, the slightly longer and much narrower ones are LCU MK10 units used by the UK's Albion-class LPDs, and the much larger ones with the three large fans on top are Russian Zubrs, which are also the largest hovercraft in the world.

The Mimics don't reset like Cage in the book, and that's how they plan to win the war. Because they're aquatic creatures, the Mimics once came up the Mississippi to attack Illinois. A Mimic could cover 20 meters in less than a second. The movements of a Mimic are easy to read. The Mimics are not very intelligent creatures and can't plan something like an ambush in the book.

In the scenes filmed in Trafalgar Square, the fourth plinth is occupied by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset's "Powerless Structures, Figure 101," a bronze statue of a boy on a rocking horse. The artwork on the fourth plinth is changed periodically, and this statue was on the plinth from February 2012 to April 2013.

In the book, after all the loops, Rita feels like a comrade to Cage, but to her he's a stranger.

Hiroshi Sakurazaka thought the novel was a dark story with characters dying left and right but he was still very pleased with it. He had to get military input when writing it. He published All You Need Is Kill with Super Dash Bunko, a popular Young Adult light novel imprint in 2004 and earned his first Seiun Award nomination for Best of the Year honors in Japanese science fiction. In 2009, the novel was the launch title for Haikasoru, a unique imprint dedicated to publishing the most compelling contemporary Japanese science fiction and fantasy for English speaking audiences; it's one of his most popular novels.

Doug Liman says Paris is very close to his heart and is the most beautiful city in the world; he had previously filmed there on The Bourne Identity (2002). On this film, he got to showcase Paris in a completely different light.

Emily Blunt's first action film; Tom Cruise thought she was screwed because she was thrown in at the deep end. Blunt had never done a film of this magnitude before but felt it lived up to all the buzz.

Ryan Gosling was considered for the role of Bill Cage.

Tom Cruise said Rita was an extraordinary badass character, and he loved her. Emily Blunt thought it incredible to get to train Cruise.

At the beginning of the movie, Cage is wearing a U.S. Marine officer's "service alpha" uniform. There are UDF insignia on the jacket collars and Marine eagle globe and anchor insignia on his hat. Later, he tells Master Sergeant Farell he is a spokesman for the U.S. Army.

Rita uses a large sword-like object (known as a melée weapon) in order to save on ammunition, as explained in the original manga. This is also a technique for experienced video game players. The film imitates in a real life situation the videogamer's ability to relive the same combat situation, getting more practiced after dying multiple times. Rita's non-reliance on firearms is a reflection of that experience. Some video games record getting through a whole game in "hard" mode using only melée weapons as a distinct Achievement for the gamer.

During filming, Emily Blunt took Doug Liman and Tom Cruise out for karaoke one night; she terrified Liman by him getting to see her in a different light. She later competed with Anne Hathaway in an episode of Lip Sync Battle (2015).

Rita in the film says she watched a commanding officer of hers, Hendricks, die three hundred times. However, Hendricks in the novel only died on Rita's last loop, having survived all previous loops and showing Rita that, though she could win a war, not everyone she tries to protect will survive.

Cage rides a Triumph Thruxton through the city. The bike is named after the British circuit and styled in the Café Racer style, appropriate for the location of the movie.

Bérénice Bejo was considered for the role of Rita Vrataski.

Noah Taylor appeared in another Tom Cruise film, Vanilla Sky (2001). In both films he plays the role of a tech support.

Rita cries in the book when she learns Cage is a looper but doesn't in the film.

In the book, Cage and Rita's relationship didn't deepen until the 160th loop.

The very first news clip, appearing silent for less than one second after the Village Roadshow Pictures logo, is of Israel's Channel 2 News studio. The text reads, "Global Danger."

The book describes Rita Vrataski as "tall, ruthless, with a knockout body and an air of total self-confidence", much like Emily Blunt in real life.

In the book, Rita goes through her time loop about 300 times.

Hiroshi Sakurazaka also wrote Characters and Slum Online, published in English in 2010. He remains one of Japan's most energetic writers of light novels and adult science fiction.

During the flyover scene of Heathrow airport, the large building in the distance is Heathrow Terminal 5, used by British Airways and Iberia, and is the largest free-standing building in the United Kingdom.

In the film, Cage tells Rita he's in a time loop; in the book, she asks about it over his headset in battle.

The melee weapon Rita uses is not from the aircraft that is used to drop the soldiers during Operation Downfall. It may be modeled from a different aircraft that has been built in the movie but not in real life. Bell Boeing labels aircraft panels and items normally removed a lot during maintenance to aid with easy re-install, meaning the "POS 53" could be the position of the blade on its aircraft. The serial number painted does not correspond to any present aircraft nor its assemblies. The manufacture or Weight and Balance Plate says UDF (United Defense Force), the name of the army, where as normal blades will have the manufactures name here, not the military that uses it. Any 2014 and earlier tail or main rotor blades would be a horrible weapon and destroyed the first time it hit something.

The dusty old car is a Citroen CX.

Cage loses an arm in the book at the climax when Rita believes one of them has to die to break the loop; Cage falls in love with her and would gladly repeat this day for eternity if it meant he didn't have to lose her to end the loop. Rita dies at the end of the book, and Cage is almost court-martialed for dereliction of duty. Instead, they gave him a medal, the order of the Valkyrie for killing the Mimic Server and killing over a hundred Mimics in a single battle; coincidentally, Tom Cruise starred in the film Valkyrie (2008). By the end, half the buildings on the base had burned to the ground and a novel, Cage was reading, had gone up with it. Cage's platoon lost seventeen men and there were 3,000 casualties in the last battle. Cage is expected to take Rita's place as the new Valkyrie. In spite of all the loops, Rita's stay at the base had been short.

The idea of the suit and the drop was copied from Robert A. Heinlein's book Starship Troopers copyrighted in 1959.

The implication of the timeline continuing after Cage is killed by the truck is that each restart creates a branching universe.

In the book, Farell's love of training borders on serious mental illness.

Rita uses an axe in the book because guns can fail in battle.

The film makes a few references to films The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991): - Cage asks Sergeant Farell: "What day is it?" (Terminator) - Sergeant Farell answers "Judgement Day" (Terminator 2) - Actor Bill Paxton plays Master Sergeant Farell (Terminator) Rita finds the car keys of minivan hidden in the sun visor (Terminator 2).

Tom Cruise thought this was a very ambitious movie that takes you on an enormously entertaining journey.

In the repeating beach invasion scenes, easily, the most visible aircraft is the fictional Quad VTOL. However, other aircraft and landing vehicles include: the Eurocopter Tiger, Boeing CH-47 Chinook, Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, Textron USN LCAC craft, British LCU Mk.10, and the Zubr-class (Project 1232.2, NATO reporting name "Pomornik").

The film's plot could have been the plot for the fifth Terminator film, which was made as Terminator Genisys (2015). The film would had taken place after Terminator Salvation (2009) and the plot would had followed John Connor, who discovers Skynet has created a device that manipulates time, and Connor finds himself living the same day over and over again and Connor sets out to convince Kyle Reese that he is reliving the same day over and over and that the resistance must find the device and destroy it.

Emily Blunt thought it was fun to work with Tom Cruise because it was such a challenging shoot, and the exo-suits were arduous to wear every day.

In the novel, Rita Vrataski has short, curly, rust red hair and is flat chested; Emily Blunt is none of these things.

When Rita comes out of the hangar in the skeleton-painted battle dress on her jacket, a solder exclaims, "Look, it's the Full Metal B--" and Rita hits him with her exoskeleton and forcibly knocks him out of the way. The actor playing the soldier was Sebastian Blunt, her little brother.

Doug Liman felt he had to keep up with Tom Cruise all through filming.

Rita prefers real coffee in the book, but normally has to make do with artificial stuff because natural coffee beans are scarce but she got her hands on some as a gift from a village she helped liberate in North Africa. Coffee grinders are antiques in the future of the book.

Alex Zane said this was one of the best science fiction films of 2014.

Farell's first name in the book is Barthalomew. He had more battles under his belt than almost anyone in the UDF (United Defence Force).

The gray minivan (towing the caravan), used by Rita and Cage, is a Renault Espace.

The first dusty car in the final action scene after Rita and Cage split is an Alfa Romeo 147. The second one used by Rita as cover is a Fiat Stilo.

Cage and Rita don't train together in the book like they do in the film.

Tom Cruise said he made the film for the audience.

Rita is estimated to be 22 in the novel, but Emily Blunt was 31 at the time of filming.

In the opening sequence Cage's chopper lands in Trafalgar Square opposite the National Gallery. This is the same spot where the Doctor's Tardis was set down by chopper in Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, a year earlier.

In the barn scene, the old French car is a '77 Citroen Cx 2400 "Pallas" Mark I.

The message Cage (Tom Cruise) sees over Rita's (Emily Blunt) picture on the side of the bus every time he wakes up is, "Full Metal Bitch."

The film's tagline may derive from a line in the book, "wash, rinse, repeat".

The film's Manhattan premiere was at midnight.

Action carrying on after Cage is run over by the truck he rolls under might suggest each death causes a new timeline. More likely is that Cage wasn't killed instantly and so we saw other characters react to his injuries before he died and reset the day. If each death did create a new timeline then there are a huge number of realities where Rita is prosecuted for killing a fellow soldier in cold blood in the training simulator.

Cage is younger in the book but as short as Tom Cruise.

Both this and another Tom Cruise film, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) have scenes set in London and were made one after another.

In the novel, Private William Cage is a Japanese teenager named Keiji Kiriya. Rita Vrataski was American in the novel whereas in the film she's portrayed as a British war vet.

One of the news segments at the start of the film shows Tom Cruise superimposed on a control room with multiple screens. This background is recycled footage from WarGames (1983)

Received a "B+" CinemaScore.

In the Japanese manga, the last hold-out free of the aliens was the Fuso Peninsula, Japan.

The film's websites are #livedierepeat and edgeoftomorrow.com.

In the beginning of the 1960 movie, Sink the Bizmark!, actor Kenneth More arrives at Trafalgar Square, St James's, London, England, for a desperate military operation. Approximately fifty-three years later, Tom Cruise arrives at Trafalgar Square in a similarly filmed scene.

The kiss between Cage and Rita before the final battle was unscripted and a surprise to Tom Cruise and the director, with Emily Blunt saying afterwards, "It just felt right. It felt right and I did it."

An alternative, darker ending was considered for the film as follows: As they approach Paris in the drop-ship, Cage briefs the soldiers that they must not kill an Alpha or it will cause a time loop and "we'll be right back here having this conversation, and we won't even know it." During fighting, one of the soldiers gets separated, then confronts and kills an Alpha. The audience sees the Omega reset the day and witnesses the same conversation as before about not killing an Alpha, but then an attack starts and the audience knows that the Mimics have the upper hand as the movie ends. The actual released movie has scenes in the drop-ship where the soldiers are reviewing Cage's warning and one says "Do not kill an Alpha or we'll never even know we had this conversation and they'll know we're coming". Also, when the Mimics begin firing on the ship, somebody yells "They know we're coming, Cage!" These scenes were probably filmed for the alternate ending.

Emily Blunt's voice was used as the radio announcer while they're driving together in the mini van. It is also used for the nurse who takes care of Cage after his car crash in London when he gets a blood transfusion--the actress playing her never moves her lips, but has three short lines added off camera. This was done by Blunt in post-production.

In the manga, Rita never loses her reset ability and she could feel that someone else is changing the time. In the end of the manga Rita realizes that since both of them are able to change time (resulting that the enemy would never end), Rita told Cage to kill her so that he would be the only one with the ability. Rita dies and Cage lives on to fight.

Dr. Carter estimates the occurrence of alpha mimics to be about one in 6.18 million. This could be a reference to the golden ratio, which is approximately 1.618 to 1 (or 1 to 0.618), and is found in the structures of some plants and animals.

The day is shown to reset a total of 26 times (25 resets that include the explicitly implied resets showing Rita's deaths on the battlefield while trying to get off the beach, plus the final reset). Although there were only 26 resets explicitly shown, it is implied that Cage resets the day hundreds, perhaps thousands of times.

The house where they rest is the same house from Looper (2012), another Emily Blunt movie.

Gary Clark Jr.'s "Bright Lights Big City" is playing in the background of the barracks the first time Cage is introduced. The lyrics, "...you're gonna know my name by the end of the night" works as foreshadowing. Also of note, the song is not in the subsequent replay of the barracks scenes.

In the movie, the war with the Mimics ends, having destroyed the "Omega", the hive-mind controlling source of the Mimics, thus shutting them down for good. In the novel, however, there is no "Omega" or single source that controls the Mimics, and the war with them is still continuing after the novel ends.

At the end of the movie, just before Tom Cruise's character destroys the Omega, there is a scene where he opens his hand to reveal multiple grenade safety pins, preparing the viewer for the pending explosion. This scene is similar to his scene in War of the Worlds (2005) where Cruise's character is almost sucked up into the alien machine, but he is pulled out by fellow humans. In that scene he also reveals multiple grenade pins indicating that several hand grenades will be exploding in the interior of the machine after a few seconds.

In the film Rita mentions her middle name is "Rose". This implies her name really is "Rita Vrataski" in the film. In the novels, though, this is an identity she stole so she could fake her age to get into the military. Her real name is never revealed in the novel.

Rita's middle name is revealed to be Rose. During World War II, personnel on both sides often substituted red poppy for this flower in messages sent back home.

The plot of the movie describes the plight of a soldier caught in a time loop. This soldier appears to reference Major William Cage (Cruise) who is actually a U.S. Marine officer, as it wears the USMC class A dress uniform in the beginning of the film. In more American modern language, it would be "a Marine caught up in a time loop" as opposed to being called a soldier.