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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Saki (Asami Mizukawa), and Nobuyoshi (Yutaka Takenouchi) are newly weds, but they're already bored with their relation.

    The day they've moved into their new apartment, they have an argument over not being able to find their rice cooker. Saki goes to a fortune teller to find out where the rice cooker went to. The fortune teller (Kiki Kirin) tells her that the rice cooker went to hell. She also tells Saki she runs a travel agency to send people to hell for sight seeing. Saki, and Nobuyoshi decides to take this tour, and buys a ticket. They arrive at hell, and meets the savage red people. Then they meet the meeker green girl Yoshiko (Ai Hashimoto). Yoshiko gives Saki, and Nobuyoshi a ride to their destination hotel. Saki and Nobuyoshi decides to pay Yoshiko for the ride, and gives her a thousand yen (which turns out to be lot of money in hell). Yoshiko in her gratitude tells Saki, and Nobuyoshi that she will give them a tour of the night market at 10 pm. At the Iijima hotel, the manager (Yoshi Yoshi Arakawa) tells them that their room is located in the 22nd floor but there's no elevator, and the baths are located on the 47th, and 127th floor. Bath turns out to be a human stew, and they almost get drained into abyss when the plug opens up. Surviving the ordeal, they visit the night market with Yoshiko. Yoshiko brings her two brothers with her. Gradually, Saki, and Nobuyoshi discover that they do have much things to talk about. Yoshiko requests to let her and her brothers reborn as Saki's child. The following day, the manager of the hotel takes Saki, and Nobuyoshi to the edge of hell where passage from hell to the human's world exists. There they meet the "wet man", and find their two rice cookers. The manager tells them, that if they follow the road, they will eventually come out at the bathroom of Gotanda Maruyoshi. Having new perspective on life, Saki, and Nobuyoshi finds their relationship refreshed, and they meet their day with renewed vigor.

    The detail of hell in this movie is superb. The plot is one of the most unique I've ever seen. But it's not weird, and almost qualifies as a family drama. Every situation is treated with humor, and has a twist to them that are both funny, and intriguing.

    One thing that carries this movie is the cool demeanor of Asami Mizukawa, and Yutaka Takenouchi. Because they maintain their poise, the horrible things that occurs around them in hell seems enjoyable. Throughout this movie, they never once panic. It was a superb casting to bring these two actors on board as the two lead of this movie.

    This is one of a kind, superbly crafted drama, and is a joy to watch.