Young Abby: That actually feels better.

Young James: [applying a mud compress to her leg] Yeah. I know. I was in the Boy Scouts for a couple of years. I hated it. I never really paid any attention to anything. But for some reason, I remembered what to do with wasp and jelly fish stings. You're lucky this is a wasp sting.

Young Abby: Why?

Young James: You have to *pee* on jelly fish stings.

[last lines]

Young Abby: *You* go.

Young James: No, *you* go.

Young Abby: We'll both go. Together.

Young James: Okay. From now on, we go together. Deal?

Young Abby: Deal.

[they run hand-in-hand jumping into the lake]

[first lines]

James Anderson: It's been over a year, James.

Friend: I know.

James Anderson: How are you doing?

Friend: [shrugs] Okay. I guess. I don't know. Just, uh, trying to take it one day at a time, like you said.

James Anderson: I'm glad to hear that.

Friend: It's just that... there's still a chance, right?

Man: [pinches Abigail as she passes] Oh, you have a nice ass, girl

William Leeds: Excuse me, that's my wife.

Man: Oh. Well then, your *wife* has a nice ass.