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  • Like a lot of people I became familiar with The Nostalgia Critic and his portrayer/creator Doug Walker in the summer of 2007 on YouTube. At the time, he didn't have anywhere the budget he has today and because of YouTube guidelines his videos had to try to be less than ten minutes. His content then was very to the point, had legitimate and researched criticism, and above all else was actually funny. Not to say he had a perfect thing going on, he did make a few trivial mistakes with his early videos, but for the most part it a harmless string of YouTube videos.

    He grew in popularity which led to various others trying to mimic his style of review, getting his own website where he'd not only create content but others as well( many of who became internet stars in their own right) becoming a guest at conventions, and being able to reach out and get people like Mara Wilson("Matilda") and legendary animator Don Bluth("Secret of NIMH") to appear on his content. However, the popularity only went to Walker's head and the content did not get better, it became worse with age.

    As time went, the videos became longer than they needed to be, became pretentious( see his woeful editorials, vlogs, and sibling rivalry videos with his brother) more material was not researched better( or at all) and a lot of the humor became mean spirited and condescending to the viewer. The nice and reasonable personality Walker usually portrayed off-screen with fans appeared more and more like a facade than genuine with how eerily similar his views and general attitude of them were to that of his character - Not the night and day difference he used to display when he first started out making videos. Like a lot of the shows and film franchises Walker usually rants on about as "not doing anything new" and "trying too hard to be trendy with today" he too has ironically fallen victim to this and the majority of his newest content is just unwatchable. Furthermore, Walker seems to really think that he is a legitimate film critic and that his character qualifies as such, not quite as the purpose of creating the character was originally just to riff on things for laughs. How fame can really conquer rational thinking...

    Walker made a good call ending the character some years ago and decidedly wanting to create newer programs for his social media, but made the mistake of waiting too late in the game to announce it and thus created a backlash from his fan-base so out of worry he brought the character back, but it was never the same - He started making reviews of films that had just came out recently( contradictory to the word "nostalgic"), did more and more crossovers, had skits that ran longer and didn't go anywhere, and the style of humor was unsettling in a similar sense to contemporary Family Guy.

    I would only recommend his much earlier content, nothing he's done in recent years. How the mighty have fallen...Ironically, many Nostalgia Critic imitators are proving to do it better than he has in recent years, go figure.
  • I've been watching this for years and I always look forward to new episodes. Some are hilarious and spot on, while others (not many) aren't as good as you would expect. Still, this is definitely one of my top favorite shows of all time.
  • I'm not usually one to pay attention to Internet celebrities or web series. But I fairly recently discovered the Nostalgia Critic, and all I could think after watching a few of his reviews was, where has this guy been all my life? I could watch his videos for hours.

    The Nostalgia Critic is best known for ripping apart movies and television of the 1980s and '90s that he finds corny or otherwise badly written/acted/executed, but recently he's branched out into the 2000s or even something currently in theaters. Chances are, at some point he's going to take a big steaming dump on something you love, pointing out all of its flaws. Even so, I can't argue with most of the points he makes, especially if I'm in tears laughing. He's known to be very loud and profane, and I admit that sometimes he goes overboard with the screaming and hysterics. But I think he makes up for it with clever writing and editing. He's not just a guy yelling at a camera. A lot of thought and effort goes into making an NC episode, and there are plenty of behind the scenes videos to prove it. It also helps to know that the Critic is just a character that Doug plays and he's not really that angry in real life.

    Recent NC episodes have featured some sort of subplot with supporting characters, which fans seem to either love or hate. I personally find the subplots hit or miss. Sometimes they're funny and entertaining, and other times they just detract from the review. I think I will always prefer the older episodes with just Doug talking, but it's nice to see the chemistry between Doug and his Channel Awesome co-stars.

    The Critic offers more than just exaggerated bad reviews. Sometimes he'll positively review something, and his editorials and top 11 lists are entertaining and insightful. My personal favorite material of his outside of reviewing movies and TV shows are his commercial specials. It was a brilliant idea to review TV advertisements of the '80s and '90s. Watching the commercials for those products you begged your parents for feels just as nostalgic as watching your old favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

    To sum things up, I love this guy. He's hilarious, talented, intelligent, and just plain endearing. If I could spend a day making fun of laughably bad movies with anyone in the world, it'd be Doug Walker.
  • "You used to have strong plentiful balls": Ma-ti - Battlefield Earth Review

    Back in 2007, an episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd involved the titular character reviewing the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. This was a change of pace to his regular videos as he would normally only review video games, however, I particularly loved this one video and wish he could have done more like this, or that someone would come around and be The Angry Video Game Nerd of movies. In a number of respects, this was The Nostalgia Critic (portrayed by Doug Walker). This is what first attracted me to the series when I first discovered it in 2009, and after watching a few episodes I was hooked. The series debuted on YouTube in 2007 before moving to Doug Walker's own site That Guy With the (later re-titled Channel Awesome), a website which showcased of people involved in the increasingly popular genre of satirical reviews.

    That Guy With the Glasses wasn't entertainment being churned out by a corporation or by Hollywood executives, it was entertainment for the people by the people with no concern for financial gain but creating content purely out of passion which could be shared with a mass audience thanks to this thing known as the internet. I had my own aspirations to be on TGWTG, of course, nothing ever materialized, but to even be a follower of the site it felt like being part of something truly special and unique. All the great personalities the site had to offer; Spoony, Angry Joe, Todd in the Shadows, Linkara, Paw, Film Brain - the list goes on. Online videos like these have more heart, soul, and personality than contemporary Hollywood blockbusters or anything currently on TV.

    But let's talk about The Nostalgia Critic. Doug Walker was a natural comedian, he made the art of reviewing while cracking jokes, pop culture references and comedic over reactions look easy. Surf Ninjas is my favourite NC review, I have watched a good 30 times; a masterpiece of sarcasm. I remember I used to stay up on Tuesday nights to see each new video as soon as it was uploaded and I considered Doug Walker to be one of my comedic influences.

    Various ex-fans of The Nostalgia Critic have different dates as to when he went downhill, so I can't speak for everyone, but for me personally, 2011 was the beginning of the end. Right from the start of 2011, the cracks were showing. Sequel month was a lazy idea, just rehashing previous review source material, but I presumed this would just be a minor blip. Despite a few good videos over the following year, the quality had declined. Also while I absolutely adored the two year anniversary special Kickassia, the following anniversary special in 2011 Suburban Knights simply wasn't funny, not to mention it felt like a very anti-climatic follow up to Kickassia in which they made the special in cooperation with an actual micro-nation. Going from something as large-scale and ambitious as that to a special filmed is suburban neighborhood felt like a bummer. When Star Trek month rolled around in January 2012 I gave up. Now at this point, The Nostalgia Critic's video wasn't awful, but more so just really boring.

    I was glad when Doug brought the series to an end in August 2012 and began a new project called Demo Reel. Perhaps Demo Reel had potential but what I have watched of it is seriously dull; although at least it was something different and showed Doug didn't want to be The Critic all his life. However, due to the failure of Demo Reel Doug revived The Nostalgia Critic. I haven't seen everything he has done since the series revival but what I have is unbelievably awful. For this review, I had to try and watch more recent videos of his which I hadn't seen, and doing so was the biggest chore, such a contrast to his older work which had such a natural progression and the best of which were consistently funny from beginning to end.

    A rundown of the problems with The Nostalgia Critic beginning in 2011 and spiraling out of control in 2012:

    Firstly he started going to way of MTV, he's become The Nostalgia Critic in name only. This problem began in October 2011 when he reviewed Exorcist II: The Heretic and Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2; two films totally outside of his territory as there's nothing nostalgic about them to the Critic's target audience. He once had cut off date of 2000 (aside from the odd exception), however now it's clear he's run out of nostalgic movies and TV shows from his time frame and now reviews whatever he wants. He was at his best reviewing stupid and nonsensical Movies and TV shows from the 80's and 90's; that was the kind of material that worked best with his brand of humor.

    His jokes are now forced beyond belief, an example? In his Top 11 F-Ups Part 3, he makes a joke about how people get the titles of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith mixed up. Not only is this joke shoehorned in out of nowhere, it's creating a situation that doesn't even exist. However it's bad enough when a joke is unfunny and forced, it's even worse if it goes on for ages. I don't mind long jokes if they're done well as Doug himself has done so in the past such as the dream sequence in the Junior review. For an example of a joke which goes on for an eternity; the "Allen" gag in his Jurassic Park III review. I was in a state of disbelief and non-existent laughter at just how long it lasts. I could make a huge list of the individual jokes in his new videos and why each one doesn't work.

    Other reviews are simply unpleasant, hateful and mean-spirited. In his review of Eight Crazy Nights, he had recurring gag throughout the video making fun of Happy Madison fans as lowest common denominator yokels. Regardless of how terrible Happy Madison films are, I did not start watching this guy's videos in the first place to see such mean-spirited gags such as this.

    The other major source of increasing annoyance is the lack of research he does for his videos. In his Patch Adams review he clearly has no knowledge of film's subject matter, or in his Jurassic Park review, he criticizes the science present in the film and even has a sketch about it despite having no apparent knowledge of it. This brings me to what annoys me most of what the critic has now become. He's become a self-righteous know-it-all jerk, and not in an intentional self-aware funny way. His review of Patch Adams is just one huge snob fest, while in his reviews of generally well-liked films (Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Matrix), he parades like his opinion is fact even though his criticisms on these films are just stupid nitpicking. There was once a time when watching a Nostalgia Critic review was simply fun, now it's about having Doug Walker's self-righteous, poorly researched, incorrect or simply illogical statements shoved down your throat. The dividing line between Doug and his fictional creation is becoming increasingly blurred; in his Top 11 F-Ups Part 3 he makes a list entry related to videos he made speaking as himself and not the Critic.

    Since Demo Reel failed the people Doug has hired to appear in that show are now regulars on the revived series of The Nostalgia Citric, and none of them of any charisma; it makes me miss the days of Ma-ti. His new videos also look too sterile and washed out; what happened to that warm inviting yellow background?

    He's also stopped using creative title cards and instead now uses lazy photoshopped title cards; ironic considering in his Drew Struzan tribute he criticized movie studios for using lazy, uninspired photoshopped movie posters. Also, all these new title cards have an exaggerated facial expression from Doug which is increasingly obnoxious. I'm sure there are many other problems I could mention, but trying to watch his more recent videos for the sake of this review is excruciating with how bad they are.

    Then there's his NC: Editorials. These annoy me for two reasons. Firstly it's the constant retreading of this mentality that you're simply blinded by nostalgia if you dislike some aspect of contemporary popular culture. Secondly, they're pretentious, giving an over important emphasis to questions no one was asking the answers to (Is It Right to Nitpick? Why Do We Love Stupid?), or questions which have obvious answers (Have we gone too deep into CGI?, Why Is Tom & Jerry Genius?).

    I can't comment on the current state of other TGWTG contributors as I gave up on the site as a whole long ago (expect Todd In the Shadows who is the only one I still watch), but I know some of the longtime members such as The Nostalgia Chick, Oancitizen, Phealous, and Obscurus Lupa are no longer there.

    When writing this review I was wondering if it was a mistake to undertake as I much prefer to write reviews of stuff I love instead of contributing to an internet full of negativity, but this show used to mean so much to me and bring me such joy, now it does the complete opposite. I have witnessed two things in my life degrade from being something I loved so dearly to becoming one of the worst pieces of so-called "entertainment" I have ever seen - The Simpsons and The Nostalgia Critic. It's hard to watch his old videos now without thinking about what a joke he is now. Congratulations Doug on destroying your own creation.
  • The nostalgia critic is a 20 year old comedic reviewer who reviews movies from his childhood. All of the movies he reviews are movies from the 80s and 90s. Most of the movies he reviews are considered bad movies, such as Batman And Robin, Super Mario Bros and so forth. He reviews his movies while making fun of completely stupid points of the movie or plot holes. One could argue that the nostalgia critic is more of a comedian then he is a movie critic. Either way, he's hilarious to watch.

    His humor consist of making tons of pop culture references and going over the top in his acting like a Looney Toons character. He's an extremely passionate movie lover who has fun all the way in his entertaining acting. Those who love movies will love seeing the Nostalgia Critic lampoon horrible films of the past.

    On average, each review is approximately 20 minutes long, and walks through the movie explaining what happens so you get the grasp of the movie along with his jokes.

    He has a number of episodes called "old Vs new" which he compares an old movie with a recent remake. For example, he compared the Old King Kong with the new Peter Jackson King Kong. He also has "top 11" videos, which is when he ranks shows or movies in a certain category. He made a video listing "top 11 scariest nostalgia moments", "top 11 nostalgia shows", "top 11 saddest nostalgia moments" and more.

    The nostalgia critic is played by Doug Walker, who you can tell really admires and loves movies. Not only is he funny, but he also has a passion for analyzing what's good about movies and what's bad. This is shown in his Top 11 videos, Old Vs New and none nostalgia critic videos that are posted on the site (

    What makes the nostalgia critic very recomendable is how he explores childhood movies. The closer your age is to him, the more you will recognize the movies and shows he reviews. This is especially true when he makes tributes to nostalgic TV shows. It's a nice way to revisit your childhood, hence his title, "nostalgia". We all have movies that we love due the the nostalgic value it created when we watched it as a child. You'd think that the nostalgia critic would crush those memories as he rips apart movies he reviews, but trust me when I say it isn't so. Seeing the nostalgia critic tear apart your childhood films should only make you love the film even more, because you would spend 20 minutes looking at the film as an adult, defining an even bigger line of what's a childhood treasure.
  • The Nostalgia Critic, and probably everyone that's affiliated with him, is literary unbelievable terrible.

    His videos are not reviews. A retelling of the plot in chronological order with a few unfunny comments and bad pop-culture references thrown in is not a review. It never has been a review. But because the guy was so influential, for many years, until people like RedLetterMedia, YourMovieSucks or Channel Criswell stepped up, that was all the movie criticism on the internet offered. It's horrible.

    He's probably also the source of the Internets fascination with plot holes. A movie never won the award for being the most logical. Movies aren't mathematical equations, they're art. What's important is that a movie has a heart, that it invokes emotions in the viewer, not how completely logical the plot is.

    But I wouldn't even care if his videos would be funny, but they are atrocious. So incredibly bad. The most glaring problem is Doug Walker himself, his screaming is incredibly annoying and impressively unfunny.

    His skits are inhumanly terrible. Sometimes, they take up literary half the video. And not even just at the beginning or end, but in the middle too. If I want to watch a movie review, I want to watch a review, not "middle aged untalented actor does things". But you know why they do them. Because these guy are all failed film students. They just can't help themselves, the want to make movies and dress up and pretend they are characters from something else like little children. A shame that it's so bad.

    His videos are incredibly substanceless and don't offer any new insights into anything.

    The same thing could be said about almost everyone else at "The Guy with the" . Just the worst thing ever.
  • I didn't get into The Nostalgia Critic until fairly recently, as I have several friends from IMDb who are fans of his. As I have said, out of all the internet stars, The Nostalgia Critic is my favourite. No matter how random he can be, he is hilarious and pretty consistent. There are times where Doug overdoes it a tad with the shrieking and the rants, but there are many funny moments in his reviews I can't help chuckling.

    My favourite reviews of his are:

    Titanic:The Animated Movie- This is an instance when the review is a million times better than the film. The film itself is for me one of the worst animated movies ever, poorly animated and edited and a shameless rip off of films(infinitely better films too) from my childhood. When the rapping dog arrived on the scene, I knew I was asking for trouble. In fact the only redeeming quality was Holding Me. The review of course was absolutely brilliant, with some of the funniest moments I had seen in my life, so much so I almost died laughing.

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie- Man I cannot describe how awful this film was. Without a doubt for me this is one of the worst movies of the 80s, poorly written, horrible to look at with terrible acting and incoherent storytelling. Another instance of where the review is better than the film.

    Quest for Camelot- I have to admit this was funny. I don't hate this film as much as some do in fact while it has a lot of problems(ie. the mismatched singing voices) it does have its interest points such as the song The Prayer, Devon and Cornwall and the fact the excellent and underrated Gary Oldman does a voice. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the review, the Ogre's butt comment especially was hilarious!

    Batman and Robin- I especially liked this review for the Bat Nipples comment, that was funny. And I do have to admit this is a movie I don't like, in fact I consider this the worst of the Batman movies. Nice costumes and sets, but a bad script and ridiculous overacting(Arnold Schwarznegger I am looking at you) really bring the film down.

    Troll in Central Park- Another great review with nice observations that even I didn't think of, and I have to say the film itself I consider one of Bluth's weaker efforts. I actually like Don Bluth, The Secret of NIMH, Anastasia, American Tail and Land Before Time especially are wonderful, but this film while having some sweet moments, nice incidental music and a very good voice cast is forgettable, mostly to do with the lacklustre plot and uneven animation quality.

    Is there a review I didn't like so much? I have still yet to see more of Nostalgia Critic's work, but I agree with another reviewer about Last Action Hero. That film is very underrated, it isn't perfect, but it was smart and fun, and I felt that Doug missed the point of the film plus it wasn't as funny as his other reviews I feel.

    I also enjoy his lists-: Top 11 Scariest Moments, Top 11 Saddest Moments, Top 11 Villains and Top 11 Villain Songs. In regard to the latter, I personally don't think any villain song list is complete without the mention of Hellfire from the underrated Hunchback of Notre Dame. That is a brilliant song, operatic, haunting, intense and goosebumps inducing and brings a demonic side to Frollo's character, and to think he wasn't complex enough already.

    Overall, if you haven't seen any of Doug's reviews I suggest you do so. Whether you agree with him or not is something else, but he is so entertaining often I am past caring. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • OK, so i'm going to tell you why i can't watch your videos.

    1. You scream too much: You seem to think the higher the volume of your voice the funnier it is. It isn't. And it's not just the volume, if you had an awesome radio voice i could listen all day, but man you sound like chicken been murdered.

    2. The jokes (oh dear lord) They are embarrassing, it makes you feel dumb just to be listening to them. There's nothing funny or even clever just occurrences that only a 10 years old could come up with, except the guy is like 40.

    Look i get it, you make money with this you go on and on doing what worked before, what a dumb teenager ask you to do on a YouTube comment (the best source of feedback in the planet..).

    But i suspect this isn't the real you.

    I much rather see your real opinion of the movies you review and a logic explanation of why you think so, man i would be in heaven if you did that. Instead i have to stand a man screaming like crazy doing cheesy jokes and being extremely critic to the movies when your show is pathetic to begin with, so what gives you the right? I understand it's the character but damn, you can do grumpy and do it right like the AVGN you try to copy his style but fail miserably.
  • soulbrono28 September 2014
    Talks big but couldn't tell you what a lens aperture does. Can't light, can't edit, can't write, but thinks he can go on monologues about Cat in the Hat and why it's wrong to make money yet gets 6 digits for video production and pockets it. Notice how he never talks about cinematography, editing, or sound design. Because he can't do it and has no idea what creates a cinematic feel. Watch Kick-Assia and see how much he actually knows. Yo dude I'll give you a hint. It's below something. It's below a little bit. It's below barely anything. It's nothing. Oops. An entire generation of people that don't go outside are getting ripped off daily but don't realize it enough to stop themselves before hitting the "10/10" button on IMDb and making a great website look bad.

    Sorry that was mean?????
  • I've enjoyed the NC series for a long time but since 2~3 years ago it started getting really annoying and unfunny. I'm not sure why, if it was because the viewers were decreasing or less income, but he started doing the same others do, even with empty jokes about minorities (that felt like it was being done just to be seen as "edgy" and not because he actually felt it was funny).

    He has not been doing real reviews, but either parodies or just openly mocking a movie while something happens in the story of his character. The channel and staff being surrounded by drama doesn't help the image of the series either. If I could rate it for just what it was until 2012~13 it would have a better rating.
  • The Nostalgia Critic is one of the best examples of "over acting" around. His entire channel is filled to the brim with: UN-funny jokes, stupid faces, obnoxious noises, and last but certainly not least is the stalling. His videos average twenty minutes to forty but if he cut out all the excessive stalling I'm positive it's more like five to twenty minutes. The "jokes", if they can even be considered jokes, are bare-bones at best and not just any bones either, these are the kinds of bones riddled with osteoporosis. I think, that, when I would rather watch the movie/show he is ranti-ahem "critisizing" than his channels content,(or lack there of) it speaks volumes about his legendary incompetency as a reviewer. Like I said above, the only enjoyment to be gained from him is laughing at him and his wrinkly face(likely induced by the multitudinous amount of faces he makes).
  • kdnor201117 August 2010
    I first heard about the Nostalgia Critic, in mid 2009. I had just become a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd, so I had to check out some other stuff he did. When I look at some, I saw that he had a final battle of Epic proportions with a guy called the Nostalgia critic. I decided to check him out. His first review didn't really impress me much, his review of 2007s, Transformers was good (I'm a huge Bum fan), but it didn't seem like that was the style he should be doing his reviews.

    But his second episode got me hooked. "Cartoon all stars to the rescue," the second Simon the Chimpmuck said marajuana and I saw the Critic's expression, I knew that I was going to love this guy. Most of his episodes are gold, some of my favorites include the "Batman and Robin," "The Room," and "Moonwalker." Even when he reviews a movie I like I laugh, in fact, those are some I laugh at the most. Godzilla, Twister, and ID4, love the films, but also love the reviews. The only review of his that I hated was his Full House review.

    I also enjoy his top 11 lists, and his Old vs. News. If you haven't seen him yet, check him out at
  • haterofcrap23 April 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Personally, I don't see what's the big deal about all those "Nostalgia Critic" videos. I didn't find any one of them being funny or interesting at all.

    To me, all the characters and jokes made by Doug Walker are painfully unfunny and irritating. It is just glorified internet trolling.

    I hate his videos. In fact, I hate all the other characters that appear in "That Guy with Glasses" website. No matter how much I try, I never find one of those videos to be "funny", "poignat" or "clever", I just find them to be tedious and annoying.

    I just can't stand any of the videos made by this guy. In my opinion, he is one of the most overrated characters in the history of Internet.
  • wwe79615 August 2010
    Nostalgia Critic has inspired me to review film. His reviews are hilarious, and they are very informative like the Angry Video Game Nerd. I love AVGN, but Nostalgia Critic will always be the most entertaining, and informative reviewer on the internet. Every week he gives us another great review. My favorites are Tom and Jerry the movie review, Batman and Robin, Garbage Pail Kids, any of his top 11 lists(including top 12 Christmas), and The Room. (It was removed from his site, but it can be found on youtube) Nostalgia Critic is my true inspiration. His jokes are hilarious, the information he gives is very informative, and he is my true inspiration.
  • mrdjx16 November 2010
    Of all the internet stars who have risen in the last 5 years. The Nostalgia Critic (played by Chicago comedian, Doug Walker) has claimed the highest ground by taking forgotten films from the eighties and nineties and critically slaughtering them for 20 minutes. As such, he deliberately picks films that are awful with many of them a good number of them including Batman & Robin, North, Alone in the dark, Battlefield Earth and The Room, all of which have dubious honor of being considered among the worst movies ever made. As bad as these films they provide a perfect foil for his comedic skills as he picks each one apart nearly scene for scene, making fun of just about anything in cinematic jargon.

    The episode where he reviews The Room, will probably provide the best introduction to the Critic. The Room is a film that has become notorious for its atrocious z-grade acting,writing,camera-work and editing leading many to dub it as the worst movie ever made. In other words, its a comedic goldmine. Unfortunately that episode was taken down from NCs website within a week due to a "copyright notice" from the films production company. However the review can be found on youtube and blip.TV.

    Ironically, NCs reviews have removed obscurity from these films, because the Internets memes he generates with them. I'll remind anyone who wishes to contest this theory that that "I WAS FROZEN TODAY".

    Well thats all I can really say about The Nostalgia Critic. His reviews are consistently funny and use well chosen films. In fact his review of THE ROOM was funny enough that it inspired me and my friends to endure the film.On top of that, there are several top 11 episodes where NC looks at the saddest and scariest moments in film, films he considers to be the greatest ever, and the Coolest clichés. However none of these are quite as fresh as his reviews.
  • All this guy does is scream and insult films. He isn't funny, or intelligent, at least his persona isn't funny. I can't stand this not-really-a-show. You know, if he was smart, he wouldn't have started, because he isn't funny.

    He just screams about random things that either don't pertain to the movie he's watching, barely pertain, or are terribly obvious and unfunny that they're just cringe-worthy. I don't get how anyone can like this reviewer. He's not a comedian, because that requires being funny, which he is not.

    I tried to stomach a review from this idiot a few weeks ago, and had to turn it off in about a minute because he was just throwing lame insults and crappy jokes, and it got tiresome, repetitive, and boring.

    Please tell me he's done making this crap.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So this is what counts for a television series these days on the IMDb? A balding man-child on the wrong side of 30 screaming at children's cartoons? I am disappointed. Well this isn't a television show but since it is up here I will give the people their review. The Nostalgia Critic is an ear sore. Generally his "formula" consists of our lovable man-child screaming at children's cartoons for the sake of them being children's cartoons. None of his insights are truly all that relevant or humorous. Surprise, surprise Batman carries a credit card in Batman & Robin. Way to make fun of it ten years after the movie came out and everyone did the joke ahead of time. Or how about his "hilarious" bit as Darth Vader screaming NOOO! when he wasn't even reviewing Revenge of the Sith? This guy is so unfunny that he got to Chuck Norris jokes after Family Guy was sick of them.

    And the funniest part of all is how blindly people follow this character and how he cannot take any sort of criticism. I am not a Douchey McNitpick sir. I have given valid insights into why your show is terrible unlike your criticism. Here's a shocking revelation the movies he reviews are made for children not man-children. Perhaps he should keep it in mind when he reviews another episode of Care Bears.

    I suppose the show might be fun under two conditions, he loses all of his hair or turns 40.
  • I've read many other reviews on here commenting Doug Walkers incompetence when it comes to generally knowing anything about movies, so this will be a review of the host himself (which will be hard, because I'm literally speechless). First of all, he is the least charismatic person to ever have a "show". He's extremely childish, has no really good jokes, and he dumbs himself down with his pathetic facial expressions (just look at the main picture of the show here on IMDb) and his pointless screaming. What is he trying to achieve? Scare away the viewers that by accident happens to stumble upon the most mind-dumbing part of the Internet? And sometimes when I myself unfortunately do, I can't help feeling really bad for the guy for being so unintelligent as he seemingly tries to be. I'd wish I could make him stop poisoning the Internet by making more videos, but hey, a man's got to do what a man's got to do. I think I'll rather install a filter in my browser on all my devices that stops me from ever seeing this man's videos ever again.

    (I had to rate at least one star, but if it was up to me, I'd give him so poorly ratings he'd loose all the ratings he already have).
  • Doug Walker, aka The Nostalgia Critic is one of many internet celebrities who have become famous for shouting out profane reviews of nostalgic movies (or games), and in many ways, he is the least clever and the least funny of them. He comes off as cheesy, has that creepy smile and is only sporadically funny. His performance though...that is what kills this thing for me!

    There's rarely moments where he just talks straight about the film. It's always him talking to himself (or to his own prerecorded pitched up voice), and doing lame schtick sketches that clearly shows that he is the center of attention, not the movie he's reviewing. Oftentimes something stupid and funny said in the movie clips he shows will be killed by an over the top comment by him.

    I'm not expecting Grade A acting, and it's understood that this guy is going all out over the top with his performance, but oftentimes it is difficult to watch him. When he gets "angry" his voice goes into Gilbert Gottfried mode and it really is nails on a chalkboard annoying. When he's talking normally, he acts like a really poor theater student. There's never a moment that feels authentic in his review. In other internet reviewer's videos, such as the Angry Video Game Nerd, or Mr. Plinkett, there is a level of authenticity in their performances, even when they are acting. But with The Nostalgia Critic, nothing ever feels authentic. And some people could say "But he's trying to be over the top! It's funny!" Over the top can be funny, but when you play it off right, but his performance comes off as really corny. Not funny corny, usually, either, just annoying and cringe worthy corny.

    His reviews in general aren't that great. He describes his distaste for the movie and will go into detail in why he hates them, or plot holes, but he often generalizes his hate. And his hate often relies on pointing out that something isn't funny, when in the film it clearly isn't meant to be. It grows irritating. Where this guy shines is some of his side comments and comparisons. There is at least a few comments per episode that are pretty funny, which get cancelled out with the unfunniness of his performance. Maybe this guy should stick with writing instead of acting, not saying that he's the greatest writer either. He also only points out the obvious, and never does anything but scratch the surface of the movie. And unlike Mr. Plinkett or the Angry Video Game Nerd, his set is extremely boring. An egg shell colored wall...that never changes...ugh!

    Really, if Mr. Doug Walker was less annoying, and gave better performances, these would be much more tolerable. But as it is, these are occasionally funny, oftentimes annoying, and in the end, not nearly as good as many other of the popular internet reviewers.

    My rating: ** out of ****. Show usually lasts 20 mins.
  • What makes a web series about a man in his twenties mostly reviewing films and television programmes from the 80's and 90's well if you haven't seen any of them I would highly recommend it. Most of the films featured like Garbage Pail Kids and Batman and Robin for example are of course awful and the way in which these films are lampooned is simply brilliant. He picks out the stupid plot holes cringe-worthy characters and downright idiocy of a host of films. These are of course over the top reviews as no one would really take the film that seriously but that what makes it so funny, anyone would be able to rant at these abominations. It does take another thing to make clever jokes about the film exposing them brilliantly, even spotting some aspects that seem obvious at the time but somehow I missed out. There are some recurring gags and guest appearances to add to the fun. The M.Bison 'of course' gag looking at the ever present villain aim of taking over the world as just one example. Not only this but he makes Top 11 lists with the some of the more notable nostalgic moments including scariest moments, saddest moments, villains, theme songs and my personal favourite villain songs. Also note the Old vs New episodes where he makes a comparison between something old and nostalgic over a new adaptation. These are perhaps the weakest in my opinion with the exception of the Batman vs The Dark Knight I just don't think they are as funny as they could be. They are still good but it just my personal opinion that they don't capture the humour in the same way. Don't let that put you off they are still good.

    Notable reviews

    Batman and Robin- We all know its awful but I expressed even more disgust at this film after this review. I think Joel Schumacher should be made to watch it as it highlights the stupidity of the film such as the constant ice puns very well.

    Pokemon: The First Movie- Although not very nostalgic to the critic himself due to the fact he did not grow up with the show he shames the film for its hypocritical message bland characters and lack of explanation. As someone who was exactly the right age at its peak of popularity I found this hilarious and it allowed myself to reflect on the why exactly I liked it so much, I'm still not sure why.

    Any review of an Arnold Schwarzenegger film- in every single one of them he just about sums up why we watch his films and what makes them sort of enjoyable even if they are bad.

    Alone in the Dark- he gets help on this film from two colleagues because he lost his voice and the fact that it would probably take more than one person to properly slate this piece of absolute trash.

    I could go on but I can only really scratch the surface in one review as to what these are like. I would highly recommend them if you are in your twenties or late teens or if you simply love seeing (mostly) terrible films get the treatment they deserve.
  • I was introduced to the Critic back in '08 when he was having his feud with AVGN. I got curious and decided to watch one of his videos. The first one I saw was the Pokemon review and I laughed, and I laughed and I laughed. I got hooked and watched every episode.

    It was my fave internet show besides AVGN.

    My fave episodes were The Wizard, Commando, Alone In The Dark, Red Sonja, his top 11's, Dungeons and Dragons, Titanic and the commercials.

    The Anniversary movies I thought were okay. Some jokes were funny, others were crap.

    The show ended in 2012 and Doug did Demo Reel which flopped. So he went back to doing the Critic.

    I was happy to hear he was doing the Critic again. But when I began watching the new series, it sucked.

    It had more actors that weren't needed and sub-plots that interrupted the reviews. We didn't want those things. We just wanted Doug on his own reviewing the movie. That was what made the show so great.

    And the new show focuses more on the sub-plots than the movie that the Critic is reviewing.

    The jokes got worse and worse and I decided to stop watching the Critic cold turkey.

    So I still love the old eps, but the new ones don't do it for me.

    Doug will be doing his game show soon. He should probably quit the Critic and move on to the game show. Let's hope it won't be as bad as Demo Reel.
  • People have their "American Idol", or "Grey's Anatomy." Well I have The Nostalgia Critic! This show is absolutely hilarious on all levels! The Nostalgia Critic is a internet show that posts a new episode every week about movies or TV shows that are mostly from the 80s and 90s. These reviews are mostly negative, and in some cases VERY NEGATIVE, but that is what makes the show so funny. It is comical to watch this guy get mad at every weird, and stupid moment in a film or TV show that he reviews. This is the best internet show out there in my opinion because while he does try to get a good laugh out of you, he also has some very intelligent things to say to back up his arguments, which always a plus. Overall, this show is great, and I look forward to each and every new episode! His funniest episode is his review of "The Neverending Story 3." I won't explain it, just watch it to believe it! Check it out! He remembers it so you don't have to!
  • Nostalgia. For many people it means that tingly feeling inside when you think about growing up. That warmth you feel in your heart when you recollect your childhood or adolescence. That giddy joy you feel thinking about all your favorite movies, TV-shows, toys and friends before you entered the real world. Heck, maybe even the laughs you get thinking about how much of a klutz your boss made at himself at last year's Halloween office party.

    Not to the Nostalgia Critic, though! To him, Nostalgia implies pain, frustration and hilarious antics as he reviews all of your favorite movies and TV-shows from yester-year. (And occasionally from more recently.)

    The brain child of Doug Walker, and created with help from his brother Rob Walker (and more recently with newcomers Malcolm Ray and Rachel Tietz), "Nostalgia Critic" is a show featuring Doug portraying the "character" of the titular critic. It is essentially a review show, with episodes lasting generally 15-30 minutes (though some clock in at only 10 minutes, while others clock in at nearly an hour), in which the Critic goes through a film or TV-show start to finish, showing us key scenes that he humorously commentates and pokes fun at. Also mixed in are fun skits, on-screen graphics, and occasionally even entire story lines taking place during the review. Some of these story lines even encompass multiple episodes.

    Since he launched the series in 2007, there have been well over 200 episodes, and a number of specials. (During which the critic will do things like "Top 11" lists, comparing an original Nostalgic film with a recent remake, etc.) And the subjects have a wide range, covering everything from "Howard the Duck" to "The Good Son" to "Moulon Rouge" to "Mortal Kombat", and just about anything else you could think of. More recently, after Walker re-launched the series in 2013 following an original planned conclusion in 2012, the Critic has lifted his original cut-off date, allowing for him to also review more recent fare, such as the controversial "Man of Steel."

    While it's arguable whether or not Doug is really an actor, the fact it, he is still putting on a performance, and the Critic is a character... not Doug. And in that respect, he's great in the show. The Critic is a big, loud, fun, boisterous, cartoony creation and he makes the reviews a joy to watch. Ray and Tietz recently joined as co-stars, often portraying fictionalized versions of themselves or appearing as other characters in one-off skits, and they're a blast two. Finally the show is often graced with guest-stars from other internet personalities, and it almost always works for the best.

    I can't really complain about dodgy production values or weak effects, since this is a "just for fun" web-series with the main focus being on the reviews and the Critic's often insanely funny over-the-top reactions and hatred of the films he's reviewing.

    The only real complaint I have about the show is that there are some episodes I just can't stand, and occasionally the Critic will make contrived observations just to set up a joke, whether or not what he's criticizing is true or not. (For example, in a review of "Child's Play" he makes a few observations, accusing the film of making mistakes that it really didn't make, and were the product of his misunderstanding of what was happening. Those sorts of things bother me.) And before it's 2013 relaunch, later episodes had gotten stale, although the new format change has freshened it right up.

    "Nostalgia Critic" is one of the best entertainment programs available online. It's a blast and is worth checking out for anyone in need of a nostalgic rush or a good belly laugh. 9 out of 10.
  • The Nostalgia Critic is just as much a comedy series as it is a review show. That's part of the reason why I and so many others love to watch it; truthfully, I don't care about half the stuff he reviews on his show because I'm unfamiliar with most of it.

    Be that as it may, the Nostalgia Critic is very much an ADHD-fueled comedy. Doug Walker plays a loud and sarcastic movie critic that makes just as many calm quips about a scene as he does screaming rants about how awful it is. He himself said that he took a lot away from the Queen of Hearts in Disney's Alice in Wonderland in that sort of loud, grumpy individual in a position of power. There's a lot of Robin Williams and Monty Python in him, and recently the show has evolved more into a sketch comedy satirizing bad movies than a comedic review show like Siskel and Ebert At The Movies.

    And he doesn't always review bad things. He sometimes admits to liking the movies he makes fun of, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Commando" or "Hook" starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. This is where his calmer side remains dominant, as there isn't as much to anger him.

    It's not perfect, and occasionally a joke falls flat, but most of his lines hit bullseyes and I always look forward to his next review.
  • Love this guy's shows. In my opinion, it's the funniest thing on the internet. I personally recommend checking out not only his videos, but also all of the videos on his website ( Anyone who doesn't like them must be in a coma. His movies are pretty good too, and I can't wait until his year four event comes out. I eagerly await the arrival of his videos every Tuesday-Wednesday. If I had one complaint about the Nostalgia Critic, it's that the videos can get a bit long at times, ranging from 15-25 minutes. I found it very interesting about how YouTube wanted him gone. His reviews are always fair, and he always admits when something is funny, even in the worst movies.
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