Narrator: [opening shot of a close up of a pair of crossed legs] Ladies and gentlemen, this is my secretary. As you can see, she has a lovely face.

Narrator: [Sally the secretary seated, has one high heel shoe off with her bare foot rolling and picking up a pencil off the floor] Yes, I suspected this babe was balmy, until she told me that all this comes under the heading of getting glamour while you work. Now, I'm sure she's balmy.

Narrator: Sally combines beauty treatments with housework too. The bathing suit? Well, she claims it permits healthful freedom of body movement while working. And who am I to object?

Narrator: Sally claims this stiff armed washboard technique removes that midriff bulge.

Narrator: When you're all tired out, don't lie down on a nice, soft bed. No, in deed, says Sally. Take a good long nap on your rolled ironing board. This permits the blood to rush to your face and gives you that radiant, school girl complexion when you get up. If you can get up.

Narrator: She has more home beauty treatments than a movie star has relatives.

Narrator: For a facial, she uses olive oil only, applied with upward strokes to train the face to look pleasant.

Narrator: What now? Is our little faired one going in for cooking recipes? Not at all. Lemon halves, as some gals know, are good for the elbows! This make 'em pink and smooth and alluring and everything. No, Sally is not the cookbook type.

[Sally reading "The Passionate Plumber"]

Narrator: This babe has as many beauty routines as a boarding house mattress has lumps.

Narrator: That dame is determined to become beautiful, or else! And brother, from where I sit, it sure looks like "or else."