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  • I understand this is a low budget film with limited capabilities. But the thing I will never understand is why as a director you want to go all in with your first film. This film has action, crime, drama, romance, thriller, comedy, martial arts etc. Why so ambitious? Why you dive straight to dark waters?

    This movie fails in every category. The performances are awful (the hero looks like Fred from Flintstones), the action is boring (mostly shooting) the music is cheap (free stock), the direction awful (the camera does weird movements) and the cringiest of all is when the movie wants to be cool and funny, as if it's a Tarantino movie)

    BUT.... The movie is awesome! It is so entertaining to watch because of it's incapability and unintentional humor. It's definitely a "so bad it's good movie" like Neil Breen's movies. Worth seeing.
  • Great Movie! Funny, Adventurous...I liked the bad guy character๐Ÿ™Œ He was good...a Good Actor. The beginning of the movie have me laughing. Nice casting on this film. Great to rewatch.