[first lines]

Justin: [voiceover] Welcome to the kingdom of Gabilonia, once home to the bravest knights of all - but not anymore. Ever since knights were forced to leave the kingdom and justice officers took their place, we get a new law every day.

Gran: You'll make a terrible lawyer. You're honest and not a very good liar.

Justin: How come you fight so well?

Talia: Five older brothers.

Justin: Sounds like a lovely family.

Justin: A knight who asks for money to sign his name is a false knight.

Heraclio: Fine! If you won't JOIN my army, you will FACE it.

[Justin reveals he wants to be a knight]

Reginald: Knights are outlawed. You would be breaking the law, and I will not let my son do that.

Justin: Maybe the law's wrong.

Reginald: What? Now listen. Knights no longer exist because we don't need them. You will be twice the hero when you learn the letter of the law rather than the inarticulate ravings of the sword.

Heraclio: My respects, my Queen. I always served you faithfully and never failed you - until you failed us. With just two signatures, you and that lawyer put an end to our days of glory. That was all it took. And now, after living in exile and alone, I have to join forces with the same vermin I once swore to fight.

Sota: Being a soldier doesn't mean you can't have good taste.

Sota: Oh, dear, this life is going to be the death of me.

Talia: Next time buy your armor in the adult section.

Blucher: "Do you want to rest?" That's no fighting talk!

Blucher: [kneeing Justin in the nads] And don't forget to protect the crown jewels.

Legantir: One needs many important qualities to be a knight and, I'm sorry, but you just don't have them. Your destiny isn't here.

Reginald: Why didn't you stop him?

Gran: Why didn't we stop YOU when you started making rules for everything, rules that make people unhappy?

Reginald: Those rules make all of us equal and help us to live with each other. Those rules say what is just.

Gran: Yes, well, sometimes justice and the law are not the same thing. Maybe your son understands something you don't.

Talia: Yoo-hoo, you want me to supersize that for you?

Talia: Ugh! Clowns! I hate clowns. If you need me, I'll be at the dessert table. I need something strong.

Lara: Just seeing you made them run away.

Sir Clorex: I know. I have that effect on people.

Heraclio: For a knight, you think too much about riches.

[repeated phrase]

Sota: Power and style.