Andrew Conagan: Sorry, Pop.

Sonny Conagan: Don't apologize! It shows weakness!

Narrator: Vincent Koninskavich, age 49, reputed crime boss of the Philadelphia family for over a decade. Sentenced to eight years at the Pennsylvania State Prison on August 2nd, 2001 for charges on armed robbery and suspicious acts throughout the eastern states of the United States of America. Rehabilitated and with no intentions of returning to his old ways, he serves his last day in an interview room on November 23rd, 2009.

Sophie Bencley: Hello, Mr. Koninskavich.

Vincent Koninskavich: Vincent. Please call me Vincent.

Howard Fisk: He say anythin'?

Andrew Conagan: Nothin'. Just screamed a lot.

Sonny Conagan: Jesus Christ. You broke all his teeth.

Andrew Conagan: Sorry Pop.