Originally intended to be shot as a feature film. As the film got written, Martin Sokolowski realized that the film would need a substantially larger budget than first intended so he decided to shoot only the first act in order to lure interest in the project.

The Soviet European Goods bakery in the film is a Polish Bakery in Edmonton, AB owned by Andrzej Zubik.

Martin Sokolowski edited the film using a MacBook Pro laptop on Final Cut Pro. He edited the film in a span of 4 months in his living room.

The interview room was shot at Sokolowski's and Heacock's old college in Edmonton, AB, Canada; MacEwan College.

The opening narration is provided by Colin Gomez who acted as the sound department head on the film.

The films music was composed entirely by David Heacock who also acted as co-producer and leading actor.

Edmonton International Film Festival 2008 Official Selection.

The concrete hallway used in the beginning of the film where Vincent Koninskavich is being taken to meet Sophie Benchley was an underground tunnel from Martin Sokolowski's old high school that led to a swimming pool near by.

The film takes place in Philadelphia, PA but was entirely shot in Edmonton, AB. To achieve the look of Philadelphia the filmmakers filmed most of the scenes early in the morning and late at night to achieve the gray scale that Philadelphia possesses.

Dustin Chouinard camera operated the entire film while sporting a broken leg.

Martin Sokolowski: Gambling table with Sonny Conagan.