[from outside the caravan the next morning]

Ashley: [yells] Brett! Brett!

Ryan: [groans] Oh my fucking... gosh.

Ashley: Brett!

[Ryan walks outside the caravan]

Ryan: Ashley.

Ashley: Brett!

Ryan: Ashley, honey. Do me a favour, shut the fuck up!

Ashley: I can't find Brett.

Ryan: It's way too early for this.

Abi: What'd you mean you can't find Brett?

Ashley: I woke up this morning and the door was open and I can't find Brett

Ryan: Is he taking a shit.

[Abi laughs]

Ashley: [yells] Brett!

Ryan: Oh my God.

Abi: Stop yelling!

Ryan: Make her stop!

Ashley: Move! We need to go, we need to go find him!

Ryan: [impersonates Ashley] We need to go, we need to go find him!

Abi: He's probably at the campsite.

Ashley: Then let's go!

Ryan: [impersonates Ashley] Then let's go!

Ashley: Shut up!

Ryan: [impersonates Ashley] Shut up!