Premiere scheduled on 5th September 1939. As the war broke on Sept. 1st, the city was being bombed - the entrance hall to the cinema was filled with the corpses, victims of the German air raid, while the walls were still adorned with movie posters and photos - as describes by the eyewitness, the director Wanda Jakubowska. One of the people who saw a completed copy was its writer, Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz

New Nazi regime liked the artistic value of the movie, but could not allow for the screening of a picture so firmly rooted in Polish history. Germans decided to re-edit and dub the movie, changing it from to a pro-German propaganda. Stefan Dekierowski informed Polish underground and the remaining copies (out of 5 total, 2 of them destroyed) were hidden in winter 1939; the movie is believed to be lost

Shot on location of the village Bohatyrowicze, where the book's action takes place