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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having suffered through Cross/Pryor's desultory noir "Wetwork" I've delved back into prior assignments and his lack of feel for the medium medium is evidenced in this Penthouse video, less interesting than the label's usual assembly-line stuff.

    Five vignettes purport to show us stories of prostitutes at work, but they are completely phony. Even the excuse of "all that matters is the sex content" can't bail this one out.

    Set-up opener has Missy Stone and Andy San Dimas waking up in bed together, a lesbian couple. Missy is researching a thesis in which she interviews whores to find out what makes their life-style tick. So far, cornball format for porn, seen endless times in both soft-core and hardcore editions.

    First vignette is merely Stone/San Dimas lovemaking with dildo in hand. Pryor throws in random switches to black & white during the scene, a portent of pretentious drek to come.

    Missy interviews Adrianna Nicole, with a story of her kinky clients. This presents a standard sex scene, with a dollop of mummification (wrapping some poor devil up in Saran wrap but not suffocating him) thrown in.

    One of Penthouse's favorite beauties Diana Doll appears as a lesbian hooker who makes ends meet humping men (cliche). Next scene features Skyla Paige, who has a terrible speaking voice, ending with the fetish of the john's money shot deposited on the soles of her feet.


    Finale switcheroo has her love Andy revealing to Missy that she's a hooker too. Donning fetish gear she dominates john Tony De Sergio in an extremely mild version of BDSM compared to the ultra-hardcore antics Tony performed for fetish specialist Tanya Hyde before heading to California to make his fame and fortune. With Missy joining in for a threesome, Tony ends up convincing Missy to give up her studies and become a whore - the same unsubtle proselytizing we've seen in porn a thousand times before.