Abby Jensen's original 16 wishes are: When I'm 16... 1. I'll meet Joey Lockhart. 2. I'll have the cutest clothes in school. 3. I'll decorate my room the way I want. 4. I'll like sushi. 5. I'll have a credit card like Mommy's. 6. I'll be a good dancer. 7. I'll get my driver's license. 8. I'll have my own car, preferably RED. 9. People will stop treating me like a kid. 10. I'll be POPULAR! 11. I'll have my own bathroom. 12. I'll beat Krista Cook at something, anything, EVERYTHING! 13. I'll come home as late as I want. 14. My parents will understand me. 15. I'll have the BEST PARTY EVER! 16. [A picture of Logan stuck on with bubble gum]

Patrick Gilmore, Kendall Cross, and Gary Jones are Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Universe actors.

Celeste goes through eleven different disguises/jobs throughout the course of the film.

Debby Ryan was indeed 16 years old at the time of the production.

Keenan Tracey and Kendall Cross have worked together on The CW's show, The 100, until their deaths in the show.

After Abby is inadvertently transformed into an adult woman, Jay makes a point that she is older than him. Abby's age is mentioned as being 21 (or even 22) after the magical time jump while Jay is still a teenager. It is noteworthy that in real life Jean-Luc Bilodeau is older than Debby Ryan and in fact the young actor was 20 years old during filming.

Abby never gets round to making all the listed wishes. As Jay says most of the remaining wishes are obsolete after Abby magically reached adulthood, like having her own bathroom, her own credit card and coming home as late as she wants. She forgets to ask to be a good dancer and her birthday party is thwarted by both Christa's challenging attitude as well as her own frivolous management of the magic. Finally she acknowledges that her sushi wish was redundant.

Although it appears that the sushi wish was dismissed, a disguised Celeste serves sushi in the final scenes.