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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This featurette does a more than adequate job of placing THE GRUDGE 3 in the context of other flicks in the Grudge franchise, even including some contrast and comparison comments in its 5 minute, 55 second running time. This back story is covered haphazardly in the feature itself, to its significant detriment. In addition to GRUDGE 3 director Toby Wilkins and executive producer J.R. Young, comments are offered by cast members Emi Ikehata (Naoko), Marina Sirtis (Gretchen), and Gil McKinney (Max), the latter of whom is the only cast member of this trio who also puts in his two cents worth on the other extra in this DVD package, the 10-minute TOKYOGOARIA.

    Though the crew alludes to THE GRUDGE's murder-suicide husband Takeo's spirit possessing Max (Takeo is shown a half dozen times in flashbacks during THE GRUDGE 3), it is NOT explained why the actor playing Takeo is the only cast member who is OMITTED from the credits of this sequel.