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  • MR_Heraclius15 February 2020
    Kick Ass 2 isn't as refreshing or as original as the the first, but it still succeeds in delivering lights, entertaining action and a surprising amount of emotion.
  • If the first Kick-Ass movie was that cool cousin, who's a bit rough around the edges and definitely a badass, then this film is that young brat, who tries to imitate said cousin, but only partly succeeds.

    The first Kick-Ass film had a few good things going for it. It had a completely new take on the superhero genre, it skillfully juggled both effective comedy and brutally violent action scenes, plus it had some pretty convincing characters and a dark storyline. The sequel, on the other hand, fails at the juggling part. The action scenes are still pretty brutal and effective, but the humour lacks that razor sharp edge that made the first one so believable despite its premise. Instead it relies on racial stereotypes and potty humour, which just isn't that funny.

    Add in a lackluster storyline that honestly feels like watching tennis. First one character has a change of heart, then few minutes later he/she bounces back and another character decides to change his/her opinion, immediately after which the first one changes his/her stand. Rinse and repeat. A compelling and captivating story this does not make, especially when the villain generates mostly embarrassed facepalms and the final battle rejuvenates some of the first clichés the first film so artfully dodged.

    That being said, the production values are still excellent, some of the new characters are pretty interesting (though there's way too many of them), I still like both Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) and they had some really good scenes together. If you liked the first film and want to see the storyline continued, this one is worth checking out if you're not expecting miracles.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What an absolutely terrible film. Gone is the style, the wit, the intelligence of the first film. This is a paint-by-numbers sequel which missteps at every point. It glories in violence instead of critiquing it. The characters are boring caricatures of themselves, the supporting cast are cartoon characters - literally. Kick-Ass had real people in ridiculous circumstances - this sequel has ridiculous people doing ridiculous things for no apparent reason. Hit-Girl's story is a weird tired high school mean girls cliché which ends with Hit Girl getting revenge by making them vomit and poo. Huh? I could go on and on, but this film is just - weird, and a great big disappointment.
  • It seems like only yesterday that I watched Kick-Ass on the screen... but 3 years in reality, it definitely called for a sequel! Kick-Ass 2 is a fantastic sequel to the original Kick-Ass and in my opinion it is near enough up to scratch with the ratings with the original.

    After the death of D'Amico in the first film, his son Chris decides to leave the life of Red Mist behind and make a new start with the alias The Motherf**ker with one aim, to kill Kick-Ass.

    Kick-Ass is full of intense action and hilarious comedy, it is one of the best mixes and on par with other action-comedy films such as Hot Fuzz, 21 Jump Street and Tropic Thunder! From the variety of super heroes brought together by Jim Carrey's Captain Stars & Stripes to the frequent obscenities from 15-year old HitGirl, Kick-Ass is an enjoyable film for fans of comedy, action and the superhero films! A graphic yet hilarious adventure.
  • Kick Ass is one of my favourite films. It's clever, funny, original and gets all of its various elements just right. It scores on every level and is in my view the very best superhero film there is. OK, it's not as good as the Dark Knight films but you know... it's different, it's self aware. It's the anti-superhero film par excellence.

    This film is about as far from the original Kick Ass as it is possible to be. It should be called "Sucks Ass". I have no idea what happened in the writing and production of this film but they managed to lose almost every semblance of wit that was in the first film and they have replaced that with a load of over the top Tarantino-esque violence, and a few knob gags.

    I had heard this film was not as good as the first, but nothing prepared me for the turgid awfulness of what I watched tonight. I was watching the diabolical end "fight" through my fingers as the sheer mind-numbing terribleness of it had me involuntarily face-palming. I'm not even going to bother mentioning the plot (was there one?), but let's just say this film veers haphazardly from mindless blockbuster action smash right through to cheesy teenage school chick flick and back without ever managing to entice a giggle.

    Remember "With no power comes no responsibility"?! Yeah, that made me guffaw with laughter too. Even the opening suicide smash of the original Kick Ass has more humour than this entire film and all it's terrible "jerk off" jokes combined.

    Awful awful awful. The only reason I'm giving it three stars instead of one is erm... well I don't even know. I guess the stuff that has been shamelessly copied still half works, such as the music (songs all used in exactly the same places etc) but aside from that there are almost no redeeming features.

    I now see very clearly why Jim Carrey wanted to disassociate himself from this film. It wasn't because of the violence. It's because its a terrible, terrible film.
  • What had made Kick-Ass so special was its ability to sustain an interesting story both for the audiences who are and who are not willing to delve into the deeper aspects of what makes a film truly shine. Kick-Ass 2, on the other hand, seemingly aimed only to satisfy those who are not willing to dig. (But not entirely; I will get into that later). Simply put, if you walk into movies to see action, blood, and a whole lot of style, you will absolutely love Kick-Ass 2. However, if you walk into movies to see interesting characters, a well paced story, and a whole lot of substance, you will still admire Kick-Ass 2, but forget about it very soon. While there are few aspects from the deeper end of the spectrum residing within this film, that does not mean that they do not stand out and impress. Hit-Girl was a blast to watch in the first film. But unfortunately, her new-found sensitivities in this film seem to do nothing but take away from what mattered the most about her character in the first place in exchange for a few scenes of unnecessary high-school drama for the sake of developing a character in all the wrong spots. In spite of this, one character who stood out in a great way was Colonel Stars and Stripes who, in his mere seven and a half minutes of screen time, was an enormous bundle of interesting. Sadly, behind this among few more redeeming qualities lies the issues that many will have a hard time ignoring. The antagonist, who is notoriously known as The Motherf%#$er, is someone I found to be very bland and out-of-place in the Kick-Ass film universe created by the first film. Among a handful of humorous scenes he shared with Javier lies something we see every day in teenage comedies. Something worth forgetting about. Overall, Kick-Ass 2 is a great film for reasons that a lot of audiences do not find a film great for. However, if you allow it to take you to the spot it would like you to be (Which is a different mindset than what you had while watching the first) you should be in for a nice ride.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There's a scene in Kick-Ass 2 where one of Dave's only friends who hasn't quite got into the whole "real life superheroes" act yet finally joins them in an outfit that is basically an inversion of Dave's yellow-and-green jumpsuit and tries to choose his name. All he can come up with is variations like "Ass Kick!" and "The Asskicker" to which Dave and his other friend understandably roll their eyes. He later changes sides completely.

    Remember that awful movie that the Daily Mail reviewed and accidentally called Kick-Ass? That's what Kick-Ass 2 is really a sequel to. It's so much a pale interpretation of what some terrible people thought the first movie was (and I'm afraid one of those people may be the series' creator, Mark Millar, who quite famously reads the Daily Mail) that it may as well be titled one of those awful unimaginative names Dave's friends comes up with.

    I was actually fine with the awful clangers early on in this movie… the Austin Powers-esque, "she sure had some big guns" followed by a shot of someone carrying some actual big guns towards the camera, the blatant descriptive gags like "his baton is so much bigger than Kick-Ass's… baton means cock, by the way…"… the desperate attempts to be current with Mother F**ker spouting his plans to basically tear the world down and then saying, "I gotta tweet about this!"

    I could deal with all this because I didn't expect much from this movie except for Hit Girl to be awesome. I really thought they couldn't mess that up because she's such an indestructible character. There's an early line where she tells her foster father, "I've done more in 15 years of my life than most adults have done in all of theirs," and it should ring hard for anyone over 30. Even part of the sequence I'm about to talk about gives a fine glimpse of what Chloe Moretz's Carrie might be like – in short, it might work, she shows the kind of vulnerability I didn't ever expect to see in such a face – a face that, if I described honestly, I'd probably be taken in by Yewtree…

    But it's in that middle sequence, the bulk of Moretz's strangely short screen time (she was the highlight of the first movie and even the negative reviews of this one single her out – I'm afraid I can't even be that generous), where this movie really lost me entirely. It begins as a strange Mean Girls knock-off with Mindy (Hit Girl) quite inexplicably going along with a plan to make her "like other girls", passing through a strange slumber party scene where she basically gets horny for the first time watching a "Union J" video (I was surprised to find this cheesy looking band, looking as fake as everything else in this movie, is actually real – and Chloe Moretz is a fan, forcing me to assume it's her doing…), and proceeding to a clichéd looking jock taking her on her first date (her foster father, so protective, seems to be fine with this) that for a horrible second I thought was going to lead into some kind of rape (I forget if the other "rape" scene happens before or after this – I'm not even gonna talk about that 'cos it's been mentioned plenty elsewhere). Instead she is met by her fellow school pals and then deserted. HURTFUL! This whole middle act story ends with Mindy strolling into school dressed like all the other shallow girls and prodding them with an invention of Big Daddy from the first movie – a stick that makes them throw up and diarrhoea at the same time, which looks more like vanilla and chocolate pudding coming out of both ends. It was at this point that if you'd photographed me you'd have seen a face that looked a little like when Eric Cartman's funny bone broke in "South Park".

    It's not that I'm offended by this stuff. If you know me, you know this. And I knew that under any other circumstance I would've found it tear-inducingly funny. There was just something about the way it was done, and the context, that kind of paralysed me. It was just so … pointless.

    Jim Carrey disowned this movie because of the violence after Sandy Hook etc. He'd've done better just saying he was embarrassed at how it turned out. I heard there was a post-credits scene at the end of Kick-Ass 2, but I left as soon as the screen went black and I wished for once I was the kind of person who leaves earlier sometimes. Frankly unless that post-credits scene was Ashton Kutcher saying "you've been punk'd!", I think at least I saved some of my time the day I saw this. It's not offensive, it's just embarrassing. The only good thing is that it'll make you realise just how classy the first movie was. Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn, you are sorely missed
  • I loved the first one and have been waiting for this with great anticipation! When I saw it on Comcast On-Demand I immediately rented it. Like most sequels, this wasn't as good as the first and it's hard not to make comparisons to the first movie.

    The first thing I noticed was the lack of a good soundtrack that went with the first movie. Scenes like Hit-Girl whooping ass to Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation", or the old Banana Splits song "Tra La La" Song totally made the first one awesome for me. The soundtrack was as important as the characters.

    As the movie was unfolding I kept waiting for some funny/rocking music to play. Unfortunately, I was pretty let down that they didn't spend the money to acquire some interesting/funny/rocking songs for this movie.

    Then the plot was sort of handicapped by the fact the characters had matured. I felt the actors all did a good job, but the built in humor that came along with an innocent naive Kick-Ass character getting his butt beat, or the irony of a 10 year old foul mouthed girl killing someone with the same zeal she would pursue a boy band with was gone.

    I think they spent a little to much time developing the idea of a group of super hero's and and not enough time developing Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl characters. Overall, I liked it, and I'm sure most will... It just wasn't as fresh and new as the original.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a huge fan of the first Kick-Ass movie; it was fun, action packed, and even had a few emotional sequences thrown in for good measure. I went into the sequel expecting the same feel of the first one to be present, but just a continuation of the story. That, unfortunately, was where I was horribly wrong.

    Lots and lots of spoilers for Kick-Ass 2 below...

    Alright, so it starts off pretty good, with Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass training to be a crime fighting duo. I'm excited about this...I would be cool with a movie entirely about KA and HG putting down bad guys. But then HG makes a promise to Marcus, her guardian and protector since her father died, and subsequently stops being a super hero and spends the rest of the movie trying to fit in with teenage 'mean girls' super clique b**ches. Um, what?? Which then leaves her and KA's interaction through the rest of the movie to essentially him begging her to come back and be a hero and she repeating over and over again why she can't. They literally have this conversation like five times.

    Don't even get me started on the "Sick Stick" she uses to get her revenge on the girls at school. It's a cool weapon in theory, but the graphic portrayal of its use in the middle of a high school cafeteria was repulsive and completely unnecessary.

    Here's something I never thought I would say; I wish Jim Carrey had been in the movie more. His character actually seemed like it could be pretty interesting; hints about a spec ops past, an attitude that borders (well, maybe more than borders...) psychotic, like he could easily push being a hero too far. Even though it is a cliché story, I would have much rather seen his character devolve into a morally grey killer as the villain than what was given to us with Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

    I liked Chris in the first movie, teenage son to a powerful mob boss trying to figure out where he fits, but still with some sense of moral integrity. None of that is seen here; so consumed with Kick Ass after the masked hero killed his father with a bazooka, he dons his mothers S&M outfit and becomes the first supervillain, the Mother F****er. Yep. That's right. I'm sure this is supposed to be funny, but they portray him as too dark, violent, and serious while trudging around in leather and chains for me to feel anything but nausea during every scene he is in.

    I missed Nicholas Cage. Another thing I never thought I would say.

    Character's do things for no reason throughout the whole movie, the dialogue is terrible, the movie is just awful. It's redeeming qualities are few and far between, and not enough to make it worth a viewing. There is a lot more about this movie that upsets me (like Dave's gf from the first movie breaking up with him because she thought he and Hit-Girl were sleeping together...??) but I think I have probably said more than enough.

    Watch the first Kick-Ass, it is awesome. Give this one a wide berth.
  • If there's one impression that Kick-Ass 2 left with me, it's this; This is one damn-fun movie, and a damn-fun franchise.

    This movie is also pretty ambitious - there's a hell of a lot going on throughout this whole film, but they find a great way to balance all of the different angles going on, without overloading you at any time. Versatile is the word that comes to mind...let's run through the main points:


    • Great casting, and solid acting. Don't expect any nominations, but it seems that every character has just the right actor for the job. Aaron Traylor-Johnson has clearly put a lot of work into this, because it looks like he's been working out with Chris Hemsworth and the rest of the Avengers. Chloë Grace Moretz is the perfect "Hit-Girl". Christopher Mintz-Plasse nails his character. Jim Carrey is great. John Leguizamo is in this! That guy deserves more work. And the movie deserves an award just for even coming up with a character named "Mother Russia".

    • ACTION SEQUENCES. The 1st movie executed these to perfection, and the sequel follows suit. A great mix of high-level, slightly over-the-top martial arts action, lower-level brawling fights, gun play, high-speed chases, and even some explosions! And the soundtrack for these sequences deserves a mention. (When you have the previously-mentioned "Mother Russia" on a rampage, and a remix of the damn theme song from "Tetris" is playing in the've won.)

    • This movie is damn funny. You will laugh.

    • Surprisingly emotional! There are a few scenes here and there that might just pull a heart string...they don't feel overly cheezy, and fit right in with the story...even the "Mean Girls" scenes.


    • ........ ***thinking hard*** ...if I had to nit-pick, I could say that the movie almost goes too fast through a pretty major part. The movie is pretty fast paced throughout, but it might feel like a particular event may have deserved a bit more time to dwell on.

    • Jim Carrey and John Leguizamo could have been utilized more. They were both great, but with so much going on here, it may have been tough to squeeze an extra scene or two for them.

    Now, the inevitable comparison: how does it compare to the original? If I had to make a choice, I've got the take the original over this one. That's not a knock on this sequel - it's very worthy of the franchise. But the original was so epic, that matching it was always going to be a challenge. I'll say this though...the sequel comes pretty damn close, and which one you prefer may easily be different from my choice.

    Overall, this is a damn good time at the movies...dammit. (I've just now noticed how many times I've used that word in this review...damn.) Get your popcorn and your snacks, get your seats, kick back, and kick some ass.

    Kick-Ass 2 scores a 4.25 out of 5 on the BDBOS. Good job.

    STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS!!! There's a bonus scene at the end that you will get a kick out out. Well..maybe "kick" isn't the right word to'll see what I mean... :)

    (Hey there. Thanks for reading all of this. Really. Having your eyeballs all over this means the world to me. Especially those sexy eyeballs of yours. They're spectacular. Do you work them out? It looks like it. Listen, I'm not just trying to sweet-talk you into thumb-upping my review, or talk you into stopping by my page (, because that would be cheap. I'm just saying that if there was a sexy-eyeball pageant somewhere, you'd easily make the top 3. Have you ever thought about modeling? You should. You'd be great at it. In fact, I may know a guy...)
  • jonny-van14 August 2013
    I'm a huge fan of the first Kick Ass film and the comics, so I'm a tough fan to please but this film exceeded my expectations! In a year full of over-hyped superhero films Kick Ass 2 came along with a low budget, no contracted actors roped in and R rating and gave me the most entertaining hour and 40 minutes I've paid for all year!

    Excellent acting all round especially from Jim Carrey and Chloe Moretz, this film doesn't copy and paste the first but stays close enough to it cinematically that the new director takeover isn't largely noticeable.

    I don't understand why the film hasn't been rated better, 10 out of 10 from me. Super on all levels!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Fiction is a vehicle capable of transporting the reader, the viewer across spaces fantastic, gulfs of the never before expected - indeed on a journey limited only by the fuel of storyteller's imagination. As readers of novel's, watchers of movies we fiction addicts have crossed some strange territory, toured places dark as they were fascinating. Thanks to the minds of writers and film makers, we've transcended death and lived scores of made-up lives alongside countless characters of every stripe and in doing so, often found some small unpolished gleam we'd overlooked in our own realities waiting for us after we've put down that page turner or exited the theater.

    Despite the wild turn of the writer's imagination which so often effectively convinces us to abandon the laws of our mundane world for a temporary belief of the one he's created for us, the best fiction anchors itself to, firmly grounds itself in the real and in doing so makes those crazy daydream flights of the impossible we take with the storyteller, all the more impactful because before dropping us off in Metropolis or Gotham City, the best fiction makes us first journey through the world we live in everyday to get there.

    'Kick Ass 2' barrages the viewer for one hundred and three minutes with scenarios so implausible, the world it is set in - an actual city - serves only to mock its take after take on the ridiculously imagined capabilities of its characters and both theirs and its minor players' reactions to just about every hysterically nonsensical act of violence committed.

    The writer without realization gives his work a life of its own, an ability to transport those who consume his story again and again to places glazed with reality or wholly fictional, to meet people who only exist within the confines of those realms and thereafter within us, his audience. Unfortunately, these days and perhaps since storytelling has been around to some extent, the story strives hardest to justify itself, to celebrate its own existence and to quickly hammer down its justification for mass distribution.

    What a given lover of fiction finds amazing will indeed often vary from viewer and reader to viewer and reader - such goes without much thought. However, certain themes and depictions stories intimate to us, show us can be universally judged as good or terrible. Perhaps not so in a generational context as what one age group celebrates, another will find disgusting.

    In 'Kick Ass 2' most every theme and visual intimation is arguably a turn-off - unless you've while viewing it - turned of your wits, intellect and moral compass. The violence in and of itself is not the issue ... this reviewer is a horror, science fiction, action film fanatic which requires a hardy appetite for tragedy and violence. The problem with 'Kick Ass 2' is its exploitation of the innocent as vehicles for its smut, and depiction of kids as engines of homicidal or bone breaking destruction.

    The message 'Kick Ass 2' tells its viewers (millions of kids out there) that slaughtering other human beings - if they're the bad guys - is morally acceptable and cool. The film has its main characters break oaths, take new ones and break them as well and then its narrative attempts to justify the lies, deceit and misdirection as a setup for bloodshed by adolescents.

    That's all pretty heavy, right? Most would defend the message or the plot of the film as being just for fun. Unfortunately the movie takes itself very seriously despite the ceaseless gallows humor, and it really adores itself for what it is - a knock-off of a gory action film targeted at teens and even younger kids.

    Sure, I watched all the R rated horror and action movies I could rent and sneak into the VCR when I was a kid. Did all the gore and violence really scar my young mind? Probably not. However the vast majority of the gory, nasty Hollywood output of the eighties was not targeted at kids, nor did it depict kids carrying it out. It's a new thing, and I don't much care for it.

    Yes, 'Kick Ass 2' will entertain you to a varying degree and based on your age, will either feel like a guilty glimpse into the tactless future of the action genre and film making in general, or will look really awesome, dude.

    Give this one a pass, unless you want gawk guiltily at a movie equivalent of a grisly car accident.
  • Scarecrow-887 September 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    Chloë Grace Moretz is still the superstar of Kick-Ass, even though the movie is named after the superhero character played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Taylor-Johnson is endearing even as his highschooler in the green-and-yellow costume pummels the bad guys, now aligned with a group of wannabe superheroes, led by an ex-mob enforcer (turned born-again Christian annihilator) named Captain Stars and Stripes (played by a demented looking Jim Carrey, in fatigues, with yellow teeth, military hair cut, and gruff beard) called Justice Forever. Moretz, on the other hand, promises her dad's partner (and adoptive father) that she'll quit being Hit-Girl. So she gets involved with Mean Girls in school, ultimately embarrassed and ridiculed by them not long after they indicate she belongs with them. The "sick stick" incident is one of the best scenes, particularly how the head cheerleader bitch both vomits and diarrheas on the lunchroom floor. Christopher Mintz-Plasse hyper-actively provides his vengeance-seeking Chris D'Amico with plenty of asshole and wimpy rich-kid obnoxiousness. With money, self-absorbed D'Amico buys "supervillains" (Mother Russia, in particular, obliterates everyone, including 10 police officers!) that will do anything he wants to prove how evil he is. The sheer hilarity in that Chris' costume derives from his mother's S&M gear ought to tell you just how raunchy this film can be. Kick-Ass 2 is awfully violent, as a word of warning, even as a comic book action flick. With kids doing most of the violence, this could be kind of uncomfortable. Even I found the fight between Hit-Girl and Mother Russia a bit hard to watch due to how it often looked one-sided. A fifteen-year-old being thrown around by this 'roid Freak that seems impervious to pain and brutalizes people far older than her could be critically held questionable. Dismissed as action fare that shouldn't be viewed harshly because of its comic book nature, even I was wondering if this film went too far. I just want to say this, though: Lindy Booth is a smokin' ginger as Night Bitch, but her treatment by Chris proves just how contemptible he is. Christ gets what's coming to him even if he's a cretin due to his parental upbringing. The shark tank and supervillain lair ultimately mock how ludicrous Chris turns out to be as this evil leader of very bad people in costume. My favorite scene involves Hit-Girl (not in costume) unloading on a group of Chris' goons who kidnap Taylor-Johnson's Dave while trying to keep from falling off the van (this includes her climbing up one of the goons who is hanging from the open passenger side door!)…it is totally ridiculous, but it beats seeing her taking a pounding from a female wrestler twice her size. The "adrenaline shot" where Hit-Girl is on the same level as Mother Russia sums up pretty much how taking this seriously could be unwise. Morris Chestnut as a snuggly father type seems like miscasting but oddly ingratiates as Moretz is susceptible to his desire to see her happily without danger threatening her young life. The ending leads us to believe that there won't be a third film and I think that's for the best. However, there's plenty of blood-letting and outbursts of graphic body assaults are common, so those desiring that will have their bloodthirst satiated.
  • Going into this film I found out that there was a new director helming this but I loved the original and this film is still strong but missing some of the things I loved about the original Kick Ass. This film starts off with Kick Ass and Hitgirl teaming up to fight crime but Hitgirl has to deal with school and this causes Kick Ass to join a superhero team lead by Colonel Stars and stripes against a new super villain called The MotherFer. Now the character of Kick Ass is always good and Chloe Moritz as Hitgirl is good when she is Hitgirl but one thing I didn't like in this film was the fact she was not Hitgirl enough and was in school which I don't really like. The MotherFer is a funny villain and really is a cartoon of villain but works for this film, however, this film is stolen by Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and stripes he is awesome and is great in every scene he is in, but that is another negative the fact that he is not in the film enough for my liking. This film has a good narrative and story but lacked a bit of the comedy and style of the original plus some of the side heroes and villains aren't really that interesting. However, I don't believe you can dislike this film if you liked the original and I would be interested in a Kick Ass 3 as this film is a very good time.
  • Kick-Ass 2 was definitely a film for the fans, if you aren't familiar with the Kick-Ass series then this movie wouldn't be for you. Having said that I am a fan of the comics and this movie was awesome. The fight scenes were crazy and Hit-Girl always runs the show. I hate that the critic scores are low but I honestly kind of figured they would be and I see why they made it so low, to a film's core this film wouldn't be looked at as a masterpiece, and they couldn't exactly retain the same shock factor the first one had because Hit-Girl was only 11 or 12 years old in it. But all things aside this was a pretty entertaining film and I think most people would really enjoy it.
  • Let me start off by saying it doesn't deserve a 1, but i have to do what i can to balance out this undeserved rating. did we all forget how awesome the first one was? kick-ass 2 doesn't even come close. the entire film is one giant, ridiculous, cheese ball.

    the terrible one liners, the petty high school drama, the cheesy writing and plot elements which at times were just plain embarrassing to watch. not to mention how they managed to ruin hit girls character/essence with the sudden need to "fit in" with the high school crowd.

    im sorry but the "real" hit girl, a highly trained killer since the age of 5, wouldn't give a flying f*** about fitting in with a crowd of fake, self absorbed teenagers. and while we are on that note, i just want to say that i absolutely refuse to believe kids today actually act the way they did in this film.

    all of those great elements from the original are gone. when kickass stuck up for the guy getting jumped in front of the diner. when hit girl made her first appearance in razuls apartment and flawlessly butchered everyone in the room. when big daddy cleared out the warehouse full of goons in such amazing style that it gave me the chills. when hit girl showed up during the unveiling of kickass and murdered everyone in an awesome display of flashing lights while big daddy burned alive.

    all of those feelings, all of that greatness, is just nonexistent in the sequel.

    the one good thing kick-ass 2 had going for it self was "colonel stars and stripes". as usual jim carrey did an awesome job with his character and he was the only one i had an actual connection with.

    i hear kickass will be a trilogy, that there will be one more to wrap up the series. i expect the third to be even worse, as is the norm with most trilogys that start off great then take a turn for the worst.

    but i will still hope, until the day it is here, that they return to the originality and sheer awesomeness that was the first kick-ass. we will just have to wait and see...
  • Lyra-gp15 August 2013
    There are so many things I'd like to say about this movie that I'm finding it difficult to choose what to begin this review with. Let's start saying that Kick-Ass is my favourite movie ever. A precious jewel of wit and originality, like no other movies. So I was truly worried, I feared that this sequel would disappoint me. Well, I've just come back from theatre and I'm right now feeling the need to review this M-Ass-terpiece before going to bed. Because Kick-Ass 2 is the main reason why I'm freaking enthusiast with life, now.

    How could I sum up the whole movie experience? Let's put it in a simple way, Kick- Ass 2 is a dark, ingenious, freaking cinematographic extravaganza. I've seen lots and lots of movies this year, but none of them has stricken my heart so deeply like Kick-Ass 2 did. It's funny, dark, violent, vulgar, moving, surprising. Am I exaggerating, maybe? I can assure you I'm not. Because every freaking minute of this movie touches the chords of your heart and your sensibility in a great way.

    Mattew Vaughn was right when he said that the Kick-Ass sequel was in good hands. I personally loved some of his works, Cry Wolf above all, and I was very curious to see what he was able to do. KA 2 is his first super-hero comic movie and, despite the fact that he hadn't experienced this movie field before, he did a very good job. If you're reading this review, Jeff, I want you to know that I am very glad you directed this movie. With his direction, the Kick- Ass atmosphere, differently from what some people might say, remains totally unaltered. This is just one reason why I think KA 2 is a worthy and deserving sequel.

    In my opinion, Kick Ass represents one of the rare cases in which a movie is better than the comic it is inspired from. Sorry for Millar, but I found the KA 2 movie far more original and ingenious than the comic. It tells, more or less, the same story of the comic, but in a better way. This is due, above all, to Jeff Wadlow's script-writing efforts. Furthermore, the most violent and disturbing things about the comic have been left out, but, in return, the story is more gripping and the characters are very well developed.

    As I said before, the characters in the movie present very deep psychological traits. Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Jim Carrey and, last but not least, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, they all did a great job. Their interpretations in the movie are superb, providing the watcher with a very convincing and fascinating portrayal of the characters. As the movie goes by, you get truly fond of all the characters, even of the MF'ER!!! But I won't spoil anything about it, so go to see the movie.

    Kick-Ass 2 is going to be a cult. The movie talks about life, weaknesses, strength, love, in a totally new and different way. It's a beautiful stream of emotions that takes you away. In a 103 minutes run-time you take at heart the noble goals of the Justice Forever, you fall in love with hit-girl, you get to hate (and love) a wicked enemy, you really understand what being an adolescent means.

    I loved Kick-Ass 2. Is, without any doubt, the best movie I've seen this year, one of the best movies I've seen in my entire life. Go to see it, you will not regret it.
  • ketgup8312 September 2013
    Watching KICKASS was a pleasant experience which really had some kick- ass moments. Unfortunately , Kickass 2 tumbles down and is thoroughly disappointing.

    To fulfill her father's dream Hit-Girl leaves Kick-Ass and joins school. Meanwhile Kickass joins a new group to protect the citizen. To his surprise, Red Mist creates his own group of evils to avenge his father's death.

    Directed by Jeff Wadlow , Kick ass 2 has nothing new to offer. The bound of expectations raised by the original movie will be deteriorated by the sequel. The movie has no story and worst part is that not a single scene is glorious as compared to the previous part. Direction is no-where. Screenplay is disappointing. Editing is OK. Action scenes are fine. It is again Chloë Grace Moretz who shines as Hit-girl. Unfortunately , the character is not fully developed. Aaron Taylor-Johnson does his part fine

    Overall , I was extremely disappointed with sequel. Disaster. 1/5
  • suoneill18 August 2013
    I have been looking forward to this sequel for about 6 months. So imagine my disappointment after sitting through 2 hours of this complete rubbish. Reading through the majority of reviews posted about Kick Ass2, I'm beginning to think that some people were watching a different movie! It was a disaster from start to finish. The acting was poor and the storyline was very flimsy. It seemed to me that the movie was built around blood, guts, stunt fights and a pathetic attempt to show Mindy trying to be a normal tween. Any scenes that featured The Motherf**ker were ridiculous and cringe-worthy. The best character in the movie was the dog. I can understand why Jim Carrey walked away from promoting this movie. I would have left after 15 minutes if I hadn't spent €10 on the ticket.
  • billygoat107116 August 2013
    Kick-Ass has defined itself as a superhero movie with heroes wearing silly costumes and little girls brutally beating up tough grown men. That piece of creativity has been appealed by many for smartly satirizing the genre, despite of some absurdity still existing and glorified in the action scenes. For that hype three years ago, here comes the sequel that still got the good old charms of its predecessor. The bigger difference now is the theme they are supposed to present seems tougher, but the action has also gotten strangely out of hand. While those upgraded elements can be a bit uneven, it's not really hard to enjoy the overall film since it's still quite hilarious and utterly entertaining. Although it only has little sincerity in its own message, there's no denying that Kick-Ass 2 is a lot of fun.

    Kick-Ass 2 is somewhat like any sequel, it heightens the scale to look even more exciting than the first one. Other than that, the rest is mostly the same. As usual, the most entertaining parts are having fun with the characters and some superhero satires. Even if it takes a different direction, the tone surprisingly sticks to the picture which is a joy. Everything is just enjoyable and amusing, but we all know that these movies are more than being fun. It always takes some darker themes so it can come close to reality. The film suddenly becomes intriguing when it discusses about the consequences of being involved in crime fighting, but those elements didn't stray far enough.

    The better surprise you're gonna see here is the performance of Chloë Moretz. She already stole the show in the first film, but here she has grown her Mindy Macready into a much mature character than just a simple violent crass as Hit-Girl is, and as Hit-Girl she is still pretty awesome. Aaron Johnson is charming as always as Kick-Ass. Jim Carrey is also delightful as Colonel Stars and Stripes. The villains are kind of caricatures, but the one who played their leader, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, brings both wimpy and menace to keep him from being too sinister.

    Noticeably, the style of the last director was more inspired than the new one's. Though, the aesthetics are intact. What people might brag about is how preposterous the action scenes are. I understand it's supposed to be tongue-in-cheek and faithful to the illustrations of the graphic novel, but the fact that they're trying to avoid these heroes and villains from being "Super", it seems they can't help to justify that and make it all incredibly badass anyway. Besides, everyone is only interested about how violent it is. I just wish it has more of those anti-hero parts to make it feel human. Otherwise, people will cheer on how awesome these set pieces are, because it's inevitable to call them awesome.

    The ones who will likely enjoy Kick-Ass 2 more are the fans. It's almost too identical. Same entertainment quality, same amount of laughs, and got ironically ridiculous action scenes(from jetpack to lawnmower); while we get an impressive performance from Chloë Grace Moretz and a story that has potential of being compelling. It has the same pros and cons, but bigger. Although bigger, I think the original has smarter execution. I guess the film wants to focus more on its coolness than the morality and humanity it suggests. In other way, Kick-Ass 2 is good enough as a blockbuster and a competent sequel.
  • tr9119 August 2013
    The first Kick-Ass film is one of my favourite films so I was delighted when I heard there was going to be a sequel. I didn't think it would be able to live up to expectations but it certainly did, it is a brilliant sequel. Both films are at least on par with each other.

    The action again is fast paced and in some parts really gory, the humour is still there and the characters are all portrayed extremely well again. This one had more super heroes in it which I thought was good and it was more straight to the point. As in the first one I think Chloë Grace Moretz as Hit-Girl is the standout performer, she is unbelievably good in this role.

    Overall it was a worthy sequel, I would recommend it to anyone. Even if you don't normally like super hero films I think you may be pleasantly surprised, it is just a brilliant action film. This is probably going to be the best film of Summer 2013, I really hope there is a Kick-Ass 3 :)

    9/10 - Must watch.
  • In March of 2010 a film by director Matthew Vaughn was released that took everybody watching it by surprise. This was a movie that people had so little faith in that it had to be independently funded and put together on a shoe string budget. This was a movie that held up a satirical mirror to a whole genre of movies and not only highlighted their weaknesses but also showed that genre how it was done.

    This movie was of course, Kick-Ass.

    On paper it was never going to work. It was a movie about some weedy teenage geek who decides to become a superhero and ends up caught in a war between another crazed costume vigilante and a whole crime family. This on its own would be a hard enough premise to sell to both investors and viewers but throw in an eleven year old crime fighting girl who basically butchers everyone she meets, it seemed impossible that it could be a good movie.

    But boy were we wrong. We were all made to eat our pre-judgement of that film and got to enjoy a wonderfully told, well shot and perfectly scored movie that was not just one of my favourite movies of 2010, but is genuinely one of my favourite movies ever.

    With that in mind it is clear why I can feel so strongly about how terrible this movie was. Jim Carrey was right to turn his back on this movie because it butchered the memory of the first movie and basically went against everything that the first Kick-Ass film stood for.

    The fears with the Kick-Ass story in general was that it glorified violence for little or no reason. The story and the deeper themes that run through the first movie offset that fear, this film fully realises it. There are no clever under tones, no juxtaposition for the highly choreographed violence with the scenes that highlight the gritty realism of true life.

    What I just witnessed was 103 minutes of bloody violence, needless vulgarities, ridiculous names taken too far and no redeeming features whatsoever. This was all violence for the sake of violence and that is not what I watch movies for. This was clearly made by people who seemed to have completely missed the point of the first movie and just wanted to make the very movie that I had presumed Kick-Ass had been made to speak against.

    I will stop there because I could go on for hours stating how terrible this movie ended up being. I just wish that there was some kind of erase button I could press to scrub the memory of that movie from my mind. Alas there isn't so I post this review in an effort to save you the same torment, stick with the first film which is a masterpiece and don't watch this travesty of a so called sequel.
  • Despite the change of director, Kick-Ass 2 doesn't feel one bit different from its predecessor. It doesn't try anything revolutionary or groundbreaking, but what's here is very well executed and enjoyable. It's a prime example of how a proper sequel should be made.

    As a direct continuation from the first, the viewer should feel right at home with the familiar characters. The story feels exactly like a sequel should: changed characters facing new conflicts with higher stakes and new faces to join in. Hit-Girl is this time facing difficulties trying to adapt into the real world with her high school life, while Kick-Ass himself finds new faces to fight crime with. All the while Chistopher Mintz-Plasse's "world's first supervillain" (whose name breaks the IMDb review guidelines) goes through a frightfully convincing descent into madness and villainy and starts to wreck things up.

    Kick-Ass 2 brings a whole bunch of new colourful lunatics to the cast, with the standouts being Jim Carrey's erratic Colonel Stars and Stripes, and Mother Russia, played with ruthless authority by Ukrainian actress Olga Kurkulina. The cavalcade of new "good" superheroes in the newly found superhero team "Justice Forever" get fairly little screen time, but manage to feel like actual characters instead of mere cutouts. The acting is spot-on, and I struggle to find a single weak performance in the film.

    The action hasn't been softened at all from the first film. It's visceral, brutal, and immensely gratifying. If anything, Kick-Ass 2 far surpasses the level and amount of violence of the first, so much so that at times the viewer might be wondering "Is it okay I'm having so much fun with this?" Special mention must be paid to the sound effects team, because the various crunches and cracks really drive the physicality home. The final fight scene is truly spectacular, and the film is worth paying full ticket price for it alone.

    If I was forced to find bigger flaws in the film (which there are next to none), the tone of the film should be addressed. It sways wildly between comedic, brutal, somber, parodic and downright cruel, but it never feels inconsistent; the tone feels appropriate for each scene. To me it wasn't a problem, but some viewers might find the more extreme scenes wince-worthy, because of how dark and brutal this film feels at times.

    Recommendation: If you liked Kick-Ass, you're definitely going to like this. It's not the new Citizen Kane, but if you're up for a good, bloody, violent time, Kick-Ass 2 delivers in spades.
  • When I saw this film was coming out, I could not contain my excitement. I enjoyed the first one immensely and was happy to see they were doing a sequel. Admitially I was a bit skeptic about the 2nd one, as most other films which I have seen that have been sequels, the 1st is usually always 10x better than the first one.

    I personally think this film is much more exciting and has better scenes of violence. I have read other reviews on this movie slating this film as an 'enjoyable time waster' I would have to 1000% disagree with this and I would probably say that out of all the movies I have seen this year, this one by far tops it.

    I think the acting in this and the people they got to play the other super-heroes was just perfect, every new super hero made me laugh and again they were also involved in some epic fight scenes.

    So to anyone who is a bit skeptic (as I was) about seeing this movie.. Don't! It's 'Kick-Ass' awesome.
  • john_jay198731 August 2013
    Pretty Impressive with the sequel of the movie, what impress me the most is the big improvement in Acting of Aaron, Chloe & Chris, compare to the 1st movie, good work there.

    Packed with full action compare to the last 1, smooth movement, cool effect, though is more violent than the previous 1, but still is acceptable, well at least for me it is.

    Too bad that cage didn't show up in the sequel, but hey Jim is here, his act impressed me, of course he does, its good to see him in this movie, I miss his acting, its been a while.

    Hoping that there will be kick ass 3 coming soon, well done team, nice 1.

    Voting this movie a solid 7 out of 10, good movie to watch to get a good laugh.
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