This series spawned an American remake in 2015 of the same name, Mad Dogs (2015). It too starred Ben Chaplin, but in a different role. In the US remake the Alvo character is renamed Milo and played by Billy Zane.

María Botto plays Maria, a police officer, in the original UK version, and also plays Sophia Moreno, a police officer, in the US remake version of this show.

John Simm (Baxter), Philip Glenister (Quinn) & Marc Warren (Rick) also worked together on State of Play (2003) as Cal McCaffrey, DCI William Bell & Dominic Foy respectively.

Philip Glenister and John Simm have co-starred in four series together - Clocking Off (2000), State of Play (2003) Life on Mars (2006) and Mad Dogs (2011) and one film, Tu£sday (2008). They both starred in the series Prey (2014) (TV Mini-Series), but in separate seasons.

Marc Warren worked with Philip Glenister's brother Robert in the series Hustle.