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  • Warning: Spoilers
    At the Fumizuki Academy the standard of equipment a class gets is dependent on test results so the top students in Class A have the most comfortable chairs and a fully equipped classroom and the idiots in Class F have furniture which is so shoddy that it falls apart after a couple of episodes and they are left sitting on the floor and using boxes as desks. In order to encourage the lower classes to improve and to keep higher classes on their toes one class can challenge another to a test where the winner gets the losers furniture. These aren't usual tests; the students summon avatars to battle for them although the strengths of these avatars are related to the strength of those summoning them. The people in Class F are determined to acquire Class A's equipment although before doing that they battle against each of the other classes first. To the other classes surprise Class F doesn't demand a change of equipment when they win... is this because they are truly idiots or is it part of a greater plan to beat Class A.

    This was a pretty silly series, but that didn't stop it from being fun, the characters in Class F were a good laugh and they aren't quite as stupid as they seem, one of them should really be in Class A but she panicked in her exam and failed. Other members of the class include a class representative who is trying to avoid the attentions of a Class A girl, a boy who everybody things is a girl and a boy who is constantly trying to get inappropriate photos of any girl. The last might suggest there is excessive fan service but in reality there isn't too much, although some people might be disturbed by the protagonist Akihisa's sister who seems a little too close to him for his liking. I liked the basic story although think it would have been better without the whole summoning of avatars thing and just had the students compete against each other.

    The subtitled version of whole series can currently be watched legally on line at Funimation's YouTube channel so I'd recommend checking it out there, I believe a second series has been commissioned and if so I look forward to seeing it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This anime excels at comedy, romance. There are a lot of facts that make this anime good.

    1- Comedy, The comedy will make you laugh at least one time per episode. The comedy is really good and a lot of scenes should not be taken seriously.

    2- The characters. The characters are enjoyable in a way and they are all unique.

    3- The idea. The idea behind the anime is pretty good. Pokemon style like system but different in ways.

    the anime is silly in some ways but there are scenes that you should be taking seriously. It's a silly anime but enjoyable. One of the only downgrades is that there is no season 3.
  • I thought the jokes and the "magical sense" in this anime were rather too forced. It was like as if it was mixed with Yu Gi Oh and Puella Magi Madoka Magica but with a bad smell...

    Basically what I'm saying here folks that this anime didn't seem original to me or even that entertaining. It tried to be entertaining for me with great English Dub cast. However unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep me motivated to watch the show even more and be disappointed that I wasted my time with it instead.

    Thats all I'll say..