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  • Transformers returns to the CGI world with TRANSFORMERS: PRIME, the first completely computer animated series since Beast Machines. At first sight, they might bear some resemblance to their live action counterparts and having Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman as writer sure does perpetuate that perception. But free from Michael Bay's creative control, the pair turn in what is easily one of the darker and more coherent story lines in Transformers animation history.

    How dark is dark? Well how about having a hero gruesomely murdered within the first five minutes of the show. It is THAT dark. The premise is simple though: The Autobots arrive on Earth in the eternal search for Energon with the Decepticons following behind. Years of peace are suddenly shattered when the Autobot Cliffjumper is abducted and killed. While out to avenge their comrade, The Autobot team consisting of Optimus Prime, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee discover a clandestine Decepticon plot involving the mysterious "Dark energon" and the return of the dreaded Decepticon leader, Megatron.

    With a smaller cast, we get a more focused character driven narrative and more room for development. The entire 26 episode season 1 is split into a few sweeping story arcs balanced with character centered episodes in between. It is a nice balance that few animated series seem to appreciate; shows that the characters are just as important as the story, and not just an excuse to sell toys. The Autobots are a combination of typical superhero team archetypes; fearless leader Optimus, action girl Arcee, gentle giant Bulkhead, and such. But over the course of the season, we get a glimpse into each of their personalities' different layers; a look at the bot within. Incidentally, the Decepticons come across as more interesting than the Autobots thanks to the hidden agendas of not just the compulsive backstabber Starscream, but every other decepticon from Soundwave to Airachnid have their own little moments of depth.

    Giving life to these well written characters is an all star voice cast featuring popular voice actors like Steve Blum (Starscream), Jeffery Combs (Rachet) and Daran Norris (Knock out) along with returning fan favorites like Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, who reprise their famous roles of Optimus and Megatron. Of particular note is the inclusion of Hollywood stars like Kevin Michael Richardson (Bulkhead), Gina Torres (Airachnid), Adam Baldwin (Breakdown), Clancy Brown (Silas) and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Cliffjumper)!

    Of course, like all transformers shows, we have the mandatory human kids caught in the crossfire: Miko Nakadai, Rafael Esquivel and Jack Darby, . Now, human characters have always served the purpose of being an "audience vehicle", allowing the viewer to relate to and see themselves in the place of the human characters. Jack, Miko and Raf clearly represent the show's intended target audience: a smart but likable teen, hyper active fan-girl and little genius nerd boy respectively. But the writing never allows the humans to "steal the screen" from the Transformers themselves (something the live action movies are notorious for).Taking a leaf out of its predecessor "Transformers Animated", the humans in TRANSFORMERS: PRIME become naturally integral to the plot rather than a hindrance or a distraction.

    The TRANSFORMERS themselves remain the stars of the show. You can even see it in how much attention to detail the animation studio, Polygon Pictures, pays to the robots. By the way, Polygon pictures is the Japanese CGI studio responsible for the computer generated scenes in works such as "Sky crawlers", as well as the opening cinematics of Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5.

    Reflections in shiny surfaces, dirt specks, chipped paint, scrapes and scratches. These ARE mechanical soldiers fighting a constant war, and it shows. Whenever they move, fight or transform you can see gears, pistons and other parts moving too. Design wise, they may take some getting used to at first, but the unique look of these Transformers combine the mechanical realism of the live action movies with the almost human yet inhuman "anatomy" of previous animated series.

    It is a look that works. A shame the same cannot be said for the human characters or some of the backgrounds. The humans vary from passable in most scenes to downright clunky looking in others.

    Their hair look like plastic clumps at times, their clothing lack any folds; They look only slightly better than the designs in Clone Wars. As for the backgrounds, they are inconsistently rendered with the quality varying from episode to episode.

    With dynamic action sequences, complete with breath taking camera angles and even slow motion, TRANSFORMERS: PRIME definitely has all the markings of a high budget production, almost movie-like at times. A rousing score by movie composer Brian Tyler sure helps that impression. A shame that the little slip ups in quality mar what could have been the most beautifully animated CGI series of the past decade.

    What we have here in TRANSFORMERS PRIME is a franchise that finally learns from its past missteps and combines the best elements of all previous Transformers show. The superb voice acting and characterisation from Generation 1, The intense action of the animated movie, Focused character driven narratives of Beast Wars, Darker tone and sense of peril from Beast Machines Galactic scale conflicts of the Unicorn trilogy And likable human characters of Transformers: animated. All of this expressed with above average technical competency, barring the occasional inconsistency in quality. True to its name, this is the Transformers brand at its prime. A new milestone that future productions would be hard pressed to top
  • I find this series to be a great take on the Transformers universe. Both Autobot's and Decepticon's are greatly equal in strength, and it has a more realistic atmosphere with being darker than the previous Universes.

    The voice acting is done wonderfully, and it's great to see Peter and Frank in their original roles. Something that G1 never had was the power that this one does. Of course, we know being an 80's cartoon for kids, there were obvious set backs for that reason. Some debate on the fact that Prime isn't a kids show, but I believe with the world today, it suits well for children to realise consequence and death, and it's a bonus for us older fans.

    Visually, I think this series has it all. Great designs, and great CGI (for a cartoon). The character development is well portrayed, and, of course, they link back to their original 80's personalities.

    Overall, I think it's by far the best series up to date, aside from G1--but that's because it's the ultimate classic.
  • Transformers(1984) is still the best of the Transformers shows, but Transformers: Prime even with its faults is one of the better shows in the franchise since then. Bumblebee does have a rather bland personality this time round, Mikko is annoying(the only character in the show who is) and there is some occasional clunkiness in the dialogue for the human characters(though not as goofy in nature as the worst of the live action trilogy films). The animation however is beautifully rendered, it is smooth with beautiful dark colours and shading and the robots look just great. The music is hauntingly moody, and does help in bringing tension when called for, the action sequences especially are very well scored. The dialogue on the most part is meaningful and intelligent which more than makes up for the occasional clunkiness, while the stories are involving, rich in atmosphere and clearly structured, nothing formulaic or dull at all. The action sequences are well-choreographed, intense and compelling, and the show does a good job in maintaining a balance between story and action without one over-shadowing the other. The characters are well developed- especially so later on- and have distinct and mostly likable personalities, Optimus and Megatron are the most memorable but brownie points also for Knockout, who's very funny, and Jack, the most identifiable of the human characters. And of course the voice acting is superb from all, Jeffrey Coombs, Kevin Michael Richardson, Daran Noris and Steve Blum are very dynamic and Peter Cullen and Frank Welker are without equal as Optimus and Megatron. All in all, a very good show if not as great as Transformers(1984), which is and probably always will be the pinnacle of the franchise. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • I loved this show, it had a perfect balance, ever since i took on this show, i went ahead to see the old transformers shows and i was interested in Optimus, there was more depth to him, than i had seen in some of the other shows, but i nave really studied the others in time yet.

    This show was different from pretty much any other show i have ever seen in my life and if i could i would pitch a crossover with this show with my own charatcers from my novel, thats how amazed i am by it. of course I'm trying the other shows as well for history reasons, but this one its different.

    I will just say this on my reason why its different. while i was depressed and i could not do anything about it, this show was there for me in a time i needed distraction and happiness in my life, and i still watch it even now, its just...epic
  • Quite admittedly I had never been a Transformers fan until recently. I often tried the original series when I was a kid but I always found it too childish, even as a kid. I preferred G I JOE. The concept of transformers always interested me but I never actually found a cartoon that did justice to the franchise. The movies rekindled my interest but they were far from great. Too much emphasis was given to the human characters to go with other problems. In Transformers: Prime I have finally found something that I had always wished Transformers to be.

    The basic mood of this series perfectly suits Transformers. It's serious but has enough humor. It has a dark feel to it which seems to be a missing ingredient of all previous Transformers series.

    The picture quality is amazing. The robots look fantastic and the humans look fairly good too. The background quality does vary a bit from episode to episode but even the minimum level is very good. The camera work is excellent.

    The writing is generally very good as well although there are times when it feels a little stretched out. The dialog is impressive.

    The musical score is excellent and that really helps the mood and tension of any scene. Transformers is meant to be epic. That is exactly what the music reflects. At times the power of the music is such that if you get involved enough it will take you places.

    But the true strength of this series is the characters. Every single character has incredible depth and development, and you can really feel that every character is unique. The bad guys are always more interesting but here you'll also come to love the good guys because you'll feel that you really know them and get to ride along in their emotional journey. The writers did not throw cheap characters by the hundreds but instead carefully chose a few and decided to make them complete.

    I would go as far as to say that the quality of the show is wasted on young viewers who would probably struggle to realize just how good it is, but enjoy it all the same. This is art, not just entertainment for kids.

    If you will ever love Transformers then this is it. Even if you never liked it before give it a try. You might just fall in love with it.
  • At first I watched only because it is another TF series and since I am a fan from my childhood (G1 that is) I just watch anything new that TF franchise has to show to see how things are changing and of course out of nostalgia about the 'old days'. It is actually the first series I can watch after many many years without being disappointed (like I was with the 'Unicron trilogy'. The CGI is good, the story so far is good (although not great) and the voice actors are pretty good(and I must say the kids that are watching this series are honored to have the 'original' Optimus Prime and Megatron, Peter Cullen and Frank Welker respectively) In general I think it's the best series after G1 cartoon, it may not be perfect but it is way better than the rest of the TF series (BW and BM excluded since I don't think them as TF series but as TF-based series).
  • Due to the quality of the Micheal Bay films, when I heard of the newest attempt at a transformers series I was in a word.... Skeptical. My first experience with Transformers: Prime was watching poor quality reruns ripped on YouTube, and I couldn't stop watching. As a die hard fan of Transformers, I've been waiting for a well written series based off of my favorite toys.

    In the first season of TF: Prime, it becomes apparent to the viewer that the characters are characters. they have depth and reason to be on the show, unlike the "characters" from previous incarnations of the Autobots and Decepticons. in the past, the characters in transformers have been used as plot devices, only there to offer unnecessary help to the characters that really mattered. Transformers Prime shows the characters meanings through the relationships they discover with themselves and others.

    In the second season things do get a bit more jaded, with interlocking stories and more complex characters with more hints to the good 'ol days of G1. from what I can tell so far, Transformers Prime is a fantastic show with dark stories, fantastic animation, and promise beyond expectations. If you've been on the fence about the privately owned series, I can guarantee you'll like it.
  • I know what i'm talking about when I say, THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!!! I used to watch this show every night at 6:00pm after school, but sadly, the series ended, oh well, guess i'll just have to wait till series 3 comes out. It's actually something to look forward to after a tiring day at work, school etc.

    I love how they've made the transformations all complex like the live action movie trilogy. It makes a great evening show for those between 10 and dead. It has cutting edge technology designs and an good choice of characters.

    This show follows a good and basic story. I recommend watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Since I was a kid, I was a big fan of the Transformers franchise. I loved the original and the movie (The one from 1986, not the horrible live-action trilogy) and I liked the two CGI animated series "Beast Wars" and "Beast Machines" (Both excellent and underrated entries in the Transformers franchise)

    Sadly, the animated series that appeared after "Beast Machines" weren't good: "Transformers: Robots in Disguise", "Transformers Armada", and "Transformers: Energon" were awful series that didn't add anything good to the franchise, with bad animation and boring story lines. Oh yeah, there was also the 2007 animated series, but sadly that cartoon was just slightly better than the anime series, being way too childish and forgettable for my personal taste.

    Fortunately, "Transformers: Prime", without being as good as the original series or "Beast Wars" was much better than I was expecting, with interesting story lines, which, despite being darker than most of the previous "Transformers" cartoons, still have all the fun from the original "Transformer" series. It had a very promising beginning, and the story keeps getting better as it advances. And even when the animation isn't incredible, it still works very well.The new human characters are good too (Though I found Miko to be somewhat annoying) Anyway, this is a very good addition to the "Transformers" franchise. If you liked the original series and "Beast Wars", then you will like this series too.
  • Terryfan11 December 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    When I first heard that Peter Cullen and Frank Welker will return as the voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron it was excellent news for a old school fan such as myself. Also since the deal between The Discovery Channel and Hasbro to make a new Channel called The Hub many of Hasbro's toy line shows have come back on the air along with brand new shows such as Transformers Prime.

    Transformers Generation 2 which was just a remake of G1 is what made me a fan of this legend. Transformers has always been a part of me and I am still proud to be a fan of Transformers.

    Transformers Prime I agree with few fans is not yet as good as Generation 1 or Beast Wars but it does have a chance to be a great series.

    This is the third Transformers Animated Series to be fully CGI personally I like Hand Drawn Animated but still I have respect for all types of Animated.

    The Story line is following the same as The live action Movies however the story takes place three years after the last battle with the Decepticons.

    However Starscream and Soundwave have been waiting for the return of Megatron who returns with a new powerful Energon, Dark Energon which could be use to bring back the dead.

    Optimus Prime and his Autobots Ratchet, Bumblebee,Bulkhead and Acree are on a mission to stop the Decepticons. The Autobots have few human allies such as Jack, Miko, and Raf who are young children who have their own ways to help the Autobots Agent Fowler is the Autobots so called Allie but he has his mistrust with them The Voice acting is very good and seeing Mr.Cullen and Mr.Welker return to voicing the two main Transformers Legends is just priceless.

    Peter Cullen is always the right voice for Optimus Prime, Frank Welker's new voice for Megatron is a mix he would use the G1 voice when Megatron yells and his voice would be more demanded.

    Steve Blum does the voice of Starscream and his voice for the character is really chilling and make Starscream the villain he is.

    Jeffery Combs does the voice of Ratchet. Jeffery is a good actor and he has been doing a good job for Ratchet. Kevin Michael Richard does voice of Bulkhead, he always had a deep voice in the movies he does and he does a very good job with Bulkhead Acree is voiced by Sumalee Montano and her voices fits Acree very well.

    The Character Designs are very good like Acree is a sexy warrior, Megatron looks close to the movie Megatron but with his Fulson cannon on his arm, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee look close to their movie character with some different such as Bumblebee's alt mode. Starscream's jet mode is very cool.

    The background are cool that really give you a feel of watching the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out.

    Since the five part mini series is like a piece of the cake to what we may see with Transformers Prime we just have to wait and see what will take place next in the classic war between The Autobots and The Decepticons.

    Transformers Prime is brand new and let see how they take the series from here.
  • Firstly I grew up with the Transformers series (namely Armada, Cydertron, BeastMachines (I didn't manage to see Beast Wars),a little of the G1 series and Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001)) and the movies more or less broke my heart .Granted when I was 14, I though that were good, but when did a teenage had a fully formed sense of taste and as a adult,I think of then a a disgrace to the Mythology of the Robots in Disguise!

    And then I hit by accident more or less this series and I am "for real?" ,then I watch it and my next take was "Why didn't the films have the quality of this series?". The series had great animation, nice voice cast (Megatron and Optimus amazing) ,the story arc of each character either Cybertronian or Human is handle in a pretty mature way of a kids television series. I am not making fun of you guys (ok , maybe there are girls also, but lets be real 90% of everyone reading this review is surely a male) at times you forget that this is series about robots battling out, which by the way is fantastic when it happens. I have to admit this one is if not the best Transformers series ,then it is easily in the top 3.

    This quality at the same time fills me with joy and anger for years before, the feature films could be so good, they had bigger budget and the best technology at the time, but no Micheal Bay and Paramount made them in to the abomination they are today :(. Despite I manage to remind myself that it isn't the technology, the budget or the names in the project that made it great , it is something smaller and yet so significant attention the the characters, a good story and understanding what you can do with both of that.

    Over all if you also feel betrayed from the movies or you have kids or both then watch with them these Transformer, 100% certain that you will enjoy it.
  • As far as Transformers go, there can be a war to decide if it's good or bad. the original cartoon was entertaining, but good lord was it stupid. Beast Wars and Beast Machines were both great in terms of story, animation, and characters. Robots in Disguise had a few redeeming values, but not a lot. Armada was okay, Energon was crap, Cybertron was okay. Animated was fantastic! The movies were good, but too many humans. This series was pretty good. Some lovable human characters such as Miko, and Arcee in this series in tough and sexy, Bulkhead is lovable and big, and Rachet is Hilarious. I can't wait till Febuary for new episodes to come. Welcome back Peter Cullen and Frank Welker.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been following the transformers series since i was a kid and i can say transformers prime in terms of animation puts beast wars to shame but that isn't very difficult to do in this day and age of advanced computers. overall the stories are well written and do have a much darker and more serious tone however there were some flaws mostly due to aspects that they copy pasted from the movies.

    The biggest annoyance in my opinion is the mute bumblebee. personally i liked the g1 and transformers animated versions better. The snarky full of himself attitude has always been his signature. Even in the movies he could communicate by playing sound bites through the radio and the official story was that his voice processor was damaged in combat. but now ...... he sounds like R2D2 and has little to no personality.

    the second issue i have with the show is the obvious one the kids are too stereotypical. Raphael i am guessing is supposed to be similar to Chip from G1. Miko is supposed to replace Sari Sumdak from transformers animated, and i am assuming Jack is supposed to be an analogue for Sam Witwicki.

    on a side note I think they should bring back Sari Sumdak from Transformers Animated, of course there would need to be some back story rewrites for continuity.

    As far as human companions in transformers series go, Sari was the most well developed least annoying and oh yeah she was half robot. Plus as someone who has dabbled in creative writing a bit I can see a potential dynamic between Miko and Sari that would give Optimus one hell of a processor ache.

    Aside from the nit picks i would have to say this is the second best TF series since G1
  • "Transformers: Prime" is a well-balanced, intelligent, insightful, and awe-inspiring series that effectively captures the essence of life and humanity. With genuine and efficient dialogue that never seems canned or unnatural, along with passionate animation that draws you in with its careful attention to the individuality and singularity of each scene, this show seems more real than most live-action shows.

    Everything that all other "Transformers" series and movies tried to accomplish were triumphed and brought to their utmost ideal in "Transformers: Prime". Transformers have always achieved deeper meaning with their "sense of humanity" mixed in with their robotic structures, and this series, with its soul-penetrating musical score, astoundingly continuous epic nature, and masterful story telling epitomizes this essence of the franchise. I have always respected "Transformers"'s ability to be more than just autonomous robots and their human friends, and I have always wished that one day a series or movie would truly manifest its full potential to dig deep into the soul. That day has arrived and been fulfilled in "Transformers: Prime".

    All of "Prime"'s characters are interesting, unique, and easy to relate to. The overarching story telling is so organic that the end result of each season always feels inevitable and never forced. I am ever-so-grateful for the creators of this series who have brought to full light, for all to see, the greatness and profound nature of the "Transformers" story.
  • Fantastic in nearly every way, the plot, the animation all of it is just great. Recommended for kids and adults alike
  • Contains a lot of references to the multiple series that came before it while adding new aspects to the franchise. The characters grow and have depth which we see throughout the show. One of my favourite versions of the franchise so far.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    transformers G1 series-classic couldn't beat the pair of frank welker and peter cullen Transformers animated-pointless not worth my time War for cybertron-best tformers game EVER Films-more adult than kid movies but not bad at all Transformers Prime-Decent this show looked better than animated but not really by much i thought the character of bulkhead was unnecessary and the fact soundwave doesn't really speak was underrated even frank welker returning as megatron is a little disappointing due to his new "voice" but idk something about this show is very "unique" in its own way i mean don't get me wrong Nothing will ever beat the original show but for the new generation of tf fans this show is worth seeing
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was sick at home one day and decided to stay home from school. My little brother left on the TV and It happened to be Transformers Prime. As a big transformers fan I decided to check it out, but I thought it was just another kid's show and the HUB Network.

    It was not.

    After watching an episode on TV I instantly went on Netflix to enjoy the sci-fi show. After watching a couple of episodes I noticed that this show had the classic feel of a Transformers series. That day I watched 22 episodes STRAIGHT. The show instantly hooks you into the fictional sci-fi earth inhabited my the Autobots and the Decepticons. The series was the best thing since Armada in my opinion. I can't even explain what happens later in the series (cause of spoilers :P) because I want people to see for themselves. Peter Cullen does an absolutely great job in defining the thoughts and character of the Badass Autobot leader-- Optimus Prime. This show just blows my mind because I like it so much.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Not only is this better than the movies, megatron is actually scary for the first time ever!!! The characters are well designed and the voice actors are doing a fantastic job, especially the one of star- screams voice. The final episodes to each of the seasons are epic! And show us exactly what we always wanted to see!!!!! spoiler alert...Finally there is some action on CYBERTRON!!!!!! And we get to be inside UNICRON!!!!

    The cg is well done although it would be nice to have a bit more detail in the backgrounds and landscapes...but hey give these guys michael bay's budget and i bet they would make a transformers film as good a film as godfather!

    I cannot believe this show only scores 6.9 on IMDb , it is definitely a 8 or 9 if you are a transformers fan and at least a 7 if your not.
  • Photoluck1 February 2013
    I am amazed about the story line, excellent! Also i am amazed about the character voices and their voice performance, also very excellent. I am Less enthusiastic about the rendered 3D world and their rendered characters, but the story line that lives throughout all the episodes makes it worth to watch it. A great thing is that the story continues to life after a episode is finished. The story is never finished and that makes you want to see the next episode.

    I was first skeptical when watching the first episode, about the human children who co-work with the Transformers, but when the story continues (episode later) they have their own role and they fall more into the background and are become less prominent in the series, but appearing more convincing (nicely done).

    The 2nd season is better, stronger and more convincing.

    Absolute worth watching animation.
  • Awesome show.

    It's a little boring at times, Optimus shows little to none emotion and the show seems to be confused how physically strong the bots are supposed to be.

    Other than those issues which occurred through the whole series this is an awesome show and should be treated as such!

    Legit all characters are entertaining. All of them have personality (except prime but he's still badass.)

    This incarnation of Soundwave and Starscream is one of the best. Also the Orion Pax origin story is awesome and better than the G1 origin.

    There are a lot of interesting filler episodes and awesome plot lines and writing.

    The action is enjoyable and so is the expensive animation.

    If you like transformers or are new to transformers and want to get into it watch this series then, you won't regret it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The show has its issues such as a racing episode and an episode that featured a character only to be killed off. However there is a great deal of kickass episodes especially the season finales. One in particular involved not only a Megatron and Optimus fight that rival the 1986 movie, but one where Prime looses his memories in the bowels of Unicron. I'd recommend this show to any transformers fan, young and old. Certainly the best transformers show, right up there with Animated And Beast Wars as the best transformers show.
  • Man I love this show. Transformers prime takes the designs and light hearted ness of g1 and the designs of the films and smash them together with some pretty good writing. The plot of this show has to be some of the best animated tv writing in the 2010s each characters story arcs are so well written and engaging all the way till the end and with animation that goes from mediocre too extremely beutiful by the end. And extremely thoughtful themes of betrayal, redemption, and acceptance that will send you home crying. The soundtrack is one that should also be applauded for its somber and heart felt tone and yes can be redundant but overall pretty good.
  • nathan982611 July 2018
    I've seen all 3 seasons of transformers prime and the beast hunters movie at least 5 times. I haven't gotten bored yet of watching them. Every time is always enjoyable.

    The show is suitable for both young and adult fans. The kids will certainly be entertained. I mean, it's a cartoon of transforming robots fighting each other! For the adults, there's some innuendo that you might understand, like when Bulkhead says "big bearings."

    Transformers prime is enjoyable overall. There's a good amount of comedy, drama, and action in the show. The cartoon contains similar content from G1 and the live-action movies. The transformers designs are amazing and detailed. On the other hand, the humans look okay. In fact, that's a major advantage over the Michael Bay movies; here, the transformers are the main characters and not the humans.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Honestly, I was never really a fan of Transformers until Transformers Prime came out. I found Transformers animated too childish, Transformers beast wars/Transformers Armada, the one after it and Cybertron I was too young to watch and I just found weird. The best part is in this show there is no singer singing the theme song it is just a straightforward intro.

    But when this show came out I actually settled down with Transformers and I ended up enjoying especially since this had great CGI animation, story, voice acting and everything a transformers fan would want.

    I am glad I got into this show because I got to listen to the original voice actors of Optimus Prime (Peter Cullens) and Megatron (Frank Welker).

    However, there were flaws in it like Arcee because she was very annoying and overprotective in most episodes to the point where I wished they should have killed her off instead of Clifjumper or Tailgate in that dark episode of season 1. I also used to think Airagnid, Starscream and Megatron were scary because I was that new to the show but not anymore I was 11/12 back then now I am 18. I also realized that Miko was annoying because she mostly put her self at risk and cared more about Bulkhead then any of her human friend or Autobots she was also very rude to Jack in one episode because all he was doing was protecting her and she was just being a b*tch to him. However, back then I had a crush on her but not anymore.

    The Beast Hunter episodes, however, get much better and more awesome they could have even had a crossover GI Renegades which would have made the show even better.

    This is first and only Transformers show I like. Transformers rescue bots are not aimed at my age, Transformers Robots in disguise both 2001 and 2015 were just argh and last but not least both Transformers combiner wars and Titans return the animation looks tough to watch and they look just boring. Micheal Byes transformer films don't interest me.

    I heard somewhere there might be a show that will be a follow up from this show. I hope they bring back this animation and it isn't badly animated.
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