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  • This is where it all began. The new wave of Spanish tv shows has a lot to thank Crematorio. This is an amazing thriller about corruption, politics, mafia, capitalism and family. It depicts in a very real way the mechanisms on which the elite few try to get money and power regardless of morality and laws. The acting is very well done and the pace is also right on point. If you haven't yet watched Crematorio then I definitely recommend that you give it a try as it's a somewhat obscure title outside Spain and in my opinion it deserves more recognition.
  • myotherpetisdog4 June 2018
    I absolutely loved Crematorium, Season 1. Why did they stop filming? Beautiful actors and acting. Juana Acosta is a knockout and a great actress. I googled her after watching 7 Años on Netflix and that is how I found Crematorio. Spanish cinema rarely disappoints.