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  • I'm 25, and a straight male, so I'm going to have to fake it here: "Awkward." is one of the best new shows on MTV right now, which unfortunately in this day and age, does not really count for much. After a myriad of repeats of everything from "Teen Mom" to "Jersey Shore," it's nice to see a decent teen comedy show on the air once again.

    I really mean it when I say that "Awkward." is a decent show. No, correction: it's an above average show that manages to actually be very funny, in addition to being very raunchy. Think about MTV's other semi-good teen comedy series, "The Hard Times of RJ Berger." Like "Hard Times," "Awkward." has been easily influenced by the recent wave of popular teen comedies at the movies, most notably 2010's "Easy A" (this show's premise borrows a central plot element from that film).

    "Awkward." is also heavily influenced by the films of the late John Hughes (1950-2009), that Brat Pack filmmaker behind such classics as "Sixteen Candles" (1984), "The Breakfast Club" (1985) (my personal favorite), and "Pretty in Pink" (1986). Using those movies as an influence for its plot basis, "Awkward." tells the story of Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards), a virtual 15-year-old nobody at a posh Southern California high school. She narrates the show through her online blog postings.

    It's clearly established early on that Jenna is in fact, quite wise beyond her years, so obviously that has got to make her a target from the more popular students. Rickards is able to give her character a sense of humanity and vulnerability, and Social "Awkward"-ness, that makes her seem like a real person and not a Molly Ringwald stereotype (a moment extremely late in the third episode really makes this clear). In fact, Rickards's Jenna Hamilton and Ringwald's bright-and-beautiful-but-socially-rejected John Hughes-era characters - Samantha Baker in "Sixteen Candles" and Andie Walsh in "Pretty in Pink," namely - are so close in age (and emotional maturity) that it's entirely possible that Jenna *could* be Ringwald's offspring from those years.

    During the summer, Jenna had a brief affair with Matty (Beau Mirchoff), the hottest hunk in school, and said affair ultimately resulted in her losing her virginity. The problem is that Jenna and every other girl in school is lusting after Matty, who does in fact appear to have genuine feelings for Jenna but does not want to take their relationship public, for obvious reasons. As the season begins, the new school year has just started and we're shown Jenna's daily life as a societal outcast at her school, her promiscuous best friend Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed), and her overweight cheer-leading nemesis - and resident mean girl/queen bee - Sadie (Molly Tarlov).

    Before you know it, a freak accident one night in her bathroom results in a misconstrued rumor that Jenna had tried to commit suicide, and the rumor mill at her school goes ballistic with the news. A la Emma Stone's social-climbing Olive Pendergast in "Easy A," Jenna is thrust to the top of the high school social ladder - she's the new "it" girl that everyone is talking about, for better or for worse - and she also has to deal with the common trials & tribulations of being a socially Awkward teenager on the verge of adulthood.

    "Awkward." is a genuinely funny and entertaining show, if you have a thing for teen shows. Sure it rehashes a lot of what we've seen in the past to the point that it's pretty much overkill. And Lord knows we've seen enough teen comedies over the years to know what to expect from shows like this. But where "Awkward." gets points is, I think, is its knowledge of its influences, namely the works of John Hughes. Hughes was known for complex, yet uniquely human portrayals of teenagers in his films and "Awkward." appears to display some of the humanist complexities that Hughes had made his trademark back in the '80s. You can see it with Jenna and how torn she is between Matty and another popular hunk named Jake (Brett Davern).

    With this in mind, this series definitely shows promise, promise that I hope is not squandered on stupid sex jokes, humor, and raunchiness - although there is already plenty of that here.


  • Not the typical, American teenagers lives are perfect show and there's no singing or dancing after every drama.

    Awkward shows how life can be brutal for kids in school and there there are a lot of bitches about, everybody can relate to something in there one way or another, but does also address some serious issues like weight and depression. Just a funny and honest show, with a big personality that everyone whatever sex you are can enjoy can enjoy. :')

    Plus the episodes aren't enormous so you won't get sick of it by the time next weeks episode is released, you'll be looking forward to your snippet of class teen comedy.

    Would highly recommend. 10/10 hilarious.
  • fernreed10 August 2011
    This show is amazing and while the writing may be a bit over the top, it addresses real life issues not only teens face, but adults as well with a great message. The lead, Ashley Rickards, brings a realism and unique style to the show that makes us all love Jenna and relate to her struggles.

    The supporting actors all work great together. The two male leads balance each other well. Each bring depth to their characters and present Jenna with two very different alternatives (physical vs. intellectual attraction). We all are waiting to see if she recognizes this and if so, how will she deal with it.

    The rest of the supporting staff, while over the top at times with their delivery and energy, do bring good humor and balance to the show and story line.

    Each show ends with me wanting to know more. MTV has finally gotten it right. I LOVE it.
  • barnchick4526 July 2012
    OK, technically, I should be too old for this show. I'm at the point in my life when I should be over the shows about high school kids. And I am. Except for this show. I'm in my 20s (still a kid, I know, but certainly far removed from a sophomore in high school). This show is witty. It has me laughing out loud in every episode. I am usually patient about new episodes of my favorite shows. With this show, however, I yell at my TV with the episode ends. I wish it was an hour-long. I have never been more excited to hear about a show being renewed for another season. But I digress...

    Jenna is quirky and smart. Yes, she's awkward, but in the most lovable of ways. She has impeccable taste in men, and I couldn't be more proud of the growth of her character in this show. I love watching ALL these characters grow. They are actually maturing, and I can't wait to see where the writers take them. Most of the characters are relatable. (We all knew "that girl" or "that guy" in high school). And they're lovable too. Or, you know, "love to hate"- every good show has one of those.

    Anyway, give it a chance. It won't disappoint. Even if you're well past high school (like this quarter century old gal (plus or minus a few years...)).
  • tanya-rhodes20 August 2011
    I love this show and these kind of shows are under valued and always seem to be taken off the air before people can form a proper opinion about them. I really hope they don't do that with this show because it is probably one of the only decent shows on TV at the moment, everything that shows some form of promise seems to be thrown out for more and more idiotic reality TV shows that show no more reality than a pig on skates.

    This TV show actually shows the problems that can happen to teenagers nowadays instead of dramatizing unlikely events for the sake of ratings.

    I highly recommend 'Awkward', definitely shouldn't be missed.

  • This show really captured my interest right from the first episode. Since I have both a son and daughter (now grown), I thought the show did a great job of showing the entire convoluted ecosystem high school kids live in, and what it looks like from their perspective (clearly, often a complete minefield). The stories are clever, well written, and interesting, 3 things sadly lacking in about 95% of TV content today. The cast is great, from Jenna right to the evil cheerleader. I didn't really expect to find this kind of show anywhere, MTV was a true surprise, and I think a lot of people (no matter what age) will enjoy this, if they ever find it. Maybe a bit too spicy for younger kids, but very impressive for everyone else.
  • I am so, so relieved to see other reviewers near my age range (26) have been watching this AND praising it. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed to be watching this show at my age and actually the pilot didn't capture me, but then recently I saw the ads here for the Matty / Jake conflict on MTV (Spain's a bit slower on the release dates!) and boy was I hooked, watched it online from the 2nd season backwards. It is SO damn funny! And well paced! Great comedic actors and timing. Setting, good story, man it's all there but it's really the writing that gets me.

    It is so well written, it's a show I could only dream of writing one day. I watch it with my husband sitting in the background and even he is snickering (he is 37!)

    "What's with all the long faces in here, is it a Sarah Jessica parker party or what?"

    Ha come on, that's an amazing line!! I think there is also something to that comment since Jenna writes a blog, Carrie wrote articles... underlying theme there to hash out their thoughts/emotions on the computer to figure out how they're feeling. I think it's an element that really makes the show work. For me mainly it's the adults that steal the show, they only have brief appearances, but my god, so many great lines. Adults saying/acting what they all probably think but would never say. The mum is just superb!

    "Oh don't be upset, drink more wine, pretty soon it'll start to taste like love".

    Ha, amazing! But teens might not get those lines... The little Jenna love story it's so cute, almost twilight themed I felt. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. I could about it write all night, but I'm sure most of you have stopped reading by now.

    I can't wait to see Season 3, I applaud the writers! We want more!!
  • I've watched every episode of 'Awkward' from start to finish. The drama, acting, and comedy are well produced and it seems like MTV didn't even create this show that has almost everyone begging for more. Season two had me on edge the whole entire time, the plots were great. I've never seen that much good acting on a show produced by MTV before.

    Stereotypes kind of take away from the show though, there's the classic "girl who wants to be popular" (Tamara), "sexually attached girl" (Jenna), etc. MTV has a big problem with creating stereotypes with every show they have created.

    In conclusion, Awkward. is a great show that has a little stupidness in it like every other show.
  • First of all. I'm writing this after watching episode 21 of season 4.

    Awkward is your typical 'high-school odd girl gets in trouble all the time' kind of show. The first couple of seasons were really funny: great stereotypical characters, great dynamics between them, funny stories, etc. but after season 3 things started getting weird to the point it's annoying to hear Jenna talk about her love life all the time, like nothing else matters (she doesn't even have a hobby). I could ignore that if the same dynamic wasn't being applied to every single character in the show.

    This show is now all about sexual promiscuity, infidelity, banalization of love, homosexuality and polygamy to an annoying level for a show that targets the teenager audience. The title of the show doesn't even make sense anymore.

    What to expect though? After all this show is aired on MTV.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show was really fun and refreshing, a great teen sitcom in a sea of sh*tty teen melodramas. After they brought Collin and Eva into the show though, it took a turn for the melodramatic. The Jenna getting drugs storyline felt like they were pandering to what they thought teens wanted to see. The season 3 finale was way too Pretty Little Liars, and having Eva turn out to be stalking all of them was the peak of it. They tried to fix it by writing those storylines out at the beginning of season 4, but the show could never really find the same place it that began. The attempt to wrap everything up felt forced and predictable at every turn. Overall a good show, but the last 2 seasons aren't up to the bar that it set.
  • First season was good and I got impression that this was going to be something original & interesting. Sadly after 2nd season I started to dislike the heroine and it seemed like she was an emotional mess with questionable moral standards. Other characters stayed rather true to themselves but I didn't know where the heck the Jenna Hamilton character was going. She was all over the place and changed her mind about loving someone almost daily. A good portion of the series Jenna was twitching her face all the time while thinking her relationship with Matty. In the beginning it had seemed cute but started to annoy a lot when the supposed strong leading female character was insecure as hell. Someone should have counted how many times Jenna & Matty fell of the wagon & back to loving each other throughout the series. It was ridiculous and ruined seasons 3, 4 and 5 completely and even in the end there was not a happy ending. I was left wondering if this character goes through her life questioning everything. Never settling and never actually having a meaningful long relationship. And she was supposed to be the smart one of the group. Maybe the writers tried to create sex and the city for teens. Or maybe Jenna was what writers want to be or are. It definitely wasn't what viewers want to see & what would be smart to write. So this series goes to the bin with other "too many seasons with nothing to tell" and "cant write a decent ending even if my life depended on it". I liked, with serious intention not to, Jenna's friends Tamara, Lissa, Sadie and Jake, Valerie, Ally & Sergio most. Especially Sadie, Valerie & Ally were great characters.
  • While it's combination of almost surreal humor and real emotion can sometimes be… well… awkward, the first season is still among the better and more honest series about teenagers I've seen.

    I'm a male over 50, so I'm certainly not the target audience for this MTV show about a spunky blogging 15 year old girl dealing with the confusions and absurdities of sex, love, high school social politics, and well meaning but humorously dysfunctional parents and guidance counselors.

    But after friends recommended it I started watching and found I appreciated it's frankness, quirky characters and good natured humor. I also liked how it dealt with issues like sex and drinking as simply a part of teenage life, neither preaching morality (kids have sex and no one gets pregnant, they know to wear condoms, and they do sometimes get their hearts broken) nor striving to shock.

    The acting is all over the place, often cartoony, and a number of characters are little more than comic clichés, but as the the show goes along a surprising number of them reveal new sides and new depth. If not quite great, Awkward season 1 is quite good and very easy to enjoy... if you don't mind bringing back some of your own awkward memories as you realize the teen years really aren't so different now.

    The second season seemed weaker to me, it started to push plot twists over character, and began to feel a little soapy. It still is a cut above average, but in reaching for more tension and 'what will happen?' moments, it lost some of the easy looseness that made season 1 so much fun.
  • sinisterene29 December 2017
    If you consider the first three seasons this show is a 10/10

    Everything after that is a slow decline which will make you wish the producers had the common sense to let the show end with dignity.
  • Its the BEST teenager drama series i've ever watched!! its kind of funny as well so overall i'll give it a ten star rating ♥ Ashley Rickards' acting is AWESOME!!! Its a must watch!!! What I personally like about this drama is that it has romance and humor combined together and so its an EPIC!!! this makes it kind of unique! plus a thirty minute drama doesn't bores you i must say!!! it is about an ordinary girl Jenna who has to decide between love(Matty) and loyalty(Jake)! She has to face many problems and so act as a guideline for girls everywhere that to do in difficult situations!!! Overall it contains all sort of information a teenager drama or movie should have...and nothing over exaggerating!!! So its definitely a must watch!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mtv used to have a habit of having really entertaining reality shows, but beyond crappy live action comedy/dramas. Lately,however, they've come out with some decent stuff. "Awkward." is one of them.

    I actually really liked it. Which surprises me. In all, Jenna liked a really hot and popular guy at her school, he sleeps with her, and then tells her nobody can know about them even though he really likes her. On top of that, she receives a letter pretty much insulting her existence. All this leads up to a freak accident in her bathroom, which looks like she tried to commit suicide. Through all this, Jenna still finds a way to make life work with humour and wit. Watch it, it'll surprise you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I first started watching Awkward, I blew through the first 3.5 seasons in probably a week tops. It was addicting. I waited rather desperately for the rest of season 3 to premiere, and when it did, I watched the first few episodes, and I got to a point where I just couldn't watch anymore. Reality set in and I really how horrible of a show this ended up being.

    The show's plot line, characterization and character development, and everything in between are just awful. Yes, I realize that this is an American teen comedy/drama on MTV of all places, but that isn't an excuse for having just a bad show.

    First off, the show is way too unrealistic. TV is supposed to be a place where you can "escape reality" and such. Even reality shows aren't one bit realistic. But some shows get to a point where the unrealistically is just untasteful. These characters are supposed to be 15 and eventually 17 or so. All the actors playing them are over 20 and couldn't pass as 15 year olds (with the exception of a couple) even if they tried. MAYBE they could've passed as seniors, but never 15 year olds.

    Another part of how unrealistic this show is is just their lives in general. It feels like ALL these characters think about or focus on it relationships and sex. Honestly. What about school? I know that no one goes to watch TV to see a bunch of teenagers worrying about school, but if you're going to have a TV show where a large part of the scenes are set in a school and the characters are high school students, you can't just completely disregard any thoughts about homework or studying or projects or any of that. From experience, homework practically takes over your life in high school. I barely have time to do anything else when I'm done with my homework.

    The two main guys are supposed to be on sports teams. As a high school athlete, I can tell you that high school sports are another thing that literally take over your life. By the time I get home from practice, it's almost time for dinner and the rest of my time is spent on homework. On the contrary, Matty and Jake, who are supposed to be the popular "jocks", hardly ever mention anything to do with playing sports. This is something I'm probably going to mention again that I see a LOT on Awkward: The inconsistency and inability to follow through with something. Matty and Jack are "jocks" that never seem to have any practice or game to go to. Way to follow through.

    Second off is characterization/character development. The characterization/character development of Jenna, the main character, is ATROCIOUS. Honestly. She starts off the show as an "unpopular" awkward girl who is working as a camp counselor at a summer camp, when suddenly, fellow counselor Matty, the hot, popular guy from her school, gives her ONE look and they go to a closet and he takes her virginity. Suddenly, just a couple episodes later, is popular and has two boys vying for her and her attention. Not to mention that suddenly Jenna is extremely sex driven. What happened to being unpopular? What happened to the old Jenna? Aside from the few (and far between) moments where she has seemingly "awkward" moments, the Jenna that used to be unpopular and awkward is gone like she never existed. This is another example of the inconsistency of this show.

    I found Jenna to be an extremely unlikeable character. At the very, very beginning, I found her to be somewhat relatable in that she was unpopular and awkward. After the whole Colin drama, I was honestly disgusted with her and thought the show would be much better off if we just got rid of the character, despite the fact that Jenna IS the main character of the show. As the seasons went on, I saw Jenna slowly throwing away any morals that she may have had. By the time Colin rolled around and that whole drama started happening, all the morals were completely gone.

    The rest of the characters lacked real character development, consistency in whatever characterization they may have had, and being realistic. I could go on about it for much longer. The show got to a point where it was unenjoyable to watch, so I stopped watching. NOTHING against the actors/actresses at all though!

    • Tayla.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hands down, this is my favourite of all time. (Second to FRIENDS ;))

    I saw a few episodes of this show when MTV had a marathon one weekend, and I was at a friend house for a group sleepover. It was just 'the juiciest episodes' being played but I actually fell in love. Watching this show took me back to when I was in high school and, even at 21 made me question how I saw myself now and how I lived my life at 16.

    I went home the next day and started watching it from the beginning, and didn't sleep properly for an entire week. I was so addicted, and I still am. When each episode ends you find yourself saying 'Man, that's awkward', no word of a lie

    I became the biggest fan of Ashley Rickards, I even bought her book, which is just as good as her acting. I found that relating to Jenna in the show, made me think like she did about certain things happening in my own life, and even though I am fully aware that this is only a TV show, something about her character really got to me and it's like I had to keep watching to find the answers I apparently needed.

    The road Jenna and Matty go on is a perfect summation of how high school feels at the time your experiencing it. It feels like everything you do or say is the be all or end all and that any action or comment will define who you will be come. Obviously, in the real world, we become less dramatic with age. But this show really hits the nail on the head with all the crazy emotions that hit you during high school. Tamara, Jake and Sadie just top off the perfect casting sundae.

    Truly, I have no legitimate reason for dedicating the better apart of my spare time to watching this show. You would think it's just a tad below my age group, but really, it's not at all.

    It is by far the most entertaining, addictive, exciting and thrilling show on TV at the moment and I encourage any and all late teen and 20-somethings to take the time to watch it.

    I found a sudden respect for others and myself just by simply being a vegetable for a week. There's some shows you just watch and others you watch and learn, and this show is that for me. It's hilarious and gobsmackingly good. Just watch it people!
  • Next to finding Atlantis and the Loch Ness monster, one of the great Quests in our modern age has been the quest for the zippy, perky, well-written, teen-slash-highschool comedy.

    Every year we get at least one, sometimes many.

    T'was ever thus, this trend (believe it or don't) actually goes back to the 60s. And used to have a lot more beach scenes. And someone called Dobie Gillis.

    The bottom line however remains the same: the two best feature films ever done in this genre were Ferris Bueller and Easy A. (With honorable mention to Mean Girls with the Fantastic Ms Fey).

    As for the other pretenders, this reviewer has been steadfast in observing the failings of the dozens of other wannabees, even at the risk of encouraging erstwhile fans into monkey-hammering the "not useful" button.

    And then, out of nowhere, comes this zippy little number offering some of the sharpest writing to grace the small screen in years. If you are a music student, you know that every piece of music has its own beat and cadence. It either works or it does not.

    Writing is the same. It works or it doesn't. Here the writers know their craft and the episodes are generally fun, frothy, and contain unexpected gems.

    Great series. Hard candy shell and all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is just so funny, in my opinion. It has so many things that other TV shows are missing. Starting with bleeped swearing when it's not a reality show. I love Jenna. I can totally relate to her, and Sadie, is just such a bitch, but I'm glad. It's the way the character should be. "You're welcome" is the line I wait for in every single episode. I just can't wait for it. I love the men in this show, they just do such a great job, don't get me wrong, so do the women. This show is pretty much about a high school girl named Jenna. She receives a note saying some very horrible things, and then everyone thinks she tried to kill herself, which she didn't. She hooked up with the "it boy" Matty, and can't tell anyone about it, since he's the most popular guy in school. This show mixes comedy with drama with seriousness with bleeped swearing.

    Overall, I give this episode a 7 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was bored and saw this show on Amazon Prime so I gave it a go. I'm in no way uptight about nudity or cursing or sex on TV, but I found a lot of stuff in this show disturbing and sometimes creepy, mostly because they brush it off like it always happens or is expected to happen these days, which isn't true in most cases. They took topless photos of a minor in the locker room and texted them to all the students and even posted poster size topless photos of the girl all over school and other than the girl being embarrassed it was pretty much brushed off as run-of-the-mill bullying, no one even got suspended. In real life people would be doing jail time for that and I'm sure no school staff would allow nude posters to be posted all over. One of the girl's moms hears about a party they're going to and loves the idea so much she buys them a bag of booze, tells them how to get drunk without being sick, and drops them off at the party with a nice story about how she was basically gang raped by seven guys after she passed out when she was their age and lost her panties that night. In one scene there's a bunch of HS kids in a hot tub making out and one girl is asking "who wants to make out with me?! ANYONE??" I went to many parties when I was in HS and never saw anything like that. And yes, I know everyone probably has a HS slut, but usually even those sluts only "dated" a select group of individuals. My point is all these topics on this show just seem glossed over like no big deal, no consequences, no one ever gets into trouble, even for criminal acts. Very weird. Other than that the acting is pretty good, story lines are about average.
  • Maybe I'm just young but the jokes in this show have me laughing out loud. The story might not be the newest but the modern take is on key. I feel like I'm watching a reality show at my old high school except with in depth thoughts and so much more humor. My new favorite show! I just wish the episodes were faster! I have to make this longer so ill go into how i enjoy the realistic language used in the show. They used cursing how it would really be used in conversation instead of some 70 year old writer trying to through the F word into a teen conversation and not knowing where to start. The writers for this show are clearly young or willing to do the research on today's pop culture and what its like in the world today. Great show, Gonna watch it to the end.
  • It's probably one of the best T.V. shows since Dawson's Creek. I'm not sure if I love it because of the amazing actors, or the amazing story lines. But I'm pretty sure it has a whole lot to do with Beau Mirchoff and his beauty, I mean the mean is gorgeous! Season 1 was amazing, I loved every single minute of every episode. And the same goes for season 2, however, the fact that Matty and Jenna aren't together was pretty upsetting, but it's still amazing. If there was a word to top the word amazing, that is what the show would be. All of the actors are amazing, and they all play their characters so well, and I absolutely love that character played by Desi Lydic, she makes it so funny, everything about her character is amazing. EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW.
  • such a great show.. its good to show teens that having a lot of sex, drinking constantly and cheating is normal behavior.. seriously what the hell is wrong with Mtv and the writers?! would the show be that much worse if you didn't show teens drinking every chance they get.. or the consequences.. i realize the only parents in this show act like teenagers too but for them to not be worried about drinking and sex at all shows how stupid the writers are..

    my kids will never watch mtv, and it seems like thats the direction they are going in.. to make the world a far worse place than it already is.. F u mtv
  • Does it even need spoilers?

    I could not even finish the second episode. It is just brain numbingly stupid... Stupid isn't a strong enough word. Its all the wrong things with popular culture put into one "good" show.

    Made me question IMDb's voting system. Made me question how on earth dialogues between teenagers that young come across as normal and how awful parents and parenting could be. I'm saying this just from the 1.5 episodes I tried to watch, feeling disgusted by the end of it.

    I have some finishing thoughts; it's demoralizing, waste of time and intelligence and if you have the time to watch this go read a book instead... or do your homework if you are a teen. Educate yourself. Don't watch this.

    I hope IMDb has a good reason for voting it so high but if there were a vote possible it would be -10 for me. Really disappointed with the vote it got from here.
  • This show is actually really impressive for two reasons: how awesome the first two seasons are, and how the writers managed to milk the same source of drama for 40+ episodes after that. Sheesh.

    The best way to salvage this show S3 & beyond is to fall in love with the side characters and then fast forward anytime Jenna is alone or with her love interest. She really becomes a blackhole of a character.

    There is something magical about the show though. It's not preachy or gimmicky. The writers also weren't afraid to offend and I think humor needs that freedom to be great. The show is at its best when it's focusing on comedy. Ally + Sadie were a deadly hilarious combo.

    There are a lot of female characters, and it's great to get their perspective on things. However, I find it troubling that so much of the show later heavily revolved around sex and dating, and If the girls weren't talking about boys they were gossiping about each other. Men are the real romantics.

    Speaking of which, I suppose I overstayed my welcome because I was so impressed by how much I had in common with Jake Rosati, and was interested in his character development. I'm quite happy with his final arc in the last season. It was very close to perfect.

    "Awkward." really did make me laugh, and taught me a lot. But when it stopped being as funny as it used to, I do wish it got smarter.

    I think I might catch the first two seasons again in a few years. Dead Stacy Lives. You're welcome.
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