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  • Warning: Spoilers
    First let me disclose I am not a Christian, nor even religious, but I find the subject extremely interesting. I considered myself fair and balanced and wouldn't rate a movie poorly simply because I didn't like or agree with the "message" or a particular actor, etc.

    The really high ratings seem to be focused on the "message" or topic rather than the movie itself. I watched the movie hoping for something along the lines of "The Man from Earth (2007)", not so much for controversial ideas but at least something thought provoking. The movie missed the mark on so many levels it's shameful.

    Other negative reviews have already touched on many of the cinematic issues, from acting, dialogue, music score and even continuity, so I won't rehash those. While those issues were hard to take at times, the core of the movie was simply poorly developed.

    The movie portrayed the believers, and non-believer (truthfully there was only one), as one dimensional, simplistic and not very intelligent. Intelligent people would have asked serious and rather profound questions, this lot didn't ask any. At best the questions were singular, simplistic and dropped after a simple response from Jesus.

    Overall the movie can be summed up as: Jesus loves you, no one can love you more than Jesus, if you blindly love Jesus you'll live eternally in peace and love in Heaven, and if you don't blindly follow Jesus you will burn in Hell. The message might be what some want to hear, but the journey the movie took to get there was empty and not worth the effort.
  • When I initially saw the beginning of the movie I was not impressed until I stopped and paid attention to the storyline. The setting was one in which a girl is walking on a remote road and looking to catch a ride as cars are passing and a storm with lightning and heavy rain is quickly approaching. The key players are those that pass her on the remote road, as well as the one girl who is prompted by a voice to pick her up. The story unfolds with the players about five or six ending up at a road crossing where a police officer stops them because of a possible washout of the road. They are turned back and all end up at a diner that was not supposed to be at the location. In any event, they all enter and encounter a person named Jesus. Lives and legacies are unveiled in a unique way making application of the Biblical scriptures as well as modern concepts like what it would be to encounter the savior. The story as well as the approach is very thought provoking and leads a person to consider their life and the events of their life in an effort to make a decision for Christ. I have enjoyed a lot of movies, Christian and non-Christian. By far this is one of the best written, staged and acted movies I have seen. It is well worth the time to see it and a great tool for sharing how life takes us down a variety of avenues. I would add that the movie really should be viewed with an open mind to see what the message and points are. It is not a heavy action flick…just a thought provoking hear-felt movie that is well worth the time.
  • So I looked at the New arrivals on Netflix and saw the title. I thought it was maybe a horror movie so I loaded it and waited but what I got was a really really good movie that touched me and made me feel good and wanting to be better. It's a movie that needs to be on TV, Hulu, and anywhere possible. I enjoyed it and I do believe in God and Jesus and not ashamed to say it. I do not go to church weekly but I have him in my heart and my family believes in him.

    Many out there will make negative comments about this movie and that is there right but it is also my right to praise the movie and the message it gives to all. Too much hate goes on in the world and this movie reminds you whether you like it or not that there is good if we can find it in ourselves to make it good. I hope you will give it a chance I think you will be surprised if you believe and maybe if you don't you will be touched.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Who wrote that script? The Christian I Know Everything About God Monopoly? I cannot go into details without spoiling the movie, so in a few words I would characterize it as a hardcore medieval Christian ideology filmed in a US country dinner. A non violent, calm, pure propaganda movie. A person with a tiny bit philosophical attitude towards life will find it very disturbing. This movie tries to explain human problems in a theological-Christian way. God knows everything, can do anything, Has a plan for everyone, but His cryptonite is our free will. Suffering exists for our evaluation and improvement as if God could not find a more pedagogical way to teach His creation. Nations wipe out other nations in order to punish sin. And most important of all - I think that this a new one, if you are related to a person, who is special to God. - yes even God has His favorites - then He will make extra efforts for your salvation.
  • I feel terrible that I wasted my time to start watching the movie because the rating was very high. Apparently, a bunch of super Christians rate this movie super high only because of the simplistic biblical content. But even if you don't care about the message of this movie, then every single piece of this movie is an insult to cinema. Actors are horrible, sound effect/soundtracks are very annoying, sound even changes suddenly through a single dialogue, and so on. It would be only acceptable as an introduction to cinema class project. I feel stupid for not reading what the movie is about before watching it only because the ratings were high! So bottom line, if you want to brainwash a kid with Christian propaganda or you go to church every Sunday and rate yourself higher than 9/10 on believer/non-believer spectrum, then have fun but for GOD's sake don't rate this movie high.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    WOW! i totally loved this movie. Its about a bunch of strangers all meeting in a diner and being served by God. The movie is an eye opener for sure and is a must see for believers and those new the faith or seeking answers alike. The man behind the counters wears a Jesus name tag and calls everyone by name and knows intimate details of their past, present and even future. I thought the acting and dialogue was great - not too over the top or extra dramatic.

    In the mix we have a couple where the wife wants to leave her husband, a runaway teen girl, a woman driving 400 miles to meet her boyfriend and potential fiancé and a rich restaurant franchise owner played by WCW wrestling champ - Sting!

    The state trooper that stops the people midway (saying the road is flooded/damaged) and sends them to the diner - we learn later is Officer De Ville or Devil. The Devil ultimately claims Sting since he chooses to not accept god's love and grace and follows foolishly after the devil to his death.

    The important take out is that God is ever watching and is always looking to talk to us through that lil voice in our heart and mind.
  • 1 November 2016: I saw this movie twice, yesterday and once three years ago. The cast is good, the story line is good. God is a Holy Spirit and God came in human form as Jesus Christ (Yeshua) to forgive us, save us and die for us.

    My two favorite actors playing Jesus Christ / Yeshua is Diogo Morgado and Bruce Marchiano. Bruce does a good job as Jesus an ordinary man, who is proved to be Not ordinary.

    I liked this movie from start to finish. I was happy that near the end, Jesus finally showed a bit of power over Satan in the café when Satan after convincing "Steve Borden as Nick Crusher Crushetti to follow him, Satan said "that's one for me." In a flicker Jesus lets Satan know who is still in control and who has the power.

    Jaci Velasquez and the rest of the cast is fairly okay. The best supporting cast was actor, Jaime Nieto and actress Dinah Williams.

    I give this movie two thumbs up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I did not go into viewing The Encounter thinking it had the potential to be a cinematic masterpiece; in fact I was thinking the exact opposite. In that regard I was definitely not disappointed. To say that the characters in this film are one-dimensional is an overstatement: we are dealing with bland stereotypes that barely fill out a dimension. We have the rich jerk (played by wrestler Sting), the attractive young woman who wants to marry her boyfriend, the married couple about to split up with a spineless, henpecked husband and overbearing wife and a young runaway who comes from an abusive, drug-addled home. Oh, we also have Jesus as a diner owner and The Devil/Satan as a cop.

    These five people find themselves in Jesus' diner and the Big J informs them all that he wants them to follow Him and go to Heaven in lieu of the alternative. The only insight into any of these characters that we get is told to us by Jesus with the exception of I believe three short flashback scenes. We are really not given any reason whatsoever to care what happens to these people.

    Questions, and good ones arise through the film, such as why would an all-powerful, all-loving being order the ancient Jews to commit genocide against the Canaanites or for that matter allow a drunken step-father to molest his wife's child. The answers provided by Jesus, who comes off as creepy in this film in a serial killer way, leave a lot to be desired.

    At one of more ridiculous moments in the movie Officer DeVille (the Devil, duh) comes in and tells the patrons the road is safe while Jesus tells them it is not. Jesus and DeVille start to argue and at one point JC channels his inner Darth Vader and uses his Jedi Powers to choke DeVille. I wish I was joking.

    The acting is poor, the plot is paper thin and the dialog is uber preachy. 90 minutes pass by like 90 hours and I would encourage anyone, be they Christian or not, to avoid this dreck.
  • First of all I find it unsettling that there are some who attack people's ratings of this movie because of a failure to meet a cinematic standard they want to see in a movie or others beliefs as Christians. We're suppose to rate the movie, not peoples ratings or their beliefs.

    This is a low budget film, of course it's not going to be on the same level as a major Hollywood blockbuster. But what it lacks in that is made up in the content of the film. The actors chosen for this film are perfect for their roles.

    What I enjoyed about The Encounter is the reality of Jesus who knows everybody and how he intervenes and reaches out even when they don't know he is there. The concept of meeting him at a diner I found to be brilliant, making him personable and real. It's put a fresh new perspective of him in my life and how simple it is to reach out back to him.

    This is a different Christian movie than most others and really refreshing. It really showed the reality of the choices we are faced with and the consequences, both good and bad of those choices, and the constant battle between good and evil.

    If you're a Christian, you'll love this movie, if you're not, it's definitely worth giving it a chance because believe it or not, this movie shows a real side of Jesus you won't find anywhere else. It succeeds in showing how real and approachable Jesus really is. There are much worse things you could waste your time watching.

    I would have given it a 10 except that there were times the camera shook, like the camera man either moved the tripod or the shot was hand held. Even for a low budget film, camera shake is really not acceptable.
  • The premise is intriguing, but from the beginning,this was clearly Hallmark card territory.

    We're introduced to some stock characters: the Couple That Have Grown Apart, the Sad But Tough Runway, the Materialistic Businessman, the Woman Who Settles for Less.

    Spooky music tells us that something is afoot as the rain pummels them in their cars (except for the runaway, who is hitch-hiking). A washed-out bridge leaves them stranded together in a diner run by none other than Jesus.

    Jesus freaks them out by serving only water to drink, but food is another matter. Cue Arlo Guthrie: You can get anything you want at Jesus's restaurant. Jesus knows what you want, both on the plate and out of life. He preaches Joel Olstein Lite. The characters exchange dialog out of a "How To Witness to Unbelievers" comic book.

    That's where I lost interest and stopped watching.

    Hallmark Channel fans, and readers of "Chicken Soup for the Soul," will probably enjoy this. Those looking for meatier fare won't find it in this diner.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ...if so, it's an interesting little piece.

    First things first though: It's shot on video, the production values aren't great, but there's some nice interior shots when we're introduced to the diner, and some good use of lighting (though for the most part it's a little bright - yet that may be intentional on the director's part, in an attempt to convey an atmosphere of honesty and truth being shone on each character's circumstances).

    The dialogue roams between realistic conversation and very formalised speech, never quite settling in one place - which has the unfortunate effect of reminding the audience that we are watching a film, but we are usually brought back into the suspension of disbelief in the next moment, so there's a general flow to the story.

    The premise is simple; several strangers meet in a 'last chance diner' where a mysterious and all-knowing owner talks to them about their lives - a theme that could easily have been ripped straight from 'The Twilight Zone', which the dialogue acknowledges with a knowing nod. And any fan of that series can pretty much guess at a lot of what happens.

    So this is where we get to the actual 'message' of the film, which seems to be not only an evangelistic tool but also a meditation for actual Christians, because it not only looks at those outside the flock, but also spends some time addressing believers - and the themes it touches on range from dysfunctional marriage, infidelity, abortion, child abuse, and addiction all the way to mass genocide in the Old Testament - and when I say 'touches on', I mean it - there's a very light touch given to each of these questions, for which some might accuse the work as being over-simplistic.

    Yet the fact that the director has chosen to cover them at all, is to his credit - all of them quandaries in which the Church has been in debate with secular society for many years.

    And in recognising that his audience will range from young teens to mature adults, he has attempted to give answers to all these questions as gently as an apologist may - so that everyone who watches his film will have some measure of satisfaction no matter how delicate or jaded their sensibilities are.

    This is to be especially felt within the arguments one of the more troubled characters have with *SPOILER* Jesus (for yes, it is he - a fact that's made clear a little too soon into the film), for this more harried soul has much to contend with God about, being a survivor of abuse and suicidal depression. Not to mention the interesting dynamic between a self-proclaimed 'self-made' man who credits all his achievement to pride.

    But at this, I'll have to refrain from much more detail lest I spoil some of the story, save to say that I think this film is worth watching, if only for the insight into how Christians think about the world and what they believe God wants you to know about.

    This is by no means a perfect film, but it's fascinating for all of the above reasons, so I recommend you take a look.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    By thunder! That... was... so... beautiful! ^_^ What a little movie with a lot of heart! This movie *deserves* more attention; we gotta increase the DVD sales, or iTunes, rentals of this film!

    Okay, so we all know the most popular Jesus movie is "Passion of the Christ", but I think even THIS film is pretty wonderful rendition of what Christ is truly like! I even would promote this film to Mel Gibson to watch!

    And I can see it's only garnered enough ratings as much as if it were an episode of the TV series "Supernatural". It DESERVES much more recognition!

    I mean, WOW...what a powerful film, POWERFUL! I can't believe I missed out on this for several years!! I actually saw it through YouTube, but what it would've been like to see it in a huge screen in a church with hundreds of people, or see it in a regular theater... What I got was really, really good flick that touched me and made me feel good and wanting to be a better person. It is not a heavy-action flick; just a thought-provoking heart-felt movie that is well-worth the time.

    I wanted to show it to my family, but a lot of them seem quite spontaneously & unnecessarily oversensitive about movies on YouTube and "stealing" and "copyright" at the moment, making the situation mooch more complicated than it really is. So much so it's really gotten aggravating & depressing. The Internet is free! YouTube is free! If an underrated Christian film is on it, hurrah! Praise be to God through the uses of the Internet we can spread this amazing information around!

    In hindsight of the film, many important questions, many important issues, many important misunderstandings, and much important encouragement was addressed in this motion picture, and congrats to Bruce Marchiano for doing an AMAZING JOB being the same joyous, earthy, smiley, understanding and personal Jesus even with a sense of humor, just like he was in the "Visual Bible: The Gospel of Matthew" series (which we still own on VHS too), the one I saw growing up. Yes, and I believe there's reason for that interpretation, because Christ *is* a personal God, all about relationship, not religion. Jesus came not so people would be more "religious", but that they may have LIFE!

    And I like how in the story's context of how Jesus is just a simple cook & waiter in a small diner, even in the middle of nowhere, and is not someone "begging for attention" - that's truly an amazing way of how "personal" of a God He truly is. He's not all LIGHTS, CAMERAS, SPOTLIGHT, PAPARAZZI, HYPE, HYSTERIA, etc. No, He doesn't need any of that, nor should we. If it's really our own passion and zeal to work hard for those sorts of things, so be it. But it is only temporary; having riches and eternal life with Christ in Heaven, and wanting to share that great news with everyone else around you is something MUCH more worth of eternal value.

    This film is not only a truly ANOINTED one, but also a *much-needed* one in this day and age of a corrupted Hollywood, and a truly ANOINTED one at that! :-)

    And I give this movie credit for introducing me to wrestling champion "Sting" (Steve Borden) - he did a really good job, playing the complex, arrogant, prideful businessman. Though, maybe I would have preferred either Stephen Baldwin or Jensen Ackles to play him (who are ALSO Christian actors) - since maybe I think their popularity would've bumped up this movie's hype a bit more.

    However, if there is a real down side to this movie, I would say I wish we could've seen a few more miracles done by Jesus (I just wanted to see more); at the ending I was kind of wanting Melissa to go back and give Jesus a BIG HUG before they all left the diner (kinda like one of the Ten Lepers in the Bible who remembered). I mean, the only person who really touched Jesus was Nick when he grabbed Him! Probably just been nice to give Jesus a NICE body gesture after that one.

    I also now wish this film had addressed and dealt with the BLASPHEMY issue, because that is one hallmark of Hollywood movies that REALLY ticks me off. And if I was one of the collaborative script writers on the movie, I would've probably added another line to that scene where Jesus is talking about "People who steal" and "people who hop from bed to bed," being which, "They use My Name in vain when I Am the one who has given them life, and breath, and everything they have." I think that would've said a lot. But I digress

    Honestly I can say THANK YOU, David A. R. White, PureFlix, AND God, for creating this miracle of a film!


    PS: Want to see another film that has the same concept about if Jesus dwelt amongst modern-day people?? See the film "Joshua" (2002)!
  • I rated this movie an honest 4. The only reason it has such a high score rate is because 90% of the Earth's population believe in God and more than 2 billion in Jesus. But if you're a atheist or agnostic you should skip this one because it's nothing more than a cinematographic summarization of the Bible, including the naive, child-appropriate story telling, fight between God and the devil and so one. Bad acting, bad directing, scripting, effects and everything related to cinematographic art is bad. The way the main character talks will remind you of a very passionate priest or pastor or Jehovah's Witnesses on a Sunday morning. The only thing I liked was the initial idea: a horror-like movie where you gather a bunch of people in a diner on a bad weather and things happen... but despite a classic film where people die in terrible pain and horror, this time only good and wonderful things take place. But besides that, there is no action, no story line, the characters are weak and flat, the ideas and philosophy are STRICTLY religious and the dialog disputes "don't stay in court". As an agnostic, I always like a good religious dispute but I was deeply disappointed this time. If you have one chance to face God what questions will you ask him? I have a bunch of them prepared and ready but non were heard in this film, nothing to upset the All Mighty, nothing to make the watcher think more than she/he should. If the biblical dialogs were more elevated and smart it would have made a good religious documentary. If you would take the whole religion idea out, it could have been a good movie.
  • I watched this movie. Then I re-watched it. Then I watched it again -- 3 times in one week! It's a simple story done on a low budget, with no big action or special effects. Yet I found it so captivating.

    I'm quite taken with the depiction of Jesus here - it's spot-on to the way I've envisioned him for years -- NOT as some unrelatable, mysterious, stoic dude in robes as depicted in so many Jesus movies. Here we have him as he really is: omniscient, loving, genuine, earnest, wise, and concerned. Yet not a pushover, and authoritative when he needs to be. And totally unflappable even by overt hostility.

    Beyond that, I thought everyone else's acting was generally pretty good. And the story delved into several complex issues that have come up in debates for many years, and it handled them really well. So overall, I was very encouraged by this movie and highly recommend it.
  • One of the people who commented on this page really knocked the movie. Don't be persuaded by that review. This person clearly has an ax to grind somewhere and has a problem more with "Jesus" himself rather than the movie. My wife and I enjoyed the film so much, that we ordered a few additional copies and my parents did also after watching it. We are going to give them to others whom we know need the encouragement. Trust me, you will be encouraged and challenged. Our young daughter loved the movie also. Our family is on a "journey" right now as my mother was diagnosed with cancer back a year ago. Life has a completely new perspective to us and understanding the true love of Jesus for us in this "fractured world" is one of the biggest keys to finding hope, faith, trust and joy in the midst of the battles that we are each facing.

    I encourage you to watch this movie. I honestly expect that you will not be disappointed at all in this movie. I really believe it will touch your heart in a very special way.

    I feel a little bit bad for the person who rated this film with only 1 star and really knocked this movie. We can't be mad at him, but we need to understand that it is up to us as Christians to represent Jesus well, not be hypocrites, stand for the truth, and above all love people with the type of Love that Jesus desires us to share.

    Each person is entitled to their thoughts, but you can easily tell when someone is storing hurt and bitterness in their hearts - such as in the review from the person who did not like this movie.

    Enjoy. I expect that after you watch this movie, you too will think of those whom you would like to share this with.

  • elwissg6 December 2011
    As a reborn Christian, I highly recommend this movie. If you are still uncertain about taking that next step to having a relationship with Jesus or don't understand what he is about, I highly recommend to watch this movie. It will help you understand more. It takes you through the heart of Jesus and makes you understand what he is all about. I glad to see Sting in this movie. He is also a reborn Christian. He did a great job (And I must admit,he was pretty funny in some scenes too.) in the movie. I myself after watching this movie clearly understand that to believe in Jesus, you must have faith, love, strong within and loyalty. To be open and honest as well. Open your heart to this movie and you won't regret it.
  • marhuba17 September 2011
    This movie was better than I expected after looking at the reviews and the message it told was one that we all need to hear. It really touched me, and I think it will you too! Too many times people do not hear the call of God or see how he is working in their life, but this movie serves as a good reminder of that. This movie tells a message many people need to hear and I hope that after people see it they will share the message. To me it showed how Jesus is always reaching out to us and offering us the Love we are looking for and we only have to accept it and follow him. I will say that it seems like it was a low budget movie but I think they did the best they could with what they had and it worked.
  • I have read a few reviews that wonder how Jesus could serve up all the food anyone wanted but only serve water to drink. I think it's because he promised the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4)that he would give her "Living Water" and she would never be thirsty again. The Lord was comparing the filling with the Holy Spirit being like a spring of living water inside. She misunderstood the meaning of His statement and changed the subject to get the focus off of her life and on to something else. He gently flopped it back into her lap.

    The movie in my opinion was scripturally sound and offered the Lord an opportunity to answer some of the real tough questions that many unbelievers and believers have. Most of the guests did give him a hard time when the spotlight was shined on them and their problems were brought into the conversation.

    This is absolutely a "must watch" movie. One last thing. I also read several comments about the acting being "B" acting etc. Who cares? The acting was fine if the watcher would concentrate more on the substance and less on the fact that these people are not the "Big Shots" who run Hollywood.
  • I have to say in full disclosure that I'm a Wiccan and not a Christian, so my review won't be colored by the subject matter.

    The acting in this film was mediocre at best. The "Jesus" in this movie was much more heavy-handed than the Jesus I remember reading about in the Bible. Also, I have a hard time imagining Jesus making someone's car not start just so he is part of a "captive audience".

    My other beef was how easily "Jesus" became an apologist for the Old Testament genocides. (Hint: when Bronze Age warlords burned villages to the ground, they usually gave God the credit afterward). The Jesus of the Bible, being a quasi-socialist pacifist, is unlikely to have approved of the rampant murder of whole populations whose only crime was worshiping God in a different way.

    This was a pretty unspectacular Christ story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A movie with eternal ramifications. Yes, some things were not great (like the driving shots in the beginning where you could see the trees were not moving) I would love to see this done as a play for a Church out reach. Some might think it preachy, but they might be the "crusher" type.

    The film deals with a lot of difficult topics that our finite brains just cannot get around. Marriage trouble, abuse, loneliness, fear, anger, and pride are all touched on. The viewer is lead hand in hand to the cross of Christ where they can learn how to find true peace.

    I don't see how someone could leave this film without being changed in one way or another. Keep an open mind while watching.

    Not a big budget film, but a film that is filled with spiritual treasure.
  • Many a times we blessed with Christian movies that take you down a path of character change, showing you the strength of holding on to faith and never letting go.

    With movies like Facing the Giant and Fireproof, these movies touched the lives of many by setting for them examples in which they could follow but The Encounter is different. The movie just deals on remembrance, here is a movie that the main Character is Jesus himself (played by Bruce Marchiano) and all his is trying to do is to make people remember that he has always been with them and to make them understand that all that they have been facing in life was leading to this moment, where he will call them to live the darkness and come into the light.

    The movie does star Jaci Velasquez, who is a notable Pop and Gospel singer, I actually expected mediocrity from her but I have to say that her acting was quite good enough for me to respect and say that was not bad. Also in the movie is the wrestler Sting (Steve Borden), who has publicly declared that he is a Born Again Christian. Sting who has already had many acting experience his acting was in a way head over shoulders above everyone.

    But the Character that gets your smile is the man who played Jesus (Bruce Marchiano) he did a good job his smile was just beautiful.

    The movie plot is about 5 people all heading down a road way when a storm caused them all to divert and stay in a diner, where they met a man who claimed he was Jesus. His claim stood as he was able to tell each one intimate secret about them. The 5 people were: 1. Kayla, who is a runaway teenager that Hank refused to pick even after he heard a still small voice telling him to. 2. Hank, who is a God fearing Christian but he allows his wife to take control of his life and his marriage 3. Catherine, who is Hank's wife, she is a controlling lady that wants to leave Hank and chase after something she will never have 4. Melissa, who was heading to go see her boyfriend, hoping to receive a proposal, she too is a born again Christian like Hank and she obeyed the voice and picked up Kayla. 5. Nick, he is a self made millionaire who doesn't want to have anything to do with God.

    Like most Christian movies the antagonist is the devil. The movie did have some flaw in the cinematography area, but you do have to cut them some slack, as most Christian movie makers have to source for finances independently, but that is not saying that what is worth doing is not worth doing well. The cinematography is a low 4/10.

    What can I say, a good Christian movie to me is one which I am able to learn something from, here I learned that all sin has their root in pride and that God has placed in front of us the path of love and worship and the degree which we can experience this love is the degree in which we are willing to bend to his will.
  • First of all, we watched "The Encounter" without knowing what it was about. We were basically just looking for a film to watch before we fell asleep, something not too challenging. This film was excellent. It held our attention the entire time. The acting was superb, not cheesy with bad sound and worse dialogue like some of the other Christian movies we've watched in the past. The film gracefully and unashamedly tackles some of the really hard questions Christians face with answers that are refreshingly genuine. We were left with lots of food for thought, and afterward we had a very lively discussion about several of the points raised in the film. We shared it with one of our adult children, who was intrigued and plans to watch it as well. I would wholeheartedly recommend this film for all age groups. Finally, it was also very funny in some parts. We laughed out loud, and you will too.
  • Horrible. Production quality is OK. The movie would be better as a play... in a church. I am a Christian but this movie is all I hate about Christian productions. Zero subtlety. Other people can get their point across through careful character development instead of such obvious church propaganda. Why can't Christians who have God to give inspiration do the same? Diner owner named Jesus? Really? Only serving water? Then he gets right into the weirdness and creepy behavior and bad duologue and quotes from the Bible. I am so depressed after watching 10 minutes of this. Please some Christian should make a movie for people with a brain.
  • Let me start by saying there are no 'hidden' messages in this movie. Everything is out in the open, from 5 minutes into the movie. I really hadn't expected that and it kind of lowered my expectations for a few moments, but I'm pleased to say that this in no way ruined the movie. It was actually kind of refreshing.

    I don't think I would have chosen the actor who played Jesus, but he did a very good job just the same. There were some very good questions asked of him by the prideful character named 'crusher', about how a loving God could let so much pain and hurt go on. The answers may not satisfy the critics, but that's probably because God doesn't work the way we do.

    This movie does an excellent job at revealing God's love for each of us and how he moves in each of our lives, whether we believe or not. A must see.
  • **Possible Spoiler Alert** Some reviews say this movie stinks... that the characters are flat, etc. However, what I think is that this movie is like an "Unplugged" album in music. It is stripped down intentionally to get the message to the viewer.

    I think it is really FUNNY how many negative - I mean RABID REVIEWERS - have submitted their tantrums in lieu of a review of this movie. What the movie is about is disclosed in the movie description. GROW UP - Jesus still loves you no matter what you say about him.

    They are like the real-life Officer Deville from the movie. Trying to keep others away from the simple, family friendly message shared in this movie.

    I personally loved this movie. Quiet, simple, and straightforward. Love Marchiano's performance.
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