The clock on the wall in the diner never changes because time "stands still" during the encounter.

Steve Borden's character was openly opposing Jesus and religion. In real life Borden is a devout Born-Again Christian.

The man getting waited on at the very end, in the outdoor restaurant, is the director of the film, David A.R. White.

Bruce Marchiano, who played Jesus, previously played Jesus in the Visual Bible series of the Book of Matthew.

The song played near the beginning of the movie as the guests arrive at the diner is "Hora De Llorar", by Truly Lover Trio. Translated from Spanish to English, the song title means "time to cry".

As the characters are leaving the diner, one can read on the door "Breakfast Served Anytime". This is a neat reference to the food (analogous to salvation by His grace) that Jesus had offered to all the strangers in the diner. If the strangers accepted the food, they would have broken their (spiritual) fast.

Officer Deville's name is a pun, as the letters to spell Devil are within it. This is realized by the principal characters at the end of the movie when one of them spell it out and stops after the first L when realizing who he really was.