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  • wburns347 April 2015
    Bollynickers is an idiot and doesn't know what they're talking about, check out the other reviews by this person. They have NO clue as to what goes into making movies and if they had been involved with this one, maybe they would appreciate the blood,sweat and tears that went into it. This was a low budget movie with some quality casting that did a fine job with what they had to work with. Even the Union thought this movie was way in excess of what should be achieved on this budget as they tried to shut it down (one of the first films EVER that they walked away from with nothing as the producer was also very honest with the book-keeping). The writer was also the producer and director and so had to work 3 times as hard to bring to the screen what was in all honesty adapted from a very badly written and indulgently self published book. I was part of this movie and was on set everyday and saw the crap that the director had to put up with. 80+ cast and crew members are proud of the work they did. OK you didn't like the story, do your research before leaving such negative reviews, check out the budget, check out the locations, study the photography, try to appreciate what was done with so little. Look for the writer/directors other credits, i.e. The Courage to Love , all the TV work. There are also years of ghostwriting which can't be listed on here, TV shows, books, movies, scripts.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know who this writer is (I haven't seen anything else she's written), but I believe that she produced the film herself because it's so poorly written, I can't see anyone else wanting to make the film. I think they wanted to capitalize on the Christian film market, but it rings so heavy-handed and false that the film only adds to the dreck released for a specifically Christian audience. Apparently skill and good storytelling is not a prerequisite for Christian films - which should make Christians angry that they're being fed garbage.

    The dialogue is so trite, the plot lines are obvious, and clearly the writer did no real research on how the US Marhsall Service works when it comes to Witness Protection.

    I watched the film because I love Ed Asner. Did he take the film because he owed the producer? Is he hurting for money? Save yours and don't bother with this terrible film. You'll be demanding your money back from Amazon.