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  • Just the laugh and applause track alone kills this putrid ripoff of that beloved '60s TV series, while casting charmless Penthouse Pet Shawna Lenee in the Barbara Eden title role completes the debacle. Yes, another point of pride for porn's most overrated of all time (MOOAT) director Braun.

    Imitation as flattery: No. A steal: Yes. The flat TV lighting, pastel color scheme and overacting in search of stale laughs (co-star Alec Knight is the worst offender) all conjure up the sitcom as a futile exercise in nostalgia. Mechanical sex scenes check the boxes, and the bald (no pubic hair) femmes is stunning (apparently these pornographers don't remember the bushes of softcore porn of the late '60s) . Braun even throws in a foot fetish scene for Carolyn Reese as lightweight dominatrix.

    What saddens me the most about crap like this is that it has replaced honest storytelling in porn, leading to the logical preference of 21st century audiences for all-sex content. Result: Adult erotica: RIP.