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  • Bryani_j23 May 2011
    Really loved this series. So sad it was on 3 episodes. Hope they make another series, really easy watching. I thought the cast was brilliant, the casting of Paul Nichols, heart throb of 90s was great touch. Really easy on the eye. Thought the story lines were good and interesting and can see there is a lot of scope for another series. Jodie Prenger was really good as her first TV acting gig. She was really funny and bubbly and thought she fitted in rally well.Jo Joyner really held the cast together and was weird for her to have northern accent. Fingers crossed they do make a another series as the i think it will go from strength to strength. One of the best TV series of 2011, no doubt about it.
  • ralph259115 April 2011
    I wanted to see how it all panned out and tonight was the 1st of 3. It kept me watching, not to mention that Jo Joyner,Paul Nicholl and Paul Kaye were on my to watch list. Jo Joyner beautiful actress, lights up the screen and always gets teamed with the hunkiest men ever ( I am so envious! lol) but she has got a certain style about her that makes you want to watch from start to finish. Paul Nicholl just adds a spark that makes any screen romance sizzle, who says the UK hasn't got home grown talent think again!

    Paul Kay has played varied characters in his time but every now and then when he comes back he never ceases to amaze.

    I can't wait for the subsequent episodes and the sizzle factor! Thumbs up for the BBC but they have a lot of catching up to do where making episodes last is a factor in making up audience numbers, but then again if Candy Cabs can only last 3 episodes will there really be anything else to keep it and the audience going?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This series had the promise of being a well made drama with some comical parts for extra effect. I do not believe the plot was up to much though.

    To put it blunt, the plot is regarding a taxi firm run by women. One friend died before the series started and not surprisingly everyone is sad about it but they carry on with things. They decided to start the business anyway.

    The deceased lady was separated from her husband but not divorced so he comes back and finds himself as a part owner. The firm is taken to a tribunal over sexism because they would not employ men however the manager was one, wasn't he? That would have been a perfect ending to the case but instead they operated it in a rather lame way which I can't remember now but I'm sure it was something to do with the services they offer to women for their protection and security. I still think my idea for the end was better!

    The other two women didn't like him and wanted him gone but eventually he decided to leave anyway. I can't understand why he was even a part of the business because his wife died before the company was started.

    She had a daughter and she as well as her former best friend would leave messages on her mobile. I find this strange as I lost my own mother and although she never owned a mobile, it is not something I would have done.

    The series also had poor attempts at humour. The show received poor reviews from critics as well. I wonder why?

    I would often find myself dosing off during each episode as they were so lacking in plot, then wake to find that I didn't really miss anything. I'm sorry but there was just not enough plot to fill the episodes and then to top it all there was a rather inconclusive ending whereby a local rival company had also had a women's only segment.

    It was a rather poor ending in itself and a rather rubbish cliffhanger if there were to be another series. My wife was convinced that there was a fourth part because of the ending and she nearly had me convinced.

    The acting and the actors were good but the script was a little mundane. Jo Joyner's glamour was just not enough to keep it going.

    Apart from seeing Jo Joyner partially dressed in some scenes, there was not really much special in the series at all.