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  • I love Disney, and their entertaining and educational sing along series just as much. But I didn't like this one very much. Is it terrible? No. But is it exceptional? To me, also no. The main problem is that I don't like Home on the Range very much in fact Chicken Little is only Disney film that I would put under it, good voice cast, some nice animation, but the story and script are nothing special to me and apart from one or two decent songs it has Alan Menken's most forgettable score. I give this sing along plaudits for the animation being quite good, and the vocals are great. I have to say Little Patch of Heaven and the villain's yodel song are included here and they are the two best songs from the film. I have to say though I much prefer the rootin' tootin' Pecos Bill and Every Cowboy Needs a Horse, and some of the arrangements of the traditional numbers being nice, the best being Farmer in the Dell, though Old MacDonald was inevitable considering the theme but seems rather twee to me now. Other than my mixed feelings on the songs featured and that the main song is from one of Disney's worst, my other gripes were that while the children were spirited some of their actions felt overdone and hammy, and I also don't always think the hosting was always necessary, it slowed down the video for me. Overall, not terrible but not a Sing along I would immediately insert into my video recorder in a hurry in the way Let's Go to the Circus, Zip a Dee Doo Dah and Very Merry Christmas Songs do. 6/10 Bethany Cox