Julia: Coma?

Matt: It's gonna be a hard time, but you need to be brave.

Julia: I don't wanna be brave! I am scared! And I don't want to pretend like I'm not.

Dawn - Nonsex Role: She's in coma, not you. You're doing her no good sitting here, throwing a little pity party for yourself.

Nate: Well, well, well, has Sleeping Beauty have enough beauty sleep? Welcome back to the and of the living.

Nate: Now listen here little lady, you're not dead just yet. God's given you a new lease on life. And you're just staring at the walls pissing it away, Feeling sorry for yourself.

Nate: I'm not so bothered about my leg because, its kinda how I met you.

Theresa: So you're uh, you're going home today?

Nate: C'mon now., why are you so upset?

Theresa: It's sad to see you go is all.*sniffles*