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  • I've watched 'The Rendezvous' the first time last October at the premiere of the Zurich Film Festival, and again a few days ago at a private screening. My impression was confirmed: Yes, it's a small film but one with tremendous reverberation! Indeed, who hasn't experienced it: A date full of hope going wrong. In most cases that's the end of it. The two don't see each other again. Everything deleted, including their Facebook friendship.

    Director Curt Truninger goes one step further in his film: As much as Jackie (a fantastic Eva Birthistle) tries, no spark ignites between her and her date, Michael (Tim Dutton). Instead, slowly they start to demolish each others carefully constructed, illusionary personas. The botched date morphs into a striptease of the soul (german: Seelenstriptease). This is fascinating stuff, as the actors are excellent and the plot well-crafted. Pay close attention to the end…it's important.

    In an interview included in the book 'Adaptation', The Shooting Script, Oscar-winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufmann said about the original screenplay, upon which "The Rendezvous" is based: "You can watch this very simple movie between two characters and, depending on your mood, see different things in it every time".

    After watching 'The Rendezvous' twice by now, I do agree....and by the way: the film is also really funny.
  • "Sometimes left Behind, To Glitter in the Crack of Dawn", an artwork on the wall by New York artist Lawrence Weiner. This is the perfect beginning to this brilliant story within four walls, of two lonely people dancing around one another at their first intimate encounter out of the safety of their familiar office environment. "The Ghost is Dancing with Them"as the music indicates. How true!

    Michael (Tim Dutton) is so uneasy in the beginning that he never lets go of his safe guard to shield off the intimacy of a two-way encounter. He even chooses the most uncomfortable seat within these four walls, but all the time holding on to his shield.

    When Jackie (Eva Birthistle) reads her book to Michael (Timothy Dutton) she appears to be literally consumed and devoured by her inner self, which takes both to another sphere.

    Eva Birthistle and Tim Dutton play the part of the lonely hearts so well that the viewer becomes absorbed to the point that one feels very exposed and sensitive to their situation. You are at times not sure who to feel sympathy for. A first date "gone bad". How many times have we experienced such things or know people that have gone through the same experiences. Comical at moments, and also very uncomfortable, all at the same time. It reaches all emotional levels.

    Love the ending!!!!!! Maybe there is a little glitter in the crack of dawn. A "must see"film.

    A very poignant portrayal by all and brilliant directing and writing. Very effective! Much deserved accolades from the recent Myrtle Beach, SC, Film Festival
  • beachguysc22 May 2012
    I watched The Rendezvous at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. It was definitely my favorite movie of the festival and I believe it won a few awards. The two characters really resonated with me and I could feel old memories resurfacing from awkward dates from long ago. The actors played superbly off each other. The awkward moments between two people were captured very well in the dialog, and the subtle tension that developed was eased in the appropriate moments with comedic relief. I actually laughed for over a minute in one scene. I don't watch many movies twice but I would really love to see this one again when it comes out on DVD or streaming.
  • "The Rendezvous" is a most interesting film! Quite unusual while it does not follow the "main stream" entertainment of monumental action movies. With detailed and impressionable directing and acting as well including great camera work. The four wall "drama" is leading the viewer to an intense story of the two individuals. It shows the loneliness and the problems shared by two people (Eva Birthistle and Tim Dutton) in an every day environment. Portraying their daily lives after work, in a more and more meaningless surrounding. A meaningful story, outstanding acting, interesting shots, make this movie a little masterpiece that leaves a great impression. The story made me contemplate about people that I know and their relationship problems that they are dealing with.

    It is a movie that I will remember and that is worthwhile to go and see and inspires a continuing discussion.

    A well deserved prize received at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, in South Carolina. "The Rendezvous" deserves worldwide recognition.
  • My friends in Montreal wanted to see this movie. I was reluctant at first, but very soon I was enthralled by this story about two lonely singles who try to connect. The evening - a dinner at her loft- drags on as she desperately tries to let him know how attracted she is to him. I didn't know the actors but their performance is breathtaking, especially Eva Birthistle. While on the surface, at first, nothing much happens, and they pretend to be somebody they are not, as the evening progresses, they give away much more about themselves than they wanted. The date ends in a total different way than what you are expecting. And you feel personally very touched. A thought creeps in your mind: That could have been me!
  • After its roaring success in Zurich, this sleeper hit continues to spellbind viewers as it finally arrives in Toronto, the city where it was made but does not take place in. Canadian audiences have been most receptive to this intimate drama, whose charming characters awkwardly reveal their mutual attraction and insecurities, as they try to understand each other's place in the world. Truninger and Ritzmann have cleverly honed in on the flaws of Noonan's original script, bringing a new warmth to the story without sacrificing the promise of dark secrets that linger in the air. One can only hope that this modest yet engaging film will receive the worldwide release that it so clearly deserves.
  • This film is simply a brilliantly crafted artifact that fortunately we still, from time to time, have the opportunity of being exposed to. The story is a simple and woman getting together for the first time.....fear, expectations, first impressions all come to play during a "first date" scenario. The two actors deliver impressive monologues and ultimately blend comedy and drama harmoniously to refined and intelligent small touches ( i.e. the fountain pen that gets left behind allowing the audience to project their own ideas on how the story could continue). Truninger must have worked with a small budget on this film; however, the result confirms that well crafted ideas, great attention to direction and details plus great performances from your cast can and will overcome budgetary restraints every time. I would recommend this film to anyone who still gets pleasure from discovering films off the beaten path; like the banal romantic comedies that Hollywood has accustomed us to.
  • jaktrancer6 November 2018
    Spoiled for me by Tim Dutton's mediocre acting. Never seen him in anything good!