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  • Entourage isn't a very good movie. It's hard to even call it a movie because it's basically Entourage season 9 crammed into an hour and a half theatrical film. It picks up right where the show left off and continues with the same subtle banter humor and Ari Gold proving again why he's one of the best characters ever written. People who haven't seen the show will be confused, or at least bored, with the characters because they really have no development throughout this movie. There are simply too many characters to make a movie like this work. A mini-series? Absolutely. It would've been great to flesh out some of these subplots with multiple episodes. But a feature film? It doesn't quite work.

    The entourage are up to their usual shenanigans. Vince wants to direct a movie, Drama wants to get his acting break, Turtle wants to go out with Ronda Rousey, and E is having a baby with Sloan. Ari's storyline is by far the most engaging. Being a studio head now, everything is riding on Vince's movie to perform well in order to save Ari's (and Vince's) reputation, and in order to do that he needs to get funds from two financiers from Texas - a father-son duo played to perfection by Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment respectively. Oddly enough, I found their scenes to be the most interesting of the movie. Larsen (Thornton) sends his son Travis (Osment) to Hollywood with Ari to see the movie early and to ensure it's worth putting up the extra funds, and Ari LOATHES it. Some of the funniest scenes come from the stress these guys put on Ari and there are a couple classic Ari outbursts. What Thornton and Osment really bring to the movie is a reality check. Larsen only cares about money - he never watches the movies, he's simply an investor, so naturally he and Ari clash when it comes to defending Vince's artistic freedom. It was these moments where Entourage felt more like a movie. There was tension, conflict, and although the Texans are written as the villains, their motives are actually grounded and understandable, especially for a movie as extravagant and gratuitous as this.

    To get the most out of Entourage, it must be seen directly after the show. It feels like the show never skipped a step. The writing is on point, the characters are the ones you know and love from before, and it has even more celebrity cameos (probably the most in any movie ever). I'd love to see an Entourage mini-series if they decide to continue this, but I was perfectly satisfied with this movie granting some closure to the group. There's even a priceless shot of the entourage walking down the red carpet with The Who's "Eminence Front" playing in the background. It's perfect.

    If you've never seen the show and are expecting a standard raunch comedy, then Entourage might fall flat. However, if you want to make the most out of it, watch the show (it's totally worth it) and then the movie, and it will make the experience better by a tenfold. It's an hour and a half of the gang up to their usual antics, and it's a boatload of fun.
  • You probably don't understand the movie or like it if you never watch the series, but if you watched the series you probably love it, is great the last adventure of the gang, so you will enjoy a one last time of entourage in 140 minutes of memories and comedy. If you don't watch the series, you may probably see this movie and don't understand a thing, or maybe you probably don't find it funny, so my advice is very simple, if you watch the full series, you're gonna love it, if you don't you can probably say that this movie is bad, but personally i love it. The movie follow the story and doesn't miss a detail of it. PS: i love Johnny Drama.
  • It's no masterpiece, but they weren't aiming for that. It's for fans of the show who want to see the boys back together. A kind of celebration of Entourage, with cameos all over the place - fun to watch. It's lost some charm of the TV show, but it's still escapism and entertainment.

    It's out of its depth as a movie on the big screen though, but it's better than nothing. It's a good way to wrap the whole thing up. I highly doubt we'll see them ever again.

    This time, there's more money, more girls, and more of everything. I'm giving it 6 out of 10 because it tries to fit too much into 90 minutes which would have taken possibly a whole season otherwise.

    It's clunky and heavy-handed compared with the TV show. The problem with a movie is that we don't get the cliff-hangers we got with each episode. Nor do we get to see details explored in depth. In a movie, everything is compressed into 90 minutes, and it changes the flow to something that doesn't feel right.

    The writing is "safe". It's in 'movie-mode', and there's a formula at work. Again, less charm than the TV show.

    Lastly, the movie that Vince directs, "Hyde" looks like a music video clip not a movie. We see only a small clip, but it looks like a trailer.

    We should have seen more on set of Hyde, with Vince directing. But we don't see much at all because there's too many girls in bikini scenes to get through. They never showed Vince working his magic on set, which I think could have been explored more to gain at least some credibility and rise, even for a moment, above the juvenile materialism.

    Some of the comedy is a bit weak too. But in the end, it's Entourage, so you go along for the ride, and enjoy it even with its flaws.
  • If you were an avid fan of the TV show you will LOVE this movie and be waiting for the next one. Throw in our favorite 4 is back, Ari Gold being well ARI GOLD, an interesting but simple story line and a cameo of guest star appearances from basically everyone Mark Walberg knows or who he has acted with and it works so well!

    The reviews on this page are harsh it is almost like the people were never fans of the series yet expected the movie to be different?!

    Best example I can give, is someone going to watch the Family Guy movie or the Simpson movie, yet hates the series, and is disappointed to find they dislike the movie - SHOCKER!
  • SnoopyStyle30 November 2015
    Vincent Chase is married but his wife walks out on their honeymoon. He decides to have a party and his former agent now Studio boss Ari Gold offers him a big role. He would do it only if he gets to direct. Some time later, the movie is almost done but over budget. Ari Gold is not happy and has to get the money from Texan Larsen McCredle and his son Travis. He's stressed as usual. Lloyd Lee is getting married. E's ex Sloan is having his baby. Vince is hot for Emily Ratajkowski. Turtle is now rich and he fights Ronda Rousey.

    The gang is back and it's the same old, same old. I'm a fan of the TV show but the last few seasons were marking time. The movie has many more cameos. There are probably too many. Ronda Rousey is not necessarily a good actress but she's still better than Emily Ratajkowski. Rousey and Turtle are actually a cute couple. Ari is great as usual and I love his part of the movie. On the other hand, E's melodrama isn't fun. The story isn't quite there. There is not enough good material for a TV episode, let along a whole movie.
  • I was a big fan of the original TV series, although it did go downhill towards the end.

    In essence this feels like the producers are trying to squeeze the last bit of revenue from the franchise before it dies. Without the goodwill from the TV series this film would have gone straight to video and I doubt I would even be reviewing it.

    They have included themes from most Entourage episodes and mashed them into a single thin story. Pointless cameos (Warren Buffet - really?), gratuitous sex and liberal use of bad language add to the impression that the producers have run out of ideas.

    Unimaginative, tired and contrived.
  • The boys pick up right where the series ended and they don't skip a beat. Ari is quick to offer Vince the lead role in his first picture as studio head. Only problem is Vince has decided the next movie he does he also wants to direct. So with the movie going over budget with the boys focus quite a few problems as usual. Plus turtle is now a multi- multimillionaire just thought I should mention that. Now Vince is having problems with the financers of the movie over a girl. Not only does he want drama replaced he also wants Vinny the star and director replaced, are you willing to put anything on the line to stop that. Great for fans only problem I had with it is that it had to squeeze a season worth of material into a half and hour movie. People who have not seen the show will be able to follow along although they will not get many references that people who watch the show will. There was plans to make a sequel and possibly a trilogy but with low box office success that unfortunately may not be the case. Hopefully they can come up with a budget to at least make a sequel. Plus there's cameos from about anyone you can think of from common to Russell Wilson to Mark Wahlberg to Liam Neeson. Definitely worth checking out especially if you're a fan of the show.
  • A movie about a yokel meddling with a movie that feels like a yokel meddled with it, Entourage took a step backwards where it should've gone forward.

    The premise was sound. Let's finally watch Vinnie do something, let's see how he handles directing a big film, yes, please. I doubt Vinnie's capable of pulling off a film masterpiece by himself, but watching his entourage step up to help, along with a cast of guest stars, would've been perfect.

    Instead of something like that, it plays like the worst episode of Entourage stretched out for too long. The best aspects of the series fall by the wayside while the worst aspects get retread and amplified (like the Eric and Sloan on/off thing again, really?). Even Ari is wasted. It feels like someone at the studio thought the series was too smart and made them scrap everything that was funny and exciting, and bland it down for the dude-bros.

    If you've never watched Entourage, please don't start with this film. If you have watched the series, then meh. It's bad pizza... still pretty good if you're hungry, but it should've been a whole lot better.
  • ENTOURAGE, the movie adaptation of the HBO series with the same title, has too many concerns to juggle with its utterly vapid and tawdry script. It's almost always expected that stories with multiple lead characters eventually suffer through bland and unfocused narrative, part of which may be atrributed to the fact that most of such screenplays generally fit for long-term storytelling. Such flaw is inevitably at large in this big screen take of the 8-season series.

    The movie follows Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier), who, after his failed marriage, realizes he wants something new for his career. So when his former agent-turned-studio-head Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) offers him a lead role for his studio's debut film, he agrees, on condition that he gets to direct the big screen project. Months later, the movie is pursued but still 15million behind completion.

    Such pursuit is never engaging to follow. While the whole movie-making thing is made here a fascinating subject to tackle, the string of tepid and uninspired proceedings, robs all the interest and leaves a crumbling narrative, bereft of even the littlest of sense. Soon enough, the film spirals into too many other concerns that from the get go, are uninteresting and unnecessary . The focus then shifts to multiple loud parties, where elaborate garish exhibitions of social lords are ever the main attraction of the spotlight. Before you know, the whole movie industry exposition is already relegated behind the much less inviting sequences that mostly involve skins and male superiority displays. Plus, countless unflattering cameos are omnipresent to steal portions of the rottening pie. By the time it comes back to its main subject, there's only too little eagerness left for the final product.

    Much of ENTOURAGE's disaster emanates from its inability to keep its focus, and provide decent material for its actors to work with. The main conflict doesn't even strike as something worth paying attention to, and the resolution is unsatisfyingly cheap. While the film itself calls for celebration, it would be hard to enjoy this ENTOURAGE of men, when they barely have a feat to party for.
  • If you haven't seen Mark Kermode's (A well respected film critic in the UK) 10 minute rant about this film which nails it (just search online) to summarise, this film is terrible from start to finish, is it totally vacuous of any soul, the people are all obnoxious, the subject matter is basically consumerism and sexism for an hour and a half it is just awful and it leaves you cold that this is what young people are suppose to aspire to.

    It's shameless propaganda for the capitalist wilting American dream... Nobody cares how many cars you have, or what you have in your wallet, or that you have no respect whatsoever for Women. The 'celebrities' that line up to parade themselves in this feature- length advert for individualism out to be ashamed of themselves...

    FFS... I despair....
  • After seeing its promising rating, i insisted on seeing this movie with my friend.

    But after seeing it, i can confidently say that the rating is rigged. This movie contains no plot, no character development, no witty jokes, no climax, no nothing. Except for boobs. And some famous people that appear for 3 seconds. You don't feel connected to any characters as movie fails to do so.

    If you want to see boobs, instead of wasting 2 hours and money, keep your money on your pocket and browse the internet for 10 mins.

    An awful movie, that i regret not walking out of the movie theater in the middle of it. Has no artistic/cinematic value.
  • I was press-ganged into watching this pile of dung and had to endure what seemed like multiple hours of cameo appearances alongside tacky product placements. There's really not much else going on in this movie, the plot could have been written on toilet paper such is its quality. They already had multiple seasons of the same themes covered in this film and from what I understand the last two seasons were a stretch, why did anyone believe that this movie would be a worthy project?

    I was somewhat disappointed when I saw the founder of Berkshire Hathaway make an appearance in this film - so tasteless, so unnecessary. I would like to believe that Warren Buffett is better than this, likewise Thierry Henry. Mark Cuban, on the other hand, is not - he fits right into the ethos of this gigantic excrement sandwich of a film.
  • I watched this movie as it was rated a whopping 8.1/10 on IMDb and gosh was I deceived! Let's put it straight. Nothing happened in this movie, like ...NOTHING. If your all about titties and topless women that serve no purpose to the storyline whatsoever, then this is for you. Not only was there absolutely no storyline, the dialogue was utterly rubbish. Actually wait, there was NO DIALOGUE. It's just f*** her f*** that for 2 straight hours! It was JUST. NOT. FUNNY. The only audience I could imagine being entertained would be giddy high school boys or wannabe gangsters. I expected the cameo's.. who don't get me wrong, big names like Liam Neeson & Jessica Alba to ENTERTAIN. But hell was I wrong! Crappy one liners and scenes that literally left you looking left and right in the darkness.. thinking.. Wait? what the hell was that about?? and before anything else happens MORE TITTIES and topless women!

    The popcorn and coke was the best part of this entire experience.

    What a waste of 2 hours. I'm still surprised to find positive reviews on this. If this is the culture that everybody lives up to then God bless America.
  • 38% of IMDb voted a 10/10 for this film?

    It wasn't a film. It was an extended episode of the TV show that should have died a few seasons early with barely a tolerable premise.

    Did the producers think adding some cameos after how many years the show ended would get enough people to the theater to make it profitable? Asked and answered; no. It finished 4th place opening weekend after Melissa McCarthy's terrible spy film and 2 other films no one cares about.

    Adrian Grenier; what has he done in Hollywood other than the TV show? Nothing. He's not good looking, he's not a great actor, and the supporting cast that is actually decent without him look stupid when they are in scenes with him.

    Based on this knowledge and legend of Hollywood lets make a Sopranos movie or Hannah Montana film. Don't waste your time on this especially since Hollywood thinks sitting in a recliner and eating stale popcorn warrants a matinée ticket cost for $10.

    My wife woke me up during this film cause I was snoring and it embarrassed her. I did managed to stay awake during several Broadway shows recently. How sad is that?
  • skin66625 August 2015
    I was a fan of the show. I loved it, but the movie is just total garbage. I almost fell asleep twice. Every single episode is better than everything they combined to put in this film. You know the feeling when you know exactly what is going to happen and it happens? Well, that's exactly what I got from Entourage the Movie. The score this movie got here is the best example how irrelevant and fake IMDb has become... or how corrupt the scoring system is. You can pick the version of the truth you like the most, still it won't change the fact. If you still haven't seen this movie, just wait for it on the TV. Don't waste your money. One of my favorite shows, one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My partner and I watched two third of this film and stopped as we started to feel nauseous. What have we there? A bunch of dumb-heads making crass sex jokes, a flock of bikini clad, sex objects females showing as much flesh as possible. These people live in a ridiculous and obscene luxury. The plot at two third of the film is : they made a film, they don't know if it is good, they need more money to finish it but don't know if they will get it, that's it. So how can this get good reviews is beyond us,as we have noticed cameos by well know actors and "celebrities" we can only think that it is a satire of the Hollywood film industry, if this is the case I suggest we detach this area from the American territory and throw it into space, because this is definitely an insult to human intelligence.
  • I like so many people walked out after 1/2hr of the worst film in the history of worst films EVER so how can IMDb give it a 7.6 rating? Awful Awful film AVOID! All it is is an excust for a lot of "stars" to prance about with a lot of would be starlets who think that by dancing topless or having sex on screen they might advance their career while Billy Bob Thornton and crew use as much obscene language an they think they can get away with. If you are looking for some cheap thrills or have a mentality of less than one then you might enjoy but for anyone who enjoys a good film and something approaching a storyline you will be wasting your ticket money.
  • As a fan of the show, I had high expectations for this movie. It lacked in many aspects, particularly the plot and humour. The only good thing about this movie was the nostalgia it brought about and a few of Ari's scenes. That's about it! The first half of the movie is okay but it really takes a turn for the worst midway through. I would not recommend paying to watch this movie unless you really are a die hard fan of the show or you will be more disappointed than I was. Let's hope that they end it here and don't go on to making a sequel because let's be honest, the series was great and many people will remember it that way - but not if they're going to make horrible movies like this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My favorite aspect of the show? Ari. What was lacking? A lot, but especially good Ari moments that had me rooting for him all the way in the show. I'll get back to that later, but first let's put things into perspective for the film as a whole.

    Aspects which made the show bad and/or repetitive are also present in this film. Topping this list is E's on and off and on and off again relationship with Sloan - probably the most annoying aspect of the film. E's made out to be this loving, caring guy throughout the show since he wants to settle down with Sloan, but as stated by some pretty bad female characters in the movie (who are somehow right) that he is just another LA douchebag looking to make it with a lot of girls - he has sex with these two girls in one day, and both flings are totally void of emotion - one was unknowingly to E while he was on molly and Viagra simultaneously. Why am I talking about this? Because it is an annoying subplot which shouldn't have been part of the show, and angers me that it had to be part of the movie. It is drama which does not seem important in the grand scheme of things.

    The movie feels like it is lacking the comedy and life of the show which I loved for 6 seasons. What it isn't lacking is sexual content - though it is not as obsessed with female nudity as Game of Thrones, Entourage just seems to feel the need to look at topless chicks because what the hell, it is a good marketing strategy for guys. While there isn't as much nudity as I was expecting, the movie still needs topless women for reasons which aren't really relevant to the story, like AT ALL.

    Back to the lack of comedy - Turtle and Johnny Drama were a good comic relief duo in the show, especially when the entourage went to Sundance, but here they are split into their own subplots which a fifth grader could have written. Turtle screws up a thing he could have had with a female wrestler (I think?) and Johnny struggles to find fame and appreciation as always - another annoying subplot taken directly from the show. However, Drama gets a huge payoff in the end which I'm sure most fans of the show will be happy to see.

    I was really upset that Ari's anger in this movie was minimal compared to the best scenes featuring Jeremy Piven in the TV series. You know something is wrong when the biggest laugh Ari evokes from the audience comes from him punching a picture instead of the both insightful and comedic rants he has in the show, whether the rant is directed at his therapist, Lloyd, or someone superior to him in his line of work. The best aspect of the show was written into the film without the Oscar potential Jeremy Piven's character could have easily had.

    Discussing the film after with a friend helped me to realize I don't even think Vince is a good choice for the main character of the show. For me, this mainly has to deal with the fact that I don't think Grenier was hired to ACT much, but rather just to be a pretty face which the show could focus on as a believable movie star, and the same goes for his role in the movie.

    The most disappointing thing about this film is that it ends abruptly and the audience asks "wait, THAT'S the last 20 minutes of the movie?" Spare yourself the movie, because you'll be asking yourself why didn't they fit more closure into all of the characters' stories at the end of the film. What a poorly adapted movie from a TV show so enveloped by the excitement of life in the entertainment business.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I haven't done a review in a while so there is lots of spoilers I'm sure it's not like this is a real movie though so it's cool.

    It's the same story we could all see on TV with little to no difference. Almost all the stuff happens/happened throughout the series happens then goes away like a sexually transmitted disease you get on the LA strip. The scenery and locations shot at can look amazing. They shot it to where Vincent makes a movie and directs it ...whispers loudly such thought went into this. Mark and the rest of the guys must have worked years on this. This has really turned out like either Eastbound and Down or Trailer Park Boys where they should have just let the series die. The way the series ended left us with our imaginations to see what would happen to us. Would Ari do this, would Vincent be this expert at love after somehow banging half of Hollywood? It was for the fans to decide. But just like Kevin Dillon (Johnny) acting teacher(s) would later find out this movie is a lost cause as is Kevin's acting which we'll tear apart after. The only person who stayed the way they were was Turtle....TURTLE. There is about as many A list celebrities in this movie as laughs (not many). Some familiar and or washed up faces but the thing is they say so little or are in the shots for only seconds so you got to watch this atrocity two or three times to go tee hee look guys there's mike Tyson. It can be part of the charm of the show like metalocalypse but still it got a little annoying. For a movie that Vincent was directing they didn't show him working on the movie once. Just it was great and his buddies agreed

    Johnny cannot act to save his life. There is a reason why we all probably had to google him. Liam Neeson out did him in regards to acting with his brief appearance in it. The fat rich kid who I couldn't take seriously... I mean this kid was in the sixth sense, how is he doing such a terrible role now! I'd just spend my millions and get a hobby or something instead of that dumb of a role. I'm sure that situation has been a FEW times but how cliché it is I can't believe it got past the drawing board.. ohh boo hoo I wanted some girl. At least washed up sixth sense kid was totally right about how awful Johnny's acting is, he was one of the few people who said straight up how bad he was. The only person who can act worst than him is Andrew Dice Clay but then again Andrew is a washed up stand up comedian so it's fine. His obnoxiously strong new yorker accent and underdog persona that some people may find charming or inspiring for the washed up actors or kids trying to "make it" in the industry as that's the easiest way they can fathom to stay home and play xbox and drink cold ones with their high school buddies instead of going to college. but seriously if it wasn't for that show Johnny would be lucky to be an extra in an independent movie, what's that a lazy eyed bald janitor with no eyebrows! he's in! In fact there is one Johnny who can act twice as good as him; that Johnny is Tommy Wiseau in the room. The only scene that I liked was when Johnny (the one in entourage) was on that mr. skin website from that viral video but besides that he contributed about as much to the movie as Mark Wahlberg did to the movie with his acting in it in that probably one scene or the guy with the tattoo on his back billy or whatever. I guess Mark thinks he's Alfred Hitchcock now being in his own shows yet before the show was popular he wouldn't be caught dead in it. Ronda Rousey being given as many lines as she was, was astonishing. She's just a bad ass fighter, she isn't hot unless you're into bondage or something. Her manly facial features and all the testosterone pumping through her veins she could sprout a penis at any second but I guess she's the first remotely pretty fighter in the MMA world. There is a reason Adrian Grenier isn't on top in Hollywood legitimately he can only act to a certain extent but even after a hit series and a cash in straight to DVD movie in a few months of being in the theaters I can't take him seriously. There is a reason he isn't on the silver screen with Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp or anyone. I mean if James Spader (Blacklist as Reddington) can be in the Avengers and then fly across the world and do blacklist for a second season why can't this guy and seriously have we seen Adrian in anything else with serious box office numbers.. no.

    there is PLENTY more for me to say mean about this "movie" but I only have a 1000 character limit.
  • Worse Movie I Have Ever Seen!.. I didn't even get to finish my popcorn! I left the movie half way through feeling so uncomfortable and extremely degraded. I may have been a little angry too! Although I've never in my 25 years left a movie early, I just couldn't get myself to sit through the entire joke of a movie. The whole thing (or at least the first half) is an immature collaboration of old men acting like douche bag high schoolers with absolutely no values... Objectifying women and casually talking about sex and "hooking up". The self obsessed and sex obsessed entourage is an embarrassment to the American culture. I typically don't wrote movie reviews nor do I rate them, but in this case I felt it was quite necessary. I second that!
  • DISAPPOINTED! DISAPPOINTED! DISAPPOINTED! Totally disappointed, it was a waste of money. For anyone who wants to go and see the movie, choose another one. You will fell sorry for the money paid. I don't understand why people rated this movie with such high scores. It does not have a plot, it is nothing comic in any scene. This is the first time I write a review and I am doing this because I am truly frustrated about the quality of this movie. I didn't understand what was so comic about it? The luxurious life style from the Hollywood? The naked girls screwing around everywhere? I expected so much more from this movie that is considered a Comedy!
  • If you didn't watch the hugely popular HBO show that precedes this movie, then you can stop reading. Both the film and my review will have little of interest to you. Those who loved the TV series, prepare to be sorely disappointed, for this cinematic effort is reminiscent of the tedious and shallow final seasons rather than the energetic and exciting initial seasons. Going into cameo overdrive with a smug glee, there's a massive over-reliance on familiar faces (and naked women) to sustain the illusion you're in the throes of a superstar's life. With a threadbare plot and zero character development, Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his eponymous buddies E (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and the agonizingly unfunny Drama (Kevin Dillon) are left to meander. Somehow spending time with the gang has become a chore rather than a pleasure. Their banter feels forced and their latest "issues" are tired rehashes of more compelling crises they faced on the show. Thank the Hollywood gods, however, for Ari Gold. Easily the series' greatest asset (with three Emmys and a Golden Globe to prove it), Jeremy Piven's exuberant and hostile mega-agent is once again a whirlwind of scathing sarcasm dishing up memorable lines and laugh-out-loud insults. The only other cast member who even warrants a mention is, astoundingly, Haley Joel Osmont; the former child star amusing as a confident Texan billionaire complete with bushy facial hair, bulging gut and a bad bedside manner. When Piven is on screen there are moments of Gold, but it's not enough to save this drearily repetitive cash-in.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The critics are absolutely right. Entourage is a disappointing adult movie.

    The film picks up shortly after the events of the series finale. Vincent Chase (Grenier), who separated from his wife after nine days of marriage, wants to do something new in his career. He calls his former agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold (Piven), who offers Vince a leading role in his first studio production. Vince says he will only star in it if he directs. Eight months later, Hyde, the directorial debut by Vince, is in the middle of post- production and is over budget by $15 million. Needing more money, the boys ask Ari if they can get an additional $10 million to complete the movie. Reluctant, but wanting to please him, Ari flies to Texas to meet the co-financiers of the movie; Larsen McCredle (Thornton) and his son Travis (Joel Osment) to give them the money. Hesitant, Larsen sends Travis with Ari back to Los Angeles to see a cut of the film at Vince's private screening.

    Vince has second thoughts on the rough cut and cancels the screening out of fear no one will enjoy it. He later gives Ari and Travis a copy of the movie for their viewing. Ari and Travis enjoy the movie but Travis requests that Ari cut the scenes with Vince's brother, Johnny Drama (Dillon) out of the movie or he will not give the film the extra money. With Ari giving him no answer, Travis puts the post-production on hold. Vince and E (Connolly) visit Travis to come up with a solution, but this results in Travis saying he did not like Vince's performance either and wants the entire movie to be redone with a new lead and director. In addition, studio CEO John Ellis (Dale) removes Ari from the production.

    The boys soon realize Travis is angry over the movie is because Vince is spending time with a girl Travis is infatuated with. Learning of this, Ari interrupts Ellis in a boardroom meeting with Larsen and Travis with this information. Surprised, Larsen says he will stay behind the movie if Ari is no longer working for the studio because of how he disrespected Travis in front of him. During this time, the boys are in the hospital as E's ex-fiancée Sloan (Chriqui) goes into labor and also because Turtle (Ferrara) hurt his arm while fighting Ronda Rousey for a date. Sloan gives birth to a girl and the boys celebrate.

    Ari arrives at the hospital and also announces that he resigned, thus allowing Vince's movie to prosper. Hyde becomes a box office hit, grossing over $450 million worldwide. At the Golden Globe Awards, Drama ends up winning the award for Best Supporting Actor. Stunned, Drama goes to accept the award and is silent for a moment before yelling his trademark Viking Quest phrase, "VICTORY!!!"

    In a mid-credits scene, Ari's former assistant Lloyd (Lee) has his wedding and Ari gives him away. When the group gets together for a picture, Billy Walsh (Coiro) suggests that they should make a film (or TV show) about the lives of Vince and the gang.

    There are sex scenes with strong sexual content Eric having sex with two different women. Shameless women moaning like dirty prostitutes and women with big breasts and too much vulgar language. It is truly a very bad 18+ adult movie.
  • ... I didn't even get to finish my popcorn! I left the movie half way through feeling so uncomfortable and extremely degraded. I may have been a little angry too! Although I've never in my 25 years left a movie early, I just couldn't get myself to sit through the entire joke of a movie. The whole thing (or at least the first half) is an immature collaboration of old men acting like douche bag high schoolers with absolutely no values... Objectifying women and casually talking about sex and "hooking up". The self obsessed and sex obsessed entourage is an embarrassment to the American culture. I typically don't wrote movie reviews nor do I rate them, but in this case I felt it was quite necessary.
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