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  • Inexplicably nominated for an industry award (I know the reason -it's called payola), "Gritty" is a truly awful bit of useless gonzo porn from B. Skow, a director I briefly admired but have come to recognize as Hack with capital H.

    Talk about variety, he has cast five vignettes starring five "dirty' blondes, that term referring both to exact hair coloring as well as role-playing. With zero body makeup (in one scene the girl looks like she has hideous blotches all over, perhaps a testament also to the auteur's worthless lighting/camera-work) and the ugliest sets/practical locations imaginable, this is way below the level of the millions of amateur porn efforts currently littering the internet.

    Running time is padded by Skow's penchant for endless posing, what he mistakes for Adult Cinema's classic "tease". No, it's not tease, just skanky models masturbating or being narcissistic for the Skow video camera, prior to humping.

    Typical studs of the era, including French heart-throb Denis Marti who was in Chatsworth making a few pictures back in 2010, are a bore, particularly Nick Manning who yells his irritating "Droppin' Loads!" exclamation during his money shot for the thousandth time. Some works of art belong in a time capsule for future generations to happily discover; "Gritty" belongs in landfill. It's a very typical example of the decline of once-great Vivid Video into a morass of celebrity junk/porn- parody/gonzo filler that hastened the label's demise during this, it's final and partial decade.