Toshiyuki Nishida again played his character Rokubei in the film The Kiyosu Conference (2013).

The Japanese title for this movie is "Sutekina Kanashibari". Sutekina means excellent and kanashibari is called sleep paralysis in English. Sleep paralysis is the phenomenon when a sleeper (thinks they) wake up during the night and they can not move and a strange intruder is about to do something harmful. In Japan the intruder is often sad to be an old woman.

The traditional Japanese hotel where Emi encounters the ghost of Rokubei is in the Okutama area of west Tokyo. West Tokyo is very mountainous and rural. The filming location, however was Ina City in Nagano prefecture.

The actor Koichi Sato plays a minor role in the part of the ham actor Taiki Murata. He played the same role, in a major role, in Mitani's other movie "The Magic Hour".