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  • spoken26 December 2013
    This movie hit me a little like a cross between a comic book for a new superhero and "Slither", which I watch about twice every year.

    It was fun, not funny. The characters (for once) all behaved exactly the way I wanted them to, the dialog was a bit campy from the cop at first, but he really surprised me at every turn - a smart and sympathetic guy bottled in a campy jar!

    And I absolutely loved the atmosphere, both visual and musical. It looked like another world, kinda, at times, and the music was rousingly dramatic at all the right times. They both drew me in and held me tightly bound to the screen.

    I can't say much more without spoilers, but I can say I had a smile moment in almost every scene.

    I love the hero and want him back for more!!!
  • SpannersGerm6696 September 2014
    I had no idea what to expect with Sucker, but what I got was a very fun throwback to the old fashioned monster movies.

    I was immediately reminded of films such as Slither, with the humour mixed in with some surprisingly dark moments. There was even a glimpse here and there of "The Fly" which was a very pleasant added surprise.

    The script, acting, and special effects are all very fun and resemble something of a live action comic book.

    The quirky side of Sucker might put a few people off, as some of the lines of dialogue didn't quite seem right and the humour didn't translate as well as it wanted to, but fortunately the entertainment never really allows you to dwell on the negatives for too long.

    If you don't take yourself too seriously, then Sucker will provide a very entertaining evening in front of the television!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    this movie was actually a really good take on a super hero that unfortunately has a dark side to him that he cant live a normal life but he seeks out revenge on the ones who have dropped him rock b0ttom. seeks revenge on those and his mind and instincts of a mosquito are kicking in and battles with him self to snap back to reality. that he is human, and so one out there does love him no matter what circumstances.

    so any way i do not want to spoil much, but its a movie you wont regret watching,

    it deserves a better rating and watch it and give it one. its like a whole new superhero thats just been created. he yet doesn't have a name that's all good, lets call him mosquito man, or Mr sucker Haha thats cool
  • cekadah19 September 2016
    This 80 minute movie is a very stylized comedy horror science fiction monster-with-a-heart suspense thriller! It's all there in A Mosquito-Man!

    Poor Jim has a very rough day and then it gets worse and all during an invasion of some very indestructible mosquitoes. But even though Jim is down and all most out he springs back to right some wrongs and get revenge on those that have purposefully made his life miserable.

    Grab this movie for a sweet ride in a story that offers up a hand full of very driven but humorous characters pursuing a mystery and finding the truth behind some very funny deaths.

    Director/writer: Michael Manasseri has created and stars in a movie that will appeal to anyone seeking an artistic yet goofy horror sci-fi comedy monster flick. Enjoy!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A MOSQUITO MAN is one of those indie comedy throwbacks to the 1950s B-movie genre of old, featuring hamming-it actors and some surprisingly decent special effects on what must have been a tiny budget. The plot is a cross between both versions of THE FLY, with a semi-decent make-up job for the protagonist and various tropes familiar from the genre. I generally find such movies largely derivative and pointless as I always think I could be watching one of the original films rather than a tribute like this.
  • One of the very few other reviewers says: " 10/10 This movie is so cool it deserves a better rating than whats its gotten yo-520-86367413 December 2013 " Honestly! Who wrote that? A cast or crew member? A child? Note the poor English. That review was written by an IMdB member who has reviewed only five movies! This film has a few decent moments, is mildly entertaining, with fair fx, but does not merit more than 3 out of 10 overall. Don't bother with it unless you are a hard-core genre fan OR unless you really, truly have nothing better to do (smile!). 3/10