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  • Tired of middle class, middle of the road, Vicar of Dibley toss? Then this maybe the show for you. Sharper than a new addicts needle, Mongrels gets closer and closer to the bone, til you feel like a onanists knuckle. As well as taking shots at minor celebs and serious personalities alike(all in bad taste of course), Mongrels has sex, violence, death, drugs and uhhh...mice. It leaves nothing sacred. The characters are all pretty unique and at the same time cliché enough to be familiar. Influenced by the Young Ones, this goes way beyond that in the darkness of it's humour, but it never seems bleak, perhaps because it has bunnies... And while it is black it is rarely lacks a cutting edge and If these were humans this would never get on telly. Bravo.
  • ZenShark11 August 2010
    I just stumbled across this little gem on the BBC iplayer, and boy was I glad I did. I've been a huge fan of things like The mighty boosh, IT crowd, Dark place, and of course, monty python. This show is a definitely part of the same legacy.

    The puppets are excellent and full of personality. They are so well controlled, you'd think they really were alive. The writing on this show is really exceptional. Its rare for me these days to look at something and say 'i cant believe they really did (or said) that!', but this show manages to get me every episode. There are some scenes in there which are so well scripted and timed, its simply genius.

    The show certainly pushes the limits of good taste, but it does so in a good way. It wont be for everyone (prudes), but if you like humor, and are looking for something fresh, then you HAVE to see mongrels.
  • I watched this last night for the first time after being told it was set on the isle of dogs (where i live) behind the lord nelson pub (which i frequent). I had no expectations as i thought it was going to be a lame puppet wrong was I.

    yes its offensive and crude, which i know people have complained about. ( i actually love it for this reason, i cant believe they get away with some of the comments).

    The puppets look great and have some classic one liners, my fave being the pigeon and the cat.

    this is not a very constructive review but anyone who is not easily offended and likes gutter humour should check this out, i hope it gets a second series. fingers crossed.
  • Mongrels in simple words is about city animals showing the true essence of urban dwellers. There's the scumbag Vince, the foreigner Marian, total bitchy teen Destiny and of course the modern meterosexual Nelson + the psychotic pigeon which does show some of the government hating people of the world. And after watching every episode around three times I can honestly say that this show is different in every manner- The characters are funny, the humor is so slapstick and crazy to a point that you wonder how the puppeteers get all the energy as well as the quick edits and frequent use of songs that are so well known they give a sense of sentimentality to the whole show. I think the show mainly works because of the male characters for unlike the two girls who are so over the top sometimes its hard to relate, most of the males are tamed down a little. The shows plots are inventive to say the least with story lines you wouldn't ever have imagined which I think is because unlike most adult comedy shows, it has animals as its characters which give a range of different stories that one could not usually use. Mongrels does tread the line a few times even going way past it in some of they jokes which a lot of people would find distasteful and would flick the channel over but after watching the first three episodes I eventually got accustomed and new that when watching the show there was always going to be something shocking but put in a comedic way. So if you want something that's fresh and new that has actually had some thought put into it, check out this show and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. 10 stars.
  • The first time I watched Mongrels I was instantly captivated. I always loved the muppets and other "puppet" TV shows when I was younger, and during my 20's I missed that feeling of inanimate objects projecting an unreal world that is so close to our own in feeling and depth.

    I have rarely laughed so much before watching Mongrels, with it's on-the-edge sarcasm and casual use of inappropriate language and scenarios, which most older people might find offensive.

    The fact is, the creators and animators and writers have found a pleasant and modern blend of comedy, puppetry and life dilemmas which make this show so addictive. If they don't commision another season then I will be devastated.

    This show holds no bars, and is not for the faint hearted but it has certainly given me many, many laughs in it's first season.

    Thank you to all who were involved in it's making :-)
  • OK, if your looking through Mongrels to see if its worth watching on BBCiPlayer or whenever its re-airs then I'm going to tell you go for it, its like Shameless meets the Muppet's with the characteristics of Family Guy. At first I to thought it would be one of the ghastly shows BBC 3 produce, but I was wrong and I am proud I was because I love it.

    Who can't love a metro-sexual fox, Nelson who's main companion is a Siberian or Russian cat called Marion, who was modelled after a shirtless picture of James Cordon. Also we are given the delightful character Destiny a diva dog who is very much the character who reflects of all the modern day brainless low self-esteemed girls who what nothing more than fame and beauty. Finally we have a paranoid cynical pigeon Kali and a Fox Vince who is crude, racist and "potty mouthed" in almost every single way.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can only recommend this thoroughly! Difficult to pick my favourite aspect of it. Perhaps it's the "nasty" edge to the humour (Basil Brush as a Holocaust denier, for example). Perhaps it's the minor celebrity cameos (Clive Anderson petting a puppet). Perhaps it's "Vince" - he's now shorthand for all manner of expletives in our house (as in "Vincing hell, what a Vince") Perhaps it's the sexual misuse of the puppets (If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a BIG surprise!) Perhaps it's the songs. Marion and Lollipop's love duet decrying the stupidity of having to wait a day for Lollipop's fourth birthday before they can "do it", was a particular favourite. Perhaps it's just all the above, wrapped up together. Anyway, thoroughly recommended, I give it 10.

  • Mongrels is perhaps one of the funniest TV shows that I have seen in a long time. It's just big furry comedy ride of a lifetime from beginning to end. It also pushes the boundaries of comedy even further.The one who gets the notice would have to be the badly behaved and dirty-mouthed Vince with his constant spouting of the C word and territorial behaviour. The show also has this unique mixture of American and British humour which means any English speaker from different parts of the world can enjoy.

    In Case your wondering why The summary is in big caps then I'll tell you why... the show has been AXED! Shocking I know, when I first saw the news that it been given the "big sleep" I felt lie half the comedy universe had collapsed in on itself. Why would BBC 3 cancel such a wonderful show like Mongrels?? I know it'll never be big as the Inbetweeners but still In my eyes it still had a way to go. BBC 3 should have given this show several more series! I was hoping it would go into series 4!

    That's the problem with network at the moment, their constantly deleting shows like they'e lost the will to keep going. This was the same network that murdered Dr who confidental. Think about that avid Time lord fans!

    Hopefully this review will get across to any Mongrels fans out their so that they may launch a campaign of outcry to force the BBC to bring this show back regardless of what they say about the ratings!

    If Vince heard what they have done to the show he would have been like: "oh you cheeky little ****s." cue bloodshed in the BBC office.
  • jilijegalic28 February 2012
    Well, it seems people who are bright enough to appreciate talent and good humour lost another battle. It seems we have to always obey either to posh comedy shows for the dull intellectual who gets offended by everything or the ones for the stupid and ignorant where every 3 seconds there's a fart. Great humour, nice character blending and dialogue. Anyhow, congratulations to the whole Mongrels team. They put up a brilliant show. Thank you. Is a shame it didn't continue for another season. Great respect for BBC but they were wrong this time. There has to be something to balance out the massive amount of television junk with high rating but little creative and logistical effort.