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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am not a film critic, but like most people, I do have an opinion, I can reflect and have a reaction to something. I therefore will not judge any technique, dialogue or wardrobe choices, but I will share how it made me feel, what it made me think and what I took away from it.

    This American Journey is a series of unplanned, random interviews post 2008 elections from everyday Americans and their thoughts on the country, politics, the economy, energy policies, religion and how these matters currently effect their lives. The only thing planned was the route - over three thousand miles by car beginning in New York City to Southern California through the deep South, the Mid and Southwest.

    Some amazing stories were shared by an eclectic range of people including: a 'practically' homeless musician, a gas station attendant, a Wall Street insider, a Marine, a cowboy Preacher, a wise women of Taos, Judges, store owners, store clerks, nurses, and a gun buyer.

    Over all, I was definitely left with a feeling of hope and a belief that the typical folk of the U.S. do have it. I was also often reminded that appearances are misleading as nearly all of the participants clearly expressed their disappointments with the state of the Country, could acknowledge that we are losing our way but that they understood change requires all of US to make it happen.

    Interjections and reactions from the filmmakers frame and complement the experience for viewers, giving me a sense of their involvement - they really did want to know, it wasn't just a project for them.

    It's a quest of sorts to rediscover the America as Blackthorne & Basqaili knew it long ago. The results? In spite of the cold weather, eating on the road, the wonderful motel accommodations and the fact that these two were perfect strangers just a couple weeks before they ventured out across the country, they collected over eighty interviews, gleaned some life lessons, a puppy they named Bodhi and then put together a film you SHOULD SEE.

    And their adventure did make me think, what answers would I have given if these two strange men and their camera approached me?
  • henjon724 October 2013
    I am not a documentary person. If you've never watched a documentary, this is a good one to start with. Everyone will find something in it they can relate to given the range of people and views. It avoids being overly preachy, sappy or angry while engaging in conversations touching on the economy, religion, politics, and solutions for the future from everyday people. It is must-see for anyone who is discouraged by the dumbing down and polarization of Americans through sound-bites and political generalizations. You will laugh and smile and think. You might even find some people who think like you do. Having spent numerous childhood vacations packed in a station wagon with up to six siblings, a car top carrier full of camping gear for 4,000+ mile trips to visit family (our version of an American Journey) I can honestly say I would drive across the country to buy these gentlemen a cup of coffee and talk about the world. And I will definitely watch this again.
  • What happens when a love affair starts to lose its heart? How you do decide when to fight for a love affair or just walk away? This heartfelt journey to America's heartland is the result of one man's quest to rekindle his love affair with a country he feels he has lost touch with.

    This handsome Brit first fell in love with America as a young child while visiting family in New York. Over the years his work in the entertainment industry had him spending time between New York and Los Angeles. But, as many know, there is much more to America than just Hollywood and Manhattan. Paul decided to rent a van, load it up with the gear, grub and his pals then they set off on a quest to reconnect with and rediscover his beloved America.

    They are spontaneous and go where their instincts and interviewees lead them. Fortunately, they get to talk with a wide variety of people that makes for an engaging, entertaining and enlightening watch. People from varied walks of life share their experiences and views on America and where they believe it is headed as a nation. It leads to fascinating insights, an interesting conclusion...and a surprise companion.

    America is a big beautiful country filled with fascinating diverse characters and breathtaking landscapes. Paul is an acclaimed photographer in addition to his acting, writing, directing and producing. All of these skills come together to create a beautiful and informative documentary. I believe it is just as timely today as it was when they filmed it - perhaps even more so. Definitely worth a watch.