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  • The Woody Allen of Science Fiction -as the critic/director Jason Reitman writes- brings us another amazing film titled ¨Extraterrestrial¨ . Everyone knows what to do if one morning the sky would be absolutely full of UFOs : run as fast as you can . The picture deal with an amusing situation : what would happen if the saucer invasion started while you are in the flat of the girl of your dreams ? . As Julio (Julian Villagran , recently Goya winner for his acting in Grupo 7) didn't remember go home with her , as Julia (Michelle Jenner , a successful young actress who has recently starred Isabel La Catolica) didn't mention her boyfriend named Carlos (Raul Cimas) and the neighbor named Angel (Carlos Areces , Eloy De La Iglesia's usual) has gone crazy . But none of them expected the Alien invasion . Meanwhile , TV communicates : Please stay calm and remain in your homes .

    The picture relatively succeeds because of the thriller , humor , plot twists , suspense , as well as a twisted written script delving into the starring paranoia in such extreme situation . There is a science-fiction premise doesn't have to dominate a story's narrative. Instead it can serve as an interesting backdrop that casts familiar characters in a new light and gives alternative motivations for what would be otherwise commonplace events . Despite low budget the movie manages to be intelligent , intriguing but also a little bit boring . Following a similar vein in Nacho Vigalondo's Time crimes (2006) , in this recent film titled Extraterrestre (2011) , examines the fallout of a one-night stand in the context of an alien invasion . The same kind of lies are told and the same rash decisions made to cover up the infidelity , but the paranoia of potential aliens among them heightens every emotion and lends comedy to some situations where there'd be none . The final result is an offbeat dramedy that's captivating , in spite of not being all that fun or especially thought-provoking . The good thing about this film is that the director made it on a shoestring budget only having to do a few sets , yet the movie works on many levels but is constantly reconfigured . Casting is frankly well , giving fine performances , though little known with exception of Michelle Jenner and Julian Villagran . Thrilling and suspenseful musical score by Jorge Magaz . Colorful and appropriate cinematography by Jon Dominguez .

    This motion picture relatively cheap was tautly written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo in his second movie , his first was the international hit titled ¨Time crimes¨ with Karra Errejalde . Nacho is a good young filmmaker , a little prolific director because he is usually writer for television and shorts filmmaker , he has only realized two films and nowadays is in post-production of ¨Open windows¨ with Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey . ¨Extraterrestrial¨ is without a doubt a weird , mysterious and comedy film to be liked for Science-Fiction and suspense fans , turning out to be one of the most original Spanish movies of the last years , though pretty inferior its predecessor ¨Time crimes¨. Rating : 5'5 . Acceptable and passable .
  • Yes, I really enjoyed this..."whatchamacallit" comedy? Black humor…?Fake sci-fi as the background to a forbidden love story…? Because that's what it is, without all the romance, but with all the cheating caused after one night stand. I wasn't disappointed at all, even though the ending weakened for a couple of minutes. To be honest it gave me some smiles, a laugh and a satisfied grin on my face after the final credits.

    Unfortunately for those waiting for E.T and fireworks… well, change the channel! But if you are a guy that had given up on the girl of your dreams to do what is right, or if you are the girl, who wanted the "other" guy, well this movie is for you.

    This is one of those occasions when I am more than "happy" because I speak and understand perfect Spanish even if it is from Spain, because the movie is fun to watch after you discard the expectations for little green Martians.

    The movie is not slow, it just elaborates the proper scenario for the situations and circumstances, it's a story of the absurdities of a particular situation on the first two days of what could have been the antithesis of "Independence Day" (1996).

    The acting is really good: a little flat for "Carlos" (Raúl Cimas) still, acceptable, and "Angel" (Carlos Areces) does a good obnoxious and insufferable neighbor, Julián Villagrán ("Julio") does a very believable role(I only wish not have seen his nudity!) and finally, I am looking forward to see more of ("Julia") Michelle Jenner's acting work! So, thumbs up to this one, just remember no "E.T" in it, just a couple of explosions.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    surprisingly good that is. everything works from the setup to the just enough characters, to the 'event', to the turning point, to all the flawed characters, to the length of the movie.

    ***spoilers*** don't expect to see alien here, it is not that kind of movie. One way to put it is about how stupid unthougthful white lies can snowball, if you don't control it, it can ruin lives. Sounds serious but not really. The movie t is about 5% sci-fi; 35% comedy; 45% human studies of sort; and 15% drama.

    So everything started small and things escalate slowly - based on emotions of fear, longing and trust amongst 4 lead characters. Doesn't feel stagy (like stage play converted to movie) at all even though for most part it is confined to an apartment.

    And the director is funny guy - never before seen his movies, but he's good. During Q&A, he answered there's lots of movie where the film title is not defacto explanation of the film, or factual for the matter. As was there a straw dog in Straw Dogs ? Reall reservrio dogs in Tarantino's movie ?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    And what makes this movie laugh out loud funny, is that they aren't as concerned about the aliens in the flying saucer as they are that the girl's boyfriend might find out that she had a one night stand (probably after some heavy drinking, since neither can remember if they "did it" or not) with the guy still in her apartment when her boyfriend arrives shortly after they wake and discover the flying saucer. A third comic element, besides the saucer that no one is panicking about, and trying to keep the boyfriend in the dark, is that the weird nerd next door, who wants the girl too, inadvertently finds out about the one night stand, and threatens to tell the boyfriend. How the story progresses from here is what makes it hilarious. What makes it sweet is how the three males involved solve their problem and prove their love for the girl, each in their own way. And what happens with the flying saucer? You'll have to watch to find out.
  • Seinfeld, meaning Jerry, George and Kramer - in District 9 ----- that's the best way I can describe the atmosphere of this film. It's a comedy. A really funny and original comedy about love, infidelity, deception, and jealousy. ********************************************************************* The ending was a bit weak, but overall great script and very good acting. An ambitious and original project. It would be very hard to find anything else comparable, and that's where its beauty lies - in its originality. The closest movie, in mood, that I can think of is the 1984 "Seksmisja" ("Sex-Mission") from Poland.
  • kvatter31 January 2013
    This film uses the appearance of a flying saucer in the sky as a MacGuffin to move along a plot about relationship and infidelity. A still image of the saucer above a building is the extent of the effects in this film and also pretty much the extent of the issue of any real extra terrestrials. In an attempt to cover the aforementioned infidelity, the two main characters create lies that are detrimental to one of the colorful side characters. People over-react to situations and generally create that indie film quirky mayhem we are familiar with that is outside of actual reality. There are many questions that remain unanswered because the film is only focused on this little group of four people and their relationship issues. Ms. Jenner is a pleasure to watch if only because she is so darned pretty. The ending leaves one a bit unsatisfied.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A guy wakes up in the apartment of a beautiful girl, remembering nothing from the night before. Before he has a chance to leave, they realize aliens have come in giant flying saucers and the government evacuated everybody, except them. Two other actors enter the stage and it all turns into a Woody Allen style comedy. Well, Mr. Allen's films are a lot better usually, but still, funny enough.

    Maybe it was disappointing a little that the aliens never actually did anything but appear in the sky - one feels a little cheated given the title of the film - but the movie itself was original and had some really funny moments. FHM and Man cover girl Michelle Jenner is a real beauty as well, which pretty much explains why every other (male) actor in the film does what he does.

    However that doesn't mean the film is flawless. At times it gets a little boring and the characters are a little too caricaturesque for my taste. The film surprised me, and I liked it, but it can go either way.
  • Extraterrestrial is a Spanish movie where the aliens (apparently) invade Spain. I say apparently because you never once see an alien, you only see a fourth of a spacecraft that is essentially 4 miles wide.

    This movie is a love triangle between three characters and another annoying jealous guy who wants to make it a love square. He does ridiculous stuff to gain the attention of the only woman in the film, the woman he desires.

    That's it. There's nothing else to the plot.

    If this was a comedy, it failed at every level since I didn't even smile once. If this was a drama, I never showed any emotions for the characters depicted and could care less if any lived or died. This can't be considered action since nothing dramatic happened at all.

    What I can say is whatever this movie was supposed to be it wasn't and I struggled to watch the duration even though it was only about 90 minutes long.

    I like foreign movies and I watch a lot of them because most are better than the movies put out by Hollywood but give this one a miss cause there's nothing to take out of Extraterrestrial unless you're looking to see how boring and nonsensical a movie can actually be.
  • Right, don't sit down and watch this movie if you are expecting to see aliens or anything overly cool. In fact, there are no aliens in the movie at all, not in the traditional sense anyway. But then again, the movie is not really revolving around the alien invaders.

    "Extraterrestre" is a movie about a woman cheating on her man with a stranger, and they end up having feelings for one another, but their story takes a turn for the absurd.

    I managed to sit through the entire movie, despite it being something completely different than what I had initially expected it to be. But let me tell you, hand on heart, that it was a struggle, because this movie is dull and boring. The movie is labeled as a comedy, but it is far from the type of comedy that will make you laugh. The comedy in this movie is the absurdity of the situation and the events that unfold, but it will not make you laugh. I didn't laugh once throughout the entire movie.

    This movie is more of a darkly satirical romance than it is a comedy Sci-Fi. So bear that in mind before you put it on and sit down to be entertained.

    The acting in "Extraterrestre" wasn't bad, and it was actually what managed to keep the interest level somewhat above water. But it was halting, and this movie is definitely not the type of movie that you watch again once you've managed to sit through it the first time.

    It is a Spanish movie, so you might want to keep that in mind prior to getting your hands on it. Personally I do enjoy movies that are not of the English language. That being said, then of course it is not every single foreign movie that manages to catch my interest or entertain me, "Extraterrestre" was one of those movies.

    Throughout the movie, there is a sense of the movie is building up for something big or something interesting to happen, but it just never happens. And as such, the movie was not all that great.
  • There are so many great films coming out lately from around the world. What's crazy is that some of the ones that get the most praise don't always connect with everyone. The Spanish made film Extraterrestrial is the latest meeting this criteria, but also sports the sci-fi comedy genre that gives it the unique opportunity to deliver something new to the genre, but can it make it work or will it just be a wasted invasion.

    Extraterrestrial follows a guy and girl as they wake up from an apparent one night stand only to find out that the world is full of UFO's. As if that wasn't enough, they have to deal with the girl's boyfriend and the creepy neighbor which might be even more trouble than the invasion. On the surface this movie works pretty well, but overall it misses the mark at times. The cast is great and do a great job bouncing off the clever dialogue to create a dry funny overall film. What takes somewhat away from this movie is the UFO aspect. While this does set up some reasoning behind the bigger story for them to play off of, it really serves little to no purpose for the film itself. There is nothing ever really done with it other than being a back drop and makes the final experience seem a bit lacking. Another major issue is the ending. It builds up with all the tensions and issues with all involved only to just kind of end with little to no resolution.

    Believe it or not this is an entertaining movie that should have been way better than it was. Overall once it ends, it just feels like it was all for nothing since nothing ever really happens. If you're looking for something a bit different then this movie will entertain and do the job, just be sure to steer clear of the expectations of the sci-fi aspect. Be warned, this is a subtitled movie so unless you speak Spanish be prepared to read.
  • Don't you love it when a film can actually sneak up on you and surprise you, genuinely, and reveal itself to be something what is advertised ?In this case, how many alien invasion movies have we had in the past couple of years? The past couple of months even? Nacho Vigalondo's follow-up to his cult-sensation Timecrimes (sadly unseen by me) is a film that is nominally about a spaceship hovers over Madrid. Will it be an action movie, a thriller, something icky or something inquisitive (or all of the above,like in. Prometheus)?

    As it turns out, the alien invasion is somewhat of a cover, though not entirely, for what is really one of those often returned to tropes that I love when done right in films— an infidelity drama that spirals out of control. In this case, the film opens on a one-night-stand couple, Julio (Villagran) and Julia (Jenner, ho-ho), who awake a little disorientated, not sure what happened the previous and then notice the streets outside are abandoned and a giant spaceship in the sky. There is also a noisy neighbor, Angel (Areces) and the arrival a short time later of Julia's boyfriend, Carlos (Carlos Cimas), who is a genuinely nice and clueless guy.

    The first mistake Julio makes is to let slip to Angel about what happened the night before. After this, the spiral starts: how to not have Angel reveal the truth to Carlos, which involves Julio convincing Carlos that Angel is "one of them," the invading aliens. In what skates the line (like in a lot of the film) between comedy and actual suspense, Julio and Carlos bind and gag Angel (in one of those scenes where none of the characters are sure what to do, but have set the pieces in motion and have to follow them through).

    The paranoia continues with Carlos reaching out to confront other "extraterrestrials" that have landed. But this, in turn, leads to more sex between Julio and Julia while Carlos roams the streets. Lies spur on more lies. And then more craziness. And Angel returns. And why should I keep going on? The fun in Extraterrestrial is seeing what these characters will do when someone withholds information that should be trivial in the scope of, say, possible imminent doom.

    I've seen the film described in a couple of reviews as a romantic comedy, and it could be to an extent. But for me, its effectiveness is more as a kind of noir-ish story of a couple who shouldn't be lovers but are, and the comedy comes from their surprises and stumbles. However, the plot with Carlos isn't so funny as he becomes a sort of one-man crusader against the invasion that isn't really happening (or is it?).

    Vigalondo leads the audience in different directions as to where the story might go, but far from being confused, I was totally engaged. He has a solid sense of direction (how he tracks in and out of rooms at certain moments is psychologically satisfying, and has a touch of Hitchcock to it), and just when you think something might finally give with the Julio/Julia's conflict—to tell or not to tell the truth—the movie takes another turn altogether. And yet there is still some ambiguity (maybe) by the end of it all as to what is really going on, who may or may not be an alien in human disguise.

    Among the 2012 summer, overloaded with extraterrestrials and upteenth special effects, Vigalondo made a real sleeper, with unpredictable characters, wonderful performances, and a story that unfolds with real surprise and dramatic/comic consequences.
  • This was quite a good film, I enjoyed it for what it was. A low budget film using a sci-fi template to tell another story. There are only about 4 or 5 actors in the film, meaning its much like a play, with most of the film taking place inside of an apartment.

    There were some interesting characters in this, with some funny moments and I liked all of the actors, especially the main two. The plot moved along well and surprised me a little. Most importantly, I was never bored.

    I must also mention that I became aware of this film from watching the director Nacho Vigalondo's other film Timecrimes, which I enjoyed even more so. He is a good writer/director and very original. (I must seek out his next film: Open Windows next.)

    Overall Opinion: Good low budget film, certainly worth a watch, and make sure to seek out Timecrimes also.
  • Funny? Yes. Uncomfortable? Yes. Ridiculous? I guess that was the point. Worth watching? I suppose. Anything with Michelle Jenner is - just on principle - but if she's not in it then absolutely no.