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  • o_mcguigan18 September 2011
    OK, here's the deal. Don't expect The Green Mile or Shawshank Redemption here. This is a B Grade Comedy that is very creative and fun. If you have watched the Mega Shark series and want more then this is by far the best of the lot. Its fun, silly and the dialogue is positively hilarious.

    I suggest: Watching this with kids Watching it while high / stoned watching it if you are very forgiving of low budget fun movies.

    I watched this with a 6 year old it it really is a great way to have fun with the family. Kids love the animals and Adults love the absurdity. People that rate this movie badly are equating it to big budget movies. That's hardly fair bu whatever, If you fall into any of the above categories then give it a try and be forgiving when rating this.
  • OK. Debbie Gibson. Tiffany. Mutant creatures. Cheese acting. Cat fight between Debbie and Tiffany. Total crap as far as "good" movie standards go. However, if you're into crap sci-fi movies, and you are old enough to remember these girls from the eighties and being superstars, its a great watch. Perfect for killing some time or putting on to doze off to if you have a TV by where you sleep and need something to watch and listen to while you drift off. I seriously don't know why some of these movie snobs bother to watch these movies just to criticize. I know what good movies are, and I like good movies. This isn't a good movie. Its a movie for people who like bad movies, or just bad movie trash to doze off to at 2AM. Its great as far as that goes and I hope they never stop pumping out cheap readily available movies like this for those of us that just need something kinda funny/amusing to kill some time with. Also, Jack Frost (the horror movie with a killer snowman) is great in that regard. There's a second one as well. Also, Santa's Slay...awesomeness!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What should you expect from a title such as "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid"?

    This is clearly not going to be a poignant exploration of the coming - of-age struggles facing a herpetologist, contrasted with the inner conflict of a widowed before even having the wedding game warden.

    This movie is clearly a "Bad SciFi" production (as opposed to "Good SciFi" that does attempt to be cinematically relevant). However, the sheer level of badness makes it an enjoyable watch. How many other movies can give you the opportunity to shout at the screen "Oh, come ON!!!" as many times as MP vs G? Both Tiffany and Debbie Gibson recognize their own shortcomings as actors, and revel in them, as seen in the commercial insets.

    Yes, the CGI ranges from bad to awful, but it is all the more fun because of it. Yes, the underlying science is unbelievable, but it hearkens back to the classic "B" movie formula of human actions affecting animals. Yes, you tend to laugh at the on-screen deaths rather than feel loss (Except for Kathryn Joosten, why, oh why did you have to eat Mrs. Landingham?!?!), but the debate afterward of eaten by gator or bitten in half by snake head was worth it. Yes, it is two hours you can't get back in your life, but you knew that when you started watching.

    Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is exactly what it appears to be. It makes no pretense that it is a great film, and the viewer should not demand that it tries.
  • RNHunter30 January 2011
    Now, somewhere between the non serious title and the fact that this movie went straight to cable on the SyFy Channel, one certainly should get the idea that we are not dealing with "Gone with the Wind" here, but with a silly monster movie. But there is still a place for that. Sometimes some of us have had it with too many serious things in life and we just want to watch something light and silly, and movies like these fill that urge. The fact that several of us voted to watch it proves the point.

    The good points? The rivalry between the two main actresses at times was interesting. The rest of the movie sort of went along with expectations. And by that I mean, the acting and drama did not even get to good, the special effects did not rival Jurassic Park, and no university professor (who is not high) is going to buy the explanation for the larger monsters and how they got that way. The bottom line is, if you are in the mood for something that you know is not serious nor pretends to be serious, this might fill some time for you.

    Regrets from me after watching it? Some movies that know they are not the big time sometimes reach cult classic fame with the right amount of silliness and interest such as "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". I think this movie tried for that category also, but I do not feel it achieved that either. But I give it credit for being honest as to what it really was - a non serious monster movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For those of you who missed the two showings of Megapython VS Gatoroid last night on the SyFy Channel, I highly advise you set your DVR for an encore. IMO,you wont be disappointed.

    80's redhead lip-syncer, Tiffany has blossomed, with bosoms, and she ain't shy to show her creamy white DD (at least) décolletage. Slitely rubanesque , but still within the confines of prepubescent appeal and void of jejune from you daddy's old enough to know of her.

    Debbie Gibson, looking like the 1st white poster child for Ethiopia, is so boney gangly it appears her skeleton has other ideas than being her support system. Things is with a nose job, and a pizza,she'd be kind of cute.

    Premise: Too many people-eating snakes in the everglades! So cleavage Ranger Tiffany has this brilliant idea to stuff raw chickens with experimental growth hormones to feed to the alligators so they will grow big enough to eat the snakes. ( Why they didn't feed them to the snakes natural enemy- the mongoose, is a mystery to me). Of course the plan backfires as the alligators grow to the size of whales, and the snakes as long as a football field( I guess the snakes got some of that grow-juice too?) Well these two species sort of team-up to eat humans and cause general mayhem and destruction in Miami.

    Mickey Dolenz ( of the Monkees fame) looking a little creepy, is the cameo VIP host for the fund raiser the clueless Ranger insists must occur so that the glades can survive. OF course the mascot for the ceremony is a monkey. But trouble is-a-brewing... (hiss)

    The writers seem to have thought it would be funny to play the supposed real-life feud between Gibson and Tiffany into this film. They yell at each other a lot- you see Debbie's some sort of a nature doctor who wants the animals to be left alone as she believes that natural order of things is to let people get eaten by snakes, so she organizes a protest in front of Ranger Tiffany's headquarters. Even though the ranger's fiancé had just been eaten by a snake, Debbie cruelly tells Tiffany it we HER fault he died.

    Debbie discovers incriminating evidence that the Ranger had caused this growth phenomena. So she crashes the fund-raiser to threaten the ranger with going public with it. What ensues is the BEST part of the movie as these two erstwhile pop teens have one crazy-ass cat fight with slapping, wrestling, and even a pie fight,that eventually ends in the glade swamp, but not before Tiffany delivers the money-line "Only In Your Dreams" when Debbie touts to Tiffany of the thrashing she is about to receive.

    While they are writhing in the swamp, of course the snakes and gators are eating all of the rich guests and before Mickey can sing one Monkees classic (they probably couldn't afford the licensing) a snake swallows him hole. Apparently, rich people are some gun toting folks as every guest had one to fire, to no avail, at the giant reptiles.

    On the topic of the critters- they have been computer-rendered on the level of PS-2 game.

    I wont spoil the ending, but I'll say it involves TNT and crop dusting, and of course the best cleavage (or should I say breast cleavage) as I swear a couple of times I thought they were gonna fall out.


    ( 5 stars for obvious tung&cheek approach)
  • First off, i have got to admit that i have a slight obsession with these type of SyFy movies, there's just something about the outrageous plots, low profile actors and shoddy CGI that gets me every time.

    The Plot: Trouble in the everglades becomes apparent after Dr. Nikki Riley releases pythons into the area which result in the dwindling number of alligators, and rising numbers in animal corpses. Tiffany who plays park ranger Terry swiftly takes it into her own hands to resolve the problem armed with chickens and steroids; for which disastrous consequences are lurking round the swamp door.

    My Thoughts If you gave it a grade purely from it's technical side, well... let's just say it wouldn't be getting on the honor's roll anytime soon! The lead actresses, Tiffany Darwisch and Deborah Gibson's acting skill set, to put it more nicely, would not benefit any other channel but SyFy. If they were to leave the safety net of the souped up minds of the SyFy team, they just wouldn't be able to survive in the world of acting.

    The pacing itself seems to be a bit slow in the beginning but soon grabs your attention with a vast array of humorous moments intertwined with suspense and thrill, you really are entertained from the start to the finish.. almost.

    The Screen Stealers There were a minority in the film who definitely stole the show for me in regards to their acting ability in contrast to other various cast members, for instance; A Martinez did a fantastic job of playing Dr. Diego Ortiz, but unfortunately i believe he slightly let himself down in the aeroplane scene (or if you're American, airplane), his face just didn't really seem to convey as much pain as what he says he is in.. suspicious stuff.. eh?

    The second of my shining stars has to be Kathryn Joosten, even though she doesn't have as much screen time as the majority, she is still absolutely brilliant at what she does, and what she does is she makes us laugh. It is entirely apparent why she has won two primetime Emmy awards. Bravo Kathryn.. bravo.

    And the Conclusion is.. (Drum Rolls Please) Overall it's a bad film, yet still my heart tells me that it's completely amazing, in it's own special way. Even though it is quite terrible, you cannot disregard the pure entertainment value of this cracking movie and I would completely recommend watching this to any of my many friends cats.

    What a "normal" person would think: 3/10 What an epic person with the whole SHABANG just like me would think: 7/10
  • fourfb29 January 2011
    They did not pretend they were not a B movie, and as a B movie - I loved it! there was nothing but low budget here. BUT! again I say BUT! I ROFL at a lot of its idiocy. I see they had fun with it and I enjoyed having recognizable talent involved in a just for fun movie. We thought, why is a monkey so important to the fund raising event, LMAO when we saw "The Monkey". kudos to you, I had fun with it. you really have to look at this movie as not something trying to get a Oscar or academy award. I'm telling you the monkey thing got me the best. I see a street person with a little monkey when you say that. I got it first and had to say " No, Look - THE MONKEY!" thank you for this little bit of just silly. Deb and Tiff OMG! two singers being silly together. come on, this was fun.
  • Bradcz007730 January 2011
    Debbie and Tiffany... I never even liked watching those cheesy scyfy B movies... Then I watched both movies that they made before this one and I love the campy humor. Tiffany is Hot!!!! Debbie Gibson is Hot!!!! Bad F/X and horrible dialogue... What else do you need to enjoy a Saturday Night. I love both of them and I'm hoping for some more not taking yourself to seriously B-( bad) movies soon. Maybe some alien/super pet movie with both of those great eighties hotties... I even thought the CG graphics had improved since the last mega monster flick. No spoilers but I love what happens to practically everyone including certain aging male singers... Thanks again Debbie and Tiffany!!!!
  • This is one of several movies where they take has-beens from yesteryear and have them do silly things. This movie features Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, teeny-bop pop starts from the 80s, but they're not really has-beens. Both of them still have careers that most actresses and singers can only dream about. It also features some guy from the 80s band The Monkeys.

    Nevertheless, Debbie plays a tree hugging environmentalist who releases some snakes into the Everglades. Tiffany plays a voluptuous park ranger who feeds steroid induced chickens to alligators thinking that the alligators would eat the snakes. What could go wrong?

    As a former fan of the singers, I was more than pleased. Cute Debbie has grown up to be a mature, beautiful woman, slender, yet muscular. She spends the second half of the movie running around in an evening gown about the size of a hand towel. Tiffany has curves that are imprinted in my brain. The two play rivals in the movie, occasionally using the B-word to refer to each other. At one point, the two ladies get into a cat fight.

    The movie knows it's a joke, and it doesn't pretend to be otherwise. The ladies don't take themselves seriously either. Both know it's a stupid low budget B-movie, if that. If you were in love with Debbie Gibson and/or Tiffany back in the 80s, then you'll like this movie. If not, then I highly advise that you skip it.
  • swedzin16 November 2012
    Don't you just love when the infamous Asylum production discriminates your brain? It's just intolerable! I know, now you're thinking "then why did you watch that film?", because I want to issue a warning to all people who loves to watch movies, to avoid this at every cost. So, this movie was directed by Mary Lambert who directed "Pet Cemetery" and it's sequel. But, Mary is definitely one of those directors whose career was washed up and so, she joined the Asylum. Now… I don't know… I bet that producers of Asylum are the fans of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany… And they took this failed director and these two failed singers… oh yes, how did they call them? The 80s pop sensations? What sensations? The two of them had only one hit song that sucked big time. And they obviously wanted to show some kind of rivalry between the two "pop sensations", and they did it with the duel on a party, which was one of the funniest things I have ever seen… especially in the film that, like… tends to be somewhat "serious"… That duel was predicted by Bill Hicks, if you ask me… Now, what to say? Directing was horrible, acting was dreadful (all actors in this film… wow… they never ever heard about acting. Tiffany and Debbie were characters that presented a last straw in this crap, two failed "pop sensations" in failed movie career. Are they that dumb, not to notice that the joke was on their expense?), editing, music score, camera work, well… that's asylum… and CGI which is the highlight of badness… no need to talk about this… in this moment, my fingers are shivering and my brain hurts! Avoid this and do something better with your life, fill your bathtub and practice holding your breath for a… two hours. It's far more exciting than watching this turd.
  • As I have said many times, I have made no secret of disliking most of SyFy's output. I kind of knew that Mega Python vs. Gataroid was going to be bad, and it was. However, because the concept was intriguing, it started off alright and because Deborah Gibson and Tiffany were decent, it is not as unwatchable as something like Quantum Apocalypse, Alien vs vs. Hunter or Titanic II.

    The special effects are crude-looking and in my opinion not used very well, as the film is often very silly and lacking in tension and atmosphere, while the camera work and editing are slapdash. As I said, Mega Python vs Gataroid has a good concept, it starts off well and has a quite enjoyable scene involving a meeting to save the everglades, but the sillier it gets the more meandering the storytelling becomes. The film is rushed, too short, has some really absurd dialogue and the acting excepting the two leads is painful especially from Micky Dolenz.

    Overall, although it is a bad movie, I can't bring myself to entirely hate it. 3/10 Bethany Cox
  • bowers9630 January 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was an instant classic, all the things needed for a syfy movie. If you're looking for a Hollywood movie change the channel. The acting is not anything special and the plot is not pretty crazy, but thats what makes the movie great. I started watching this with a buddy and next thing I know my sister and mom are watching with us and we are all dying laughing. one of my favorite part of the movie was when all of the guests pulled out their guns at the party and started shooting, then that lady from desperate housewives gives up her tampons to make Molotov cocktails.... couldn't stop laughing. I would suggest this movie to anyone with a free night on their hands. after watching this I know how amazing an actor I can be.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was a Syfy movie, about giant snakes and gators...starring Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. If you were expecting the next Forrest Gump that's your fault, not the makers of this comic masterpiece. From the very first scene through the thrilling climax I was thoroughly entertained.

    Outstanding dialogue:

    "Oooh Somebody had bitch for breakfast"

    "I think we're alone now. Yeah there doesn't seem to be anyone around"

    Cheesy acting, cheesy effects and A Martinez looking 87!! Some fine nods to the careers of Tiffany and Ms. Gibson thrown in the mix and a "Monkee" for good measure, you just can't go wrong!
  • bababear30 January 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    This delivered exactly what the ads promised. A fast moving popcorn movie as far removed from the reality of Planet Earth as possible, featuring two aged divas who were pop queens in the 1980's.

    Debbie Gibson plays Nikki, an eco-terrorist who steals snakes from private collections and releases them in the Everglades. Tiffany plays Terry, some sort of park ranger who's dedicated to preserving a safe environment for the animals.

    The recently liberated snakes are so happy in the swamp that they grow and prosper and begin to wipe out other animals. Terry comes up with the perfect solution, announcing "We need bigger alligators," and getting her hands on large quantities of anabolic steroids (she pronounces the first word as anaBELLic but everyone is too polite to correct her. She injects the steroids into dead chickens and tosses them to the gators, but the snakes get hold of some too. Before long there are snakes like fire hoses and alligators the size of Greyhound buses tearing up the swamp and devouring Terry's boyfriend.

    A note on the acting. Debbie realizes that this is high camp and plays it accordingly. Tiffany- so strident and unpleasant in MEGA PIRANHA last year- is more of a good sport this time around, willing to get in the spirit of things.

    The real surprise is the two time Emmy winner Kathryn Joosten playing Terry's ever reliable deputy, a pistol packing granny whose good sense is a refreshing change from the dopey decisions so many characters make.

    The gators and snakes get bigger and hungrier. A Martinez comes in as a wildlife expert it helps that his character is also an accomplished pilot.

    Major spoiler ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    The mutated animals get out of hand. Their numbers are increasing and they're laying eggs that promise to be hatch into gigantic creatures, too (I didn't think the results of steroids could be passed to other generations, but you shouldn't really think too much watching this). Something Must Be Done.

    Terry has planned a formal dress fundraiser. She's warned that this is a mistake, but she goes ahead with the plan and hires Mickey Dolenz, formerly of the Monkees, as special musical guest. Dolenz gets up to sing and is immediately eaten by a huge python, and all hell breaks loose.

    This is the only time I've ever seen someone playing himself in a movie get killed off. Very, very strange.

    Meanwhile Nicki has crashed the party- wearing a dress that looks like a sparkly towel and reminding us that Debbie isn't as busty as Tiffany- and the two get into a huge food fight. Pies are thrown. Tables are knocked over. They take the fight outside so they don't know that the guests are being attacked and eaten. After a huge gunfight- most of the guests were packing heat, thank goodness- the divas put aside their differences to unite to save the world.

    They drive into Miami to find all sorts of stuff going on: abandoned cars, a burned out mall, and in one really effective shot a python swallows almost entire commuter train: what effect this has on the python's digestion is open to speculation.

    Because a huge nuclear power plant is situated smack in the middle of downtown Miami (?!?!?!?) the mutated animals must be lured back to the swamp. The explosives are set, Terry rescues Nikki, and a helicopter comes to rescue the divas. Terry is climbing the ladder when she's eaten in one gulp by a monster.

    Nikki is now on the rope ladder. The explosives are set off, chunks of monster meat fall over the landscape, and she falls off the ladder and falls hundreds of feet into about two feet of water and is uninjured; alas, the final surviving gator has her as a snack.

    If they aren't careful, one of these days the folks at The Asylum are really going to make a good movie. Their product is nowhere rivaling the major studios, but they're getting better at it. And their lack of pretension is refreshing.

    This is not serious drama. The two stars hosted the showing on SciFi (I refuse to use the channel's new name) and made wisecracks all the way through. They had a good time and took nothing about this seriously. You should do the same.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am almost sorry to say that I was able to watch the World Premiere of this bizarre flick on SyFy last night. Where to begin? The preposterous plot? The God-awful CGI? The stomach churning "acting" of the two, uh, "stars"? We'll go right to the uh, stars.

    Tiffany has not aged well, to say the least. At best, she looks like a middle-aged housefrau with enormous boobs that are threatening to unleash themselves from their captivity at any given moment. Normally, this would add an element of titillation (pun intended) to the proceedings but, in this case, the thought of those two over-sized melons flopping around on the screen was almost as horrifying as her acting.

    Debbie, (oops!) DEBORAH, on the other hand, is so thin she looks as if a good wind would blow her right into the swamp. She looks downright anorexic. It's not funny, it's true. Also, her nose is so strangely shaped that I could not focus on anything else. That odd proboscis commands total attention anytime it is on screen. It should be named Olivier. I can't take my eyes off of it. It's hypnotic. The fact that she delivers all of her lines looking straight into the camera further enhances the raw, scenery-chewing power of that nose.

    All in all, another ridiculous entry from The Asylum. All of this said, I get the joke and since I love bad movies I must admit that it's nice to escape from reality sometimes and watch something so outrageous and nonsensical. I give it a solid 2/10.
  • ComedyFan201016 November 2013
    There are bad movies and there are also movies that are so bad that they are good. This is one of them.

    These B-movies are to me a different genre and I treat it as such. My rating is not the same if it was supposed to be a high quality sci fi. A big chunk of the points comes from the entertainment it gave me. What makes movie qualify for this kind of treatment in my eyes is if they don't take themselves too seriously. If they tried to pretend to be some serious movie I would have to rate it by such standards.

    The plot of the movie is very simple. There isn't much logic behind it and I didn't bother with the inconsistencies. One thing I give thumbs up for though is that this movie did neither animal rights activists nor the park rangers the bad or good guys, these is something even the supposed high quality movies fail at often.

    The movie is filled with pop stars from the 80's. Debbie and Tiffany who are the main characters of the movie and Micky Dolenz. I haven't really heard from them before and didn't even get that "monkey" joke at first. But I am sure that people who were their fans back in the days must have enjoyed this movie even more than I did.

    The one who was a star to me in this movie was A Martinez. I recognized him from the soap opera "Santa Barbara" that I used to love as a child. And I was very impressed with his acting. It was very fitting to the genre. By that I am not trying to say that he was very bad. He just had a perfect screen presence and timing for all reactions and the atmosphere of the movie. I also really liked the acting of Kathryn Joosten. Her career is pretty amazing considering especially that it's highlight came pretty much towards the end of her life in Desperate Housewives. She did a great job as Angie in this movie and was very funny.

    The main characters aren't such professional actors as the ones I have mentioned, but they weren't too bad. Good enough for a B movie. Terry's anger moments were hilarious in this movie. And their fight scene is definitely one of the highlights in the movie, even for someone like me who never was their fan in the 80's or saw their pop star "rivalry"

    The visual effects were of course not very good. But I won't blame it on the crew, after all it is not such a high budget movie to do it James Cameron style. And for the most the scenery was very beautiful and I loved the dramatic effects that filled up the movie.
  • I think 'never a dull moment', would have been the formula for the making of this movie. That, and 'everything done as fast as possible'. Maybe as cheap as possible too. Credit where credit is due though, because there is tonnes of cgi throughout. At least four or five scenes would be worthy of a poster. It's not quality cgi, but it's a fair way above student quality. It's one of those movies where a script is borrowed from other movies, and it is only to tie together the wacko cgi action anyway. It's an art form I guess, and would be entertaining to kids as soon as they can pass the suitable age rating, but not much further once they experience true blockbusters. Mega Python is nothing to compare with, say, Rampage (2018), but does fall into that quirky genre of B-movies where, since the advent of cgi, there has been a renaissance, which is a good thing, and there are better ones and worse ones of course. If I were 18 again I would have watched this with my girlfriend so we could laugh. For these reasons it deserves a 6. As a movie it deserves a 2.
  • In the Florida Everglades, animal rights activist Debbie Gibson (as Nikki Riley) appears to kidnap caged snakes and return them to the wild. "That woman's got a thing for snakes," notes one redneck. She is the opposite of park ranger Tiffany (as Terry O'Hara), who sees the snakes as a threat to local wildlife and orders hunters to kill them all. Debbie wants them to let nature take care of the problem. Tiffany wants to help nature along. The snakes eat alligators, so Tiffany decides to feed steroid-injected chickens to the alligators. When one eats the other, they should all die. Instead, they mutate into monsters. None of it makes much sense. Even before being fed bad chicken, the snakes get big and start attacking people, like Tiffany's cute boyfriend...

    Debbie blames Tiffany...

    Tiffany blames Debbie...

    Former daytime TV star A Martinez (as Diego Ortiz) arrives to help. He is a scientist, reptile expert and pilot...

    Alarmed by the size and viciousness of the alligators, Mr. Martinez wants to stop a local fund-raiser. Forgetting all about her friends being killed, Tiffany wants the event to go on as scheduled. Meanwhile, Debbie sees a friend eaten alive. You'll have to see if they can put aside their differences for diva friendly director Mary Lambert, and save the park. Tiffany and Debbie were pop recording stars in the 1980s and each contributes a new song to the story. Appropriately, the songs are snake-themed. The Monkees' drummer and lead singer Micky Dolenz is a special treat. But the best part is watching a knock-down, drag-out fight between the co-starring singers, especially when Debbie straddles Tiffany and applies cake frosting to her cleavage.

    *** Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (1/29/11) Mary Lambert ~ Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, A Martinez, Kathryn Joosten
  • SanteeFats15 September 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    First who the hell releases non-native species into local waters? Only those with no conscience or from somewhere else. If Debby Gibson's character, a doctor no less, actually cared as much as she states, then she wouldn't be releasing the ones she steals from people into local Florida waters. I will say though that in my opinion Debby beats Tiffany hands down in the who still looks best department. Now Tiffany's character actually is a more responsible person as she recognizes the invasive species threat and Gibson is just a tree hugging, let everything work out idiot. Now don't get me wrong I do belong to PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)!!!! I am on the governments side in this movie.
  • Is this what Sci Fi... oops... I mean ScyFy has come down to? I remember watching many bad movies aired as original movies on ScyFy back in the day, along with many other series that were back then what made the original SciFi channel what it is.

    Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is one of those horrible films you see come along every now and again on ScyFy that make you question the motive of film makers these days. There are good films, and then there are ScyFy films.

    As a film & video VFX editor and 3D animator I was ashamed to see such a low level of attention given to the effects and production of this movie. For one the editing of gore has no dimension. They simply fall as bits and pieces of flesh into a masked layer of pathetic editing.

    The rendering and blending of objects in the movie were not even close to decent. This film looks like one of those 5 minute videos you will find on YouTube if young kids and adults who have quite literally JUST started working in video editing and production. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the production company that worked on the film were a bunch of college kids who downloaded After Effects, Maya, 3DS Max and called themselves a production company and did work for cheap.

    It's so bad that calling it cheesy doesn't even do it justice. There are errors all over the place that in film production you go nuts over if you spot them.

    For one the object blending is off. They look like actual 3d models rendered in a scene view or on a low production setting. The object blending is actually decent, but the fact that they can't render anything that looks realistic or even just a tiny bit realistic makes me sad.

    The 3D helicopter used in the movie is not only badly animated, but as we all know when a helicopter gets close to ground level objects such as water and trees movie violently simply because of the force being directed downward for the helicopter to obtain lift... It isn't in this movie. Objects are as still as a picture.

    I'm ashamed that they are airing this. They need to bring back the X- Files. This just doesn't cut it. ScyFy needs to be shut down if they are going to continue airing what is basically a steaming pile of transformer, x-file wanna be s''t's.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was horrendous. From what porn studio did the director take these two idiots? The dialogue- beyond stupid. The effects... not really surprising coming from a SyFy production still... you see, how hard could it be to find some good blood-like liquid and not this stupid red paint they use in these crappy movies? Badly computer-generated python and gator... and two awful details that cannot be forgiven... why does one of the guys that get killed appear later like nothing, and since when the Everglades have mountains and caves?

    I saw Supergator earlier which, of course, was also a pretty bad movie, but at least the sequence of event were bearable. MP vs G was utter rubbish, it is not even recyclable...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's so awful that you have to see it....two washed up and out 80's has beens trying to act.....

    A Martinez is horrible as always - you looking old dude!

    Tiffany....hope the check cleared for the soundtrack - don't act anymore

    Debbie - totally bad....even for your inability to act your way out of a wet paper bag

    ****SPOILER*** Mickey Dolenz - best death scene in a bad movie in a long time

    the acting is bad, the script is horrible....and you have to watch it to see just how bad a bad movie can be.....
  • I would have walked out of this movie on an airplane. Indeed, where should I start? Aside from the cat fight between Tiffany and Debbie Gibson there are so many technical flaws, misguided character arcs, and examples of bad acting I actually found myself wishing that Jaws The Revenge was on. Remember that gem? I like monster movies and creature features just as much as the next SciFi fan but unfortunately this movie, in fact everything that The Asylum as ever released, demonstrates that elements in the scifi world is languishing in a creativity vacuum. I am of the opinion that nothing new or original is being created in Hollywood anymore and it seems that independent film and scifi film makers are falling for overused formulas and horrible graphics. Did you see how bad the creatures looked? I would have rather had a guy in a suit or those odd camera shots we saw in movies like The Night of the Lepus and The Legend of Boggy Creek. Some may argue that the director may have been trying to lampoon a huge number of the common creature feature plot devices but I think that is giving the director way too much credit. While watching this movie I started to feel bad that I was wasting so much time when I could have spent it doing something more interesting like sewing up holes in my socks or watching the snow melt. SciFi can do much better than this. I hope that more worthwhile works are coming our way soon.
  • cold_lazarou16 September 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very strong contender for the title of best film ever made in the entire history of time.

    Now, i'm not saying that it's a great film, or even a good one really. It's just that the very existence of a film wherein '80s popstrels Debbie Gibson and Tiffany fight in a swamp... Debbie Gibson and Tiffany... mud-wrestling... It's like someone hacked into the dreams of my ten-year-old self and beamed them directly onto celluloid. The fact that the movie also contains giants lizards is just the icing on the cake.

    Said gargantuan reptiles may not be the greatest effects committed to film (in fact, the word "special" is possibly not applicable to these effects), but that just enhanced the charm. Speaking of "charms", hasn't Tiffany grown? She now resembles Karen Gillan's MILFy mother, and that ain't no bad thing. Still more of a Gibson fan, myself, though.

    Monsters, ex-teen pinups, and in-jokes galore. When the lines "I think we're alone now..", "There doesn't seem to be anyone around!" were uttered, i think i nearly spontaneously combusted with joy. Truly the stuff of a madman's dreams.
  • When SyFy debuts their latest camp extravaganza in its esteemed 9PM Saturday evening showcase spot, featuring its lead actors bashing it MST3K style at every commercial break on its first showing, it's a pretty fair bet you're in for B-movie nonsense. This one delivers.

    It never for one second takes itself seriously, and just about everybody is directed to play their parts as cartoonish caricatures. The parts played by Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, an ecologist and a game warden respectively, are over-the-top fanatics who mess with nature's food chain. When they're not cat fighting each other, that is. Then they're genetically altering gators and pythons into mutant CGI giants that get a kick out of croaking each other, or rip apart humans on sight.

    The film's shining moment is a party where conservationists are dedicating a program to "save the Everglades." When the big mutants inevitably show up to crash the party, they learn to their dismay that lots of conservationists carry concealed weapons. Everybody (including people in wheel chairs and banquet bus-boys) starts blasting away with guns 'a-blazin' on the surprised creatures.

    This self-mocking film has many of the elements that make the classic drive-in "big mutant monster" movies so fun. Worth a watch for a good laugh.
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