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  • lor_3 January 2022
    These two Pure Taboo vignettes now on DVD are truly lousy, made with little effort and merely boring porn. This represents a release of new material, rather than items shown on the website years ago, but are distinctly lower quality than vintage content from the Bree Mills label.

    Title segment stars petite blonde Kiara Cole as a student meeting with her guidance counselor John Strong, who boldly says she wants fu*king to be her career. John is somewhat straitlaced and rejects that option, stating he'll report to the prinicipal. Kiara counters that she'll show him what she means, and we get a half hour of Cole humping Strong enthusiastically in his office.

    This is a ridiculously brief and stupid set-up to a gonzo sex scene, reducing the Pure Taboo concept to the level of all-sex competitors like Brazzers or Bang Bros videos. Cole is a sexy actress, but this ain't acting.

    Lengthy supporting vignette is titled "Law-Abiding Citizen", and manages to be even worse. It stars goth-styled brunette Charlotte Sartre as a con out on parole who has a job interview with an extra, played by frequent crew member Mo Reese (to save a budget buck), approved but pending a background check, which she's bound to flunk due to the felony on her record.

    Sartre's solution is to contact a former partner in crime, Casey Calvert, and get to her to work as a driver on a heist caper Charlotte's concocted while in stir. They're discussing the crime seated in Sartre's crummy basement apartment when Charlotte's parole office Jason Moody shows up.

    He smugly and sarcastically harangues Charlotte, emphasizing his power over her as her p.o., and questioning the merchandise sitting there -how did she come by it. He also correctly surmises that Casey is a criminal, noting that consorting with her is a parole violation.

    Charlotte improvises that Casey is just her girlfriend, so Moody insists they prove it, inferring that girlfriend means lesbian lover. He insists they perform while he watches, pure porno logic to give us the XXX content that is the scene's raison d'etre.

    The two brunettes have sex on the couch in perfunctory fashion, and after masturbating a while, Jason joins in for a threesome emphasizing anal sex. After his money shot he leaves, and as with the previous title scene, there are no twists in the scenario, just sex to end it.

    A dreary excuse for Adult entertainment, hardly competitive with any amateur porn posted on line.