Thomas Geiger: Do you want to know the real reason they first asked you to head up the Sternwood case?

Max Lewinsky: Not fucking really. Uh, my good looks? My charm?

Thomas Geiger: We hadn't been able to get anywhere near Sternwood for years. Our incompetence could be passed off as your inexperience.

Max Lewinsky: I'm paid to catch crooks, not get them elected.

Dean Warns: I'll tell you why I'm a good soldier, because of selfless commitment Harvey Crown, Nathan Bartnick, Ruan Sternwood, Sarah Hawks... all necessary casualties... all necessary sacrifices

[first lines]

Max Lewinsky: [calling it in] Nathan?

Nathan Bartnick: Talk to me.

Max Lewinsky: Yes, it's tonight. Sternwood is doing it tonight.

Nathan Bartnick: Jesus, Max, you've got it! Where?

Max Lewinsky: Aberdeen Square.

Nathan Bartnick: Are you sure?

Max Lewinsky: Yeah. Yeah, I'm positive.

[punches guy squirming underneath him]

Jane Badham: Do you think what happened to Sternwood's son will draw him out?

Max Lewinsky: I was shot in leg, Jane, not in the head.

[last lines]

Dean Warns: selfless commitment

Thomas Geiger: FUCK OFF YOU... You off all people should understand, I'm the one who has to go to see officers' families when they get killed because they haven't got the right protection because they've got wrong sort of body armour

Thomas Geiger: [on Dean] He is not some amateur... you can just walk over... you really shouldn't have brought him here... you really shouldn't have

Max Lewinsky: [from the trailer] The only thing remembered about Jacob Strenwood... will be he's fucking prison sentence