• WARNING: Spoilers

    The movie starts as office Max Lewinsky (McAvoy) is attempting to catch the notorious Jacob Sherwood (Strong) robbing a place. He is finally able to knock him off of his motorcycle in a tunnel, and they struggle for a while before Sherwood shoots Max in the knee. Max screams in pain as Sherwood escapes.

    Cuts to a young man on a plane who seems very nervous and uncomfortable. He unzips his sweatshirt and sees he is bleeding from his abdomen. He rushes off the plane and runs on the landing strip while making a call to his father; Sherwood. He says he isn't sure he would've made it to Iceland, and he is arrested and collapses.

    Max wakes up from a fitful sleep to drain fluid from his knee. His partner, Sarah (Riseborough), wakes him up and reprimands him for being late again. They are seen interrogating a man, Warns, in the back of a car about the murder of a young man, Otis Blake. When they exit the car Nathan (Mays) and Geiger (Morrissey) tell them that they must let him go, due to insufficient evidence.

    There is a big commotion inside the headquarters, because of the capture of Sherwood's son, Ruan. They call they've traced his last call to a cabin in Iceland and are driving there to pick him up now. Max whispers to Sarah that is wont work, so she announces this to the group. Nathan scorns them and continues his operation, which ultimately fails and causes the deaths of innocent officers.

    Jane (Little), a campaign manager, talks to Geiger and Nathan about getting more funding for officers. Max suggests that they should put Ruan in a public hospital to bait Sherwood, and Geiger allows it.

    Sherwood meets with Roy Edwards (Mullen), an old friend, to ask for advice. Roy tells him that Ruan was hanging out with Otis Blake and doing some small time crime.

    Sherwood goes to the hospital and nearly walks into the room, but he sends a man asking for directions in there and ruins the Trap. He escapes due to Max's bum knee. Ruan goes into cardiac arrest and dies on the table, but Max convinces Geiger to keep this hidden from the press, so Sherwood would "still be in play".

    Sherwood goes to the hotel that Ruan mentioned and find blood and money. He says they should put the room number out there to draw in whoever may have shot the boys.

    Max argues with Sarah about being a nobody, which she refutes. He tries to kiss her, but she refuses and he leaves.

    Roy tells a barber/ tattoo artist to put the hotel room out there, which eventually gets back to Max.

    Sherwood is hiding in the bathroom in the shower, waiting for the people who killed the boys. Two men arrive and begin searching for the money. There is a shootout and one of the men is shot and killed. The second shooter gets away, and Max arrives to find Sherwood is escaping. In the aftermath, Max finds a pair of glasses belonging to the second shooter.

    Sarah follows Warns from his grandmother's house to a shipping area. She flirts with the check in person and reads the name of the container Warns went to. She shoots off the locks and walks inside. While she is investigating, Warns walks in and the eye each other nervously. He strangles her to death and lays her in the container.

    Sherwood asks Roy if he knows a Bartnick, because he heard the name at the hotel. Roy's wife comes into their lunch angrily. She claims she doesn't want this in her life anymore, and asks if Sherwood has anything to do with this police officer's death. The officer turns out to be the first shooter from the hotel.

    Max reprimands Jane for using the officer's, Harvey Crown, death to help her campaign. He then goes in to talk to Geiger in the stairwell. He voices his suspicions about why the officer was in there and reveals there was another officer; Nathan. He found his glasses at the scene of the crime. Geiger thing something is going on too, and he agreed to look into Crown and Nathan, and Max can look into Sherwood.

    Sherwood calls Nathan BARTNICK and arranges for them to meet that night at a club. Juka tells Max that Otis Blake was once arrested by Harvey Crown.

    Roy hides a gun at the club under a pinball machine.

    Max goes to the hotel and continues to call Sarah, who isn't answering her phone (duh). Geiger walks in and tells Max that he tapped Nathan's phone line and heard he was meeting Sherwood at the club.

    Sherwood has his gun taken at the front door, while Nathan and Warns ready theirs to fire. Max breaks in through a window and sees Sherwood across the empty dance floor. Sherwood raises his hands, but then dashes away. Max starts to go after him, but Nathan and Warns begin shooting at his, causing him to duck behind a pillar. Warns goes for Max, while Nathan goes for Sternwood. Sternwood ends up killing Nathan, then escaping when Roy yanks the chains off the door with his car. However, he returns to save Max and shoves him in the back of the van. They fight for a bit, but Max is no match and agrees to take him to see his son.

    They arrive at the hospital and Max shows Sherwood his son is dead. Sherwood cries for a bit, before pulling himself together and walking out with Max. They run into Juka who states "they found her in your bed", meaning Sarah. Max beats up Juka and looks upon Sarah's body before Sherwood pulls him out of the hospital.

    Max and Sherwood stand on the pier sharing information. Max states that Otis and Ruan were killed by Warns, who was working with Nathan, Crown, and maybe Geiger. He says Sarah had Punch 119 on her hand. They determine this is a shipping container.

    They go to Warn's grandmother to press him for information poses as old military buddies. Warns claims he is a better soldier than would give information, even thought they have a gun pointed at the back of her head. He shoots Roy in the chest who shoots him in the chest. They get Warns to call Geiger, who is involved, to meet at the container. Roy is losing blood, but still conscious and claims he'd be okay staying there.

    Geiger goes to see Jane, who has orchestrated all of his to get her candidate elected. Geiger yells at her for denying this and goes to the container, anyway.

    Geiger drives in and they smash his car with a forklift; breaking his arm. They pull him out of the car and begin to interrogate him, including having Sherwood shoot him in the arm. Max begins to reveal what he believes happened. Otis and Ruan had come down to buy guns from Warns, who was with Crown and Nathan. Otis recognized Crown from arresting him, and this blew their cover so they killed Otis and shot Ruan; who got away. Then, they thought Max was getting too close, so they tried to frame him for Sarah's murder and kill Sherwood to tie up loose ends. Geiger states they were trying to get police to come and arrest the boys to show gun crime and help Weismann get elected. Max doesn't believe he'd do it for just the money, but Geiger says he couldn't bear visiting family's whose family members were killed due to poor supplies. He also states they shouldn't have brought Warns here, who begins shooting at them with some other men. Sherwood tells Max to go to the car and he'd meet him there, but Max is shot in the shoulder. Geiger grabs a gun from the shipping container and tries to shoot everyone he sees. Sherwood kills Warns and meets up with Max. They chase after Geiger and corner him on the roof. Geiger tries to appeal to Max's humanity, Sherwood shoots and kills him. Max turns his gun on Sherwood, but lowers it and allows him to escape. A force, headed by Juka, run to the roof and see Max. Max slowly drops his guns and raises his hands about his head.