Sarah Hyland auditioned over Skype.

Although the movie did not perform very well at the worldwide box office ($15,391,979 against a $30 million budget) director Mark Waters was eager to give the franchise a second chance in the form of a sequel (Vampire Academy: Frostbite). Studio Preger Entertainment agreed to fund the film on the condition that Mark Waters could get fans to raise the necessary $1.5 million on their own in proof of their support of the film. An indiegogo campaign was started and ran from August 2014 to September 2014. Fans were only able to raise $254,500 by the end of the month, thus leading to Preger Entertainment canceling plans for a sequel.

Lucy Fry did not receive a callback for the first casting. When the producers started accepting self-tapes she submitted one that landed her a studio callback.

In the original draft, Christian was portrayed as blond and Jesse was of Latino descent.

The psi-hounds were originally filmed using trained dogs, but director Mark Waters was not happy with the way they looked. They were replaced with CGI dogs, modeled off a drawing author Richelle Mead made for Waters.

Dominic Sherwood was the last to be cast. He was cast just a few days before filming started.

To prepare for their roles as Dhampir novices and guardians, Zoey Deutch, Cameron Monaghan, and Danila Kozlovsky underwent rigorous training sessions and workouts.

In the book, it is explained that Oscar the cat dislikes Rose because all animals dislike dhampirs.

The film was originally titled "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters".

The Weinstein Company, the North American distributors for the film, held a competition for fans where the winner would be able to visit the set in London and meet the cast as part of the promotion for the film.

The line "Whoa, Duckie, I do not have time to deal with your feelings right now," is a reference to the movie Pretty in Pink (1986). Zoey Deutch's father, Howard Deutch collaborated with John Hughes on the same movie.

Dimitri is a big fan of westerns, hence his trademark duster coat. He can be seen reading western novels and several posters are visible in his room.

Rose often jokes about Mia being short, calling her keychain, munchkin, etc. In real life, Zoey Deutch and Sami Gayle are both 5'4".

The film was originally set to be released on Valentine's Day, but was moved up a week to February 7, 2014 in the United States.

Film debut for both Lucy Fry and Anya Taylor-Joy. Taylor-Joy has an uncredited cameo as a feeder girl.

Ramon Tikaram (Mr. Meisner) and Claire Foy (Ms. Harp) were both in White Heat (2012), although they starred in different time periods. Tikaram played the adult version of Jay while Foy played the younger version of Charlotte.

Richelle Mead: The author can be seen walking past the doors just after Mr. Meissner's class.

After Rose Hathaway sedates Headmistress Kirova, before saving Lissa Dragomir, Kirova says, "I could have been a model. A man in Milan gave me his card when I was 16." Kirova was played by Olga Kurylenko who was a model and began her career in Paris at age 16.

In the book Lissa and Rose were living with a male human and borrowed his keys to his car to escape the Guardians.

Near the end of movie, Rose Hathaway shouts, "are you not entertained?" This is the same line repeated in Gladiator (2000) by Russell Crowe.

In Headmistress Kirova's office, a binder labeled "Nagy" is visible. In the book, Mr. Nagy was Rose and Lissa's Slavic art teacher who read the note aloud in class. He was later killed by Natalie when she turned Strigoi (she kills Ray in the movie).

In the book, Lissa Dragomir was held miles away from the academy and it took hours to get to her, while in the movie she was held on campus.