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23 September 2011 | dpfacialfan
| Pretty nice, but should have been better...
In this porno movie they did a great job hiring good looking girls for the movie. Unfortunately they didn't do such a good job in delivering really exciting sex scenes. Don't get me wrong the sex scenes aren't that bad. All the scenes are in fact OK and some of them are even good, but none of them are great or spectacular.

We get to see a total of 6 scenes in this movie, 4 boy girl scenes and 2 threesomes with one girl and two guys. The movie starts out with Maria Bellucci taking on two guys simultaneously. I liked this scene, but I felt that Maria could have given a better performance than she gave in this scene. At times it felt like she wasn't all that into the sex, but every once in a while it felt like she was really enjoying herself. Well at least we get to see Maria DP:ed at the end and that is always nice. In the second scene we see Blondie have sex with one guy. Blondie has a great body and a really beautiful face. Her fake tits are a little on the bigger side but they still fit her body quite nicely. The scene is a pretty standard boy girl scene. We do get to see some nice shots of Blondie's body during the scene, but all in all this is a forgettable scene.

In the third scene we see Mya Diamond take on the same guy as Blondie did. Mya is one of the most underrated porn stars in my opinion. This girl has a very unusual, but still very spectacular looking face and body. This girl is very skinny but she still has really great curves. She has very big and beautiful natural tits for a girl that skinny and a great ass too. And this girl isn't just a pretty girl, she's a great performer too. Mya delivers the best performance in the movie. Too bad her greatness is wasted on a simple boy girl scene. I was really looking forward to seeing miss Diamond take on two guys simultaneously and getting DP:ed in this movie. It would have been nice to see Mya take Maria's place in the first scene. Mya would have taken that scene to another level. Well, at least we get to see Mya do some anal in her scene and I still have some of her other movies in my DVD collection were I can enjoy seeing this spectacular girl take a cock up her pussy and a cock up her ass simultaneously.

In the fourth scene we see Blondie in yet another boy girl scene. This is the least enjoyable scene in the movie. The scene doesn't use the best angles and Blondie has a dress on during the scene that partially covers up her body. I don't know why they gave Blondie two boy girl scenes. They could have thrown in another girl and make it a "threeway", considering there were no threesomes with two girls and one guy in this movie. In the fifth scene we see Gloria Gucci have sex with the same guy as both Blondie and Mya before. What a lucky fellow, he gets to have sex with Blondie, Mya and Gloria in three different scenes in this movie. Not bad for a guy with just a average size penis. Gloria looks really good in this scene and she gives a pretty good performance as well. In the last scene we see Nikki Montana take on two guys simultaneously. Nikki gave a really good performance and she really enjoyed herself during the scene, but there were still some things that bothered me in the scene. Nikki's hair really bugged me in this scene. Many might not pay any attention to a girl's hair when she's naked, but I really hate the kind of 80's curly blond hair that Nikki has in this scene. And when there's something like that bugging me, I can't fully enjoy the rest of the scene. To bad Nikki didn't go for the more normal look, like the one she had in Double the Fun: 2 on 1. Well, at least she didn't go for the 80's bush between her legs. It would be a real shame to cover up a beautiful and tight looking pussy like Nikki's with hair. The other major problem I had with this scene was the fact that there were no double penetration in this scene. It's a real shame that the guys didn't award Nikki with a double penetration at the end, considering what a great performance she gave them. It would have been nice to see Nikki receive a real facial in this scene as well. The guy that blew his load on her ass had a real huge load, that would have covered Nikki's face nicely. Well, you can't get what you want from a porno every time. This is a 7 out of 10 in my book.

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