• WARNING: Spoilers

    A quirky, gentle humor pervades this dramedy about family dysfunction, second families, and generational issues. Despite their age difference, 30-year-old Evelyn is happy in her relationship with her boyfriend, Jean-Pierre, who is 50. Even when she becomes pregnant, they both embrace this new stage of life. But they are not the only ones in the equation.

    Jean-Pierre has been an absentee father to children who are now about the same age as his girlfriend. Hes now trying to rekindle his relationships with them. His son, Sylvain, regularly coaxes him into the kinds of outings fathers and sons experience at a much younger age. But Sylvains own familial ambitions are on holdhis girlfriend just split up with him. His daughter, Marion, has been trying unsuccessfully for two years to have a child, which is taking a steep toll on her marriage. Jean-Pierres ex-wife, Louise, who spent 20 years raising the kids on her own, is now trying to build a new life, albeit with the questionable help of a friend who thinks kinky sexual practices will set her free. When Jean-Pierre announces at Sylvains birthday dinner that hes about to be a father, it hits everybody hard. Meanwhile, Evelyns having no better luck. Her parents try to rejoice with her, but in their circuitous, confessional ramblings they eventually give vent to their fears about her being with a man old enough to be the childs grandfather. As Jean-Pierre seizes the opportunity to redeem himself as a father, Evelyn takes a long look at what her own future might be.