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  • Literally cringeworthy. I'm assuming they sucked up to a lot of people for these emmy's (which I've heard is how these daytime awards are given now) it really tarnished the reputation of the award. Honestly, some of the most contrived and awful acting I've ever seen. I really don't like attacking other peoples work but it's dishonest they are parading it as quality work when it's not at all.
  • hlnmcgu17 December 2021
    Hey, I can enjoy trashy soap operas as much as the next gal, but 'The Bay' is pure babble. Rubbish script and hysterical acting, with dreadful characterisation, this garbage makes 'Days of our Lives' look like Shakespeare in comparison.
  • I got as far as episode 8 and I really should have followed my instinct and stopped about half way through the first one. Trust me, it does NOT get any better. The only redeeming quality is that the episodes are mercifully short.
  • This serial is geared for soap opera aficionados only. Soaps are practically extinct now. This show bring back memories by including many soap vets from :"Days of Our Lives" - Kayla, Jack, Shawn Brady and Belle, "General Hospital" - Bobbie Spencer and Robert Scorpio, "Bold and the Beautiful " - the original Ridge and "Santa Barbara " - Mason Capwell and Lionel Lockridge. Episodes are 30 minutes. Acting is what you expect from a soap. This is not a Scorese film. Recommended for soap fans only.
  • JohnDuncanGriffin27 September 2010
    I just finished watching the Bay and its companion series, the Confession of the Garretts. If you enjoyed Falcon Crest, Santa Barbara, or any of the great soaps, you will love this show.

    The show features a cast of daytime soap stars and new actors who bring much experience, energy and passion to the show:

    Mary Beth Evans stars as Sara Garrett, matriarch of the Garrett-Nelson clan. Her character is the heroine with a devious streak. Other cast members include Tristan Rogers, Dylan Bruce, Sandra Robinson, Martha Madison, and Gavin Houston. Lane Davies, the great actor from Santa Barbara, has also been cast.

    The does a great job also with diversity.
  • Gregori J. Martin is the mastermind behind this amazing web series that will no doubt, put web soap operas on the map! It is filled with drama, romance, and scandal, with a little bit of comedy, which is what every successful soap opera needs. The cast is so amazing. They bring you all of the excitement in each and every episode. Its so addicting, you simply cannot watch only one episode, as it only gets better with each passing one. It is so great to see Mary Beth Evans, who is best known as Kayla Brady on the long running NBC Daytime Soap Opera "Day of Our Lives". She brings her experience and outstanding acting abilities to this show and only makes it that much better. It is obvious, just by watching a single episode, that so much work has been put into creating this show, and it pays off. The crew is amazing and they prove that sometimes, it takes a team to make something work. I applaud Gregori J. Martin for this wonderful creation and only hope to see much more of The Bay and maybe a new soap opera. Keep bringing on the web soaps!