Charlotte Riley 's then fiancé (now husband) 'Tom Hardy' was extremely impressed by her performance in this movie. He talked to her about it for four hours.

Michael Wincott asked Lex Sidon to screen the film at his hometown Scarabough film festival in Canada.

Director Lex Sidon originally wanted to set the film in the 1980s, having spent stretches of that decade as well as the 1990s in Soho, when it was "far more dangerous and exciting", but he couldn't due to budget restraints.

Lex Sidon 's main inspiration for this movie was The Fire Within (1963).

Debbie Harry was considered for the role of Isabelle.

After completing principal photography, Lex Sidon found himself running out of funds, so he raised $26,000 on Kickstarter. When that sum ran out, he applied for "U.S. In Progress," a director's showcase and post-production competition held in Poland and France. He won $80,000, which was used for the digital scanning of the film, and done in Poland. This is the reason why the movie took 3 years to be released.