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  • I have seen so many killer bear movies, and none of them have really pulled it off really well. I am pleased to say that this is the best killer bear movie I have ever seen. How you can train a bear to do all of that is completely amazing! The plot is pretty good, but not great. But at the same time, it's quite simple. People are getting killed in the Grizzly Maze and when a bunch of rednecks come by and start killing the bear's babies, you can imagine it doesn't help the situation at hand. The bear is now angry, and goes on an even bigger rampage to kill everything and everyone.

    The acting was good, especially from James Marsden, Piper Perablo and Billy Bob Thornton. Billy Bob Thornton plays the professional, greedy, annoying bear hunter, and to be honest, he was hardly in it. He was only in it for 15 minutes.

    Overall, it was a great movie. I was never bored. I was always interested. The script was a bit weak, but the main actors did well with what they had.

    Overall, I would give this movie an 8/10. The final showdown was pure genius! And Bart The Bear is the best acting bear I have ever seen! Definitely recommended.
  • When bodies start showing up in an Alaskan forest a local sheriff and his estranged brother go about find the bear before a seasoned hunter does.

    It's hard not to draw comparison to other persons versus nature films, to it's credit it has a seasoned studded cast in what could have been the Jaws (1975) or Moby Dick of Bear movies. The location scenery and setting is fantastic, and there's some grizzly scenes (no pun intended) of hard to watch dead bear cubs, body dismemberment and so on. There's an abundance of kills in the forest, lodge attacks and in cars. Even with Saw V director David Hackl and with writers Guy Moshe and J.R. Reher it oddly feels only as special as AVP Requiem's brotherly love and forest scenes mixed with Abominable (2006).

    Veteran Scott Glenn, excellent James Marsden, Thomas Jane as a hunter character turned conservationist who butts heads with Billy Bob Thornton's hardened hunter can't fix the lack of tension or continuity. Neither can the fine looking actors distract the fact that there's a TV air about the whole affair. The score is however great coupled with some fine cinematography and the star, bear Bart, possibly related to the late Bart the Bear and his mother from Grizzly (1976) steals the show.

    It's nowhere near executed as well as The Edge (1997) or Ghost in the Darkness (1997), nor does it say more about conservation than The Bear (1988). What could have been Jaws, is more Orca - The Killer Whale.

    As a killer bear film on revenge it's up in the top ten, but how many murderous bear films are there?
  • Despite the presence of talented actors Billy Bob Thornton and Scott Glenn, this hunted by a bear in the woods scenario, is so familiar there is little here of interest. If you have seen "The Edge" then you will know you are on well trodden territory, only difference being that "The Edge" is a great film, while "Into the Grizzly Maze" is not. Billy Bob Thornton easily has the best line in the movie " Makes no difference to a hungry bear if it's a logger or a "tree hugger", they all taste the same." The writing is weak, the editing poor, and all of the characters underdeveloped. Not recommended and "bearly" watchable. - MERK
  • Talk about a refreshing little thriller. This was pure fun from beginning to end. Nice to see some legitimate actors in a film rather than teens running around, being dumb and smoking dope in every scene. That seems to be the norm in Hollywood films lately. This is just a straight shooter with an angry ass bear creating some mayhem. Not sure why there was a hooker in the film, that seemed a bit weird, but whatever. Billy Bob Thornton versus a bear wins in my opinion. My teens liked it as well. They were yelling at the screen for the characters to run. I like that they used a real bear for a majority of it. And in fact that it was the same bear from GAME OF THRONES is even way cooler. I think we've had enough cgi in movies lately.
  • When I read the storyline I thought I would like this movie especially when I saw some positive reviews. Plus there were some good actors in the cast. So, nature shots, good actors, all the ingredients for a good movie. But what a disappointment this was. It's one of the worst nature movies I saw in a long time. I just give it three stars because of some nature shots. The storyline is just awful. The actors were just doing their job, but when you have such a bad storyline it doesn't matter if you are a good actor or not. It's not going to save the movie. The movie is full of clichés that made me almost barf. Add to that the stupid idea that the bear is going to hunt everybody down in one night is too ridiculous for words. A bear that huge that it doesn't fit in your bedroom, professional hunters, poachers, and sheriffs, a lot of shooting, and never a hit. Those must be the lousiest shooters in history. Don't believe any positive review because it's a terribly bad movie.
  • AjPUNISHER17 February 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Didn't know what to expect heading into this other than it sounded interesting to me. I was at the least hoping it wasn't going to be a cgi fest and it wasn't. Minimally used from what I noticed and mostly used in the last few moments.

    The actors did decent enough jobs...although Billy Bobs dialogue was laid on a bit thick I thought. I was surprised Piper's character was chosen to be deaf. Being a nature photographer(I believe) in what seemed like a heavily populated bear zone would not be my 1st choice of a career for sure. It's hard enough to hear critters in the woods at times when your not deaf! Bart the Bear (II) did a fine job with what he had to work!

    There are a few not so perfect moments. For instance: You had an earlier encounter with a man eating grizzly, your now supposed to be on night "guard" duty at camp and you end up climbing into a tent to get warm/catch some Z's! Doh!!!!!!

    I haven't seen many movies themed around a bear like this, don't really think there are many anyway, but i would probably rank this movie 3rd behind the gems: The Edge and The Bear.

    I rate this about a 6.7 out of 10.
  • I have recently watched this movie and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised as its not usually my type of movie. There obviously have been previous movies of the same genre, but my opinion this is by far the better option, you cannot go into movie like this and expect Oscar winning performances, but saying that James Marsden ( whose very under rated as an actor ) plays a great role, as do they all. He has a strong supporting cast in the very attractive Piper Perabo, Michaela McManus, Thomas Jane,and of course the great Scott Glenn and Billy Bob Thornton.......Just sit back and relax its a great film, there are worse things to do with your time for ninety minutes.....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I would watch anything with Billy Bob Thornton in it and never complain. Until now, that is. This is close to the dumbest movie I've ever seen. Never have I cared so little about the characters, never was I less thrilled by a "thriller".

    Terrible writing, bad direction, bad acting. Billy Bob was OK, but just. What a waste. Expert shooters everywhere and not one could hit a huge bear.

    I'm sorry, but this took me by surprise. I was really expecting something watchably entertaining; I didn't get it. Halfway through, I couldn't stand it any longer and started skipping forward so it could end.
  • Review: I really didn't have high expectations for this film because it seemed like one of those typical, cheap straight to DVD movies but it actually wasn't that bad. The director spent some time giving the individual characters a background, so it didn't seem like a bunch of people in the woods running away from a massive bear. Anyway, the films about a guy called Rowan (James Marsden) who returns to his town to look for his friend who is missing in the woods. On his first night there, he picks up a girl in a bar and he takes her back to his hotel but the girl turns out to be a prostitute so he turfs her out and she ends up getting in trouble with her pimp. After saving her from a beating, he ends up in a fight on the street with the pimp so the police are called out to stop the brawl. His brother Beckett (Thomas Jane) happens to be the town sheriff so he picks him up at the incident and he questions him to find out why he has come back after such a long time. After spending the night with his brother, dead bodies turn up in the woods so Beckett goes to investigate while Rowan starts his journey to find his missing friend. As Becketts wife is in the woods taking pictures, he decides to go and find her because it's been reported that there is a killer bear on the loose. Rowan ends up saving Becketts wife from the killer bear and they all end up trapped in the wilderness. The only path home is through the Grizzly Maze but they have to tackle the angry beast to get back to safe ground. There is some intensity through the movie which I found quite enjoyable. The acting was pretty good from the whole cast, which made there situation feel believable, especially as the director chose to use a real bear. There are other elements that kept the movie interesting, like the poachers who were killing bears for money and Billy Bob Thorntons character who was a top class hunter, so there is some depth to the storyline. The action scenes at the end were also well put together and very intense so I don't know why this movie didn't make it to the cinema. There are some decent actors in the film like Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Jane and James Marsden who seems to be in loads of movies nowadays, so I'm surprised that it went straight to DVD. Anyway, I quite enjoyed the movie and the fact that the director chose to use a real bear made it a joy to watch. Watchable!

    Round-Up: James Marsden, 42, seems to be covering every genre in his career by starring in movies like the X-Men as Cyclops, Superman Returns, Hairspray, Enchanted, 27 Dresses, The Box with Cameron Diaz, The Butler, 2 Guns with Denzel Washington, Anchorman 2 and Unfinished Business so he really has covered every spectrum of acting. He very rarely takes the lead in movies, but he definitely makes his presence known with his unique acting style and dashing smile, which is mentioned in Anchorman 2. Thomas Jane, 46, who plays his brother in this film, has struggled to make it as an A list actor but he has starred in some decent movies like Face Off, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Scott Pilgrim and Hustlers with the late Paul Walker but he's never played the lead in any of those movie. The one big disappointment of his career has to be the awful Punisher reboot which really didn't do his career any good. That was mainly due to the director who really failed to reboot the franchise but he hasn't been able to star in a big screen movie ever since. This movie was directed by David Hackl who also directed Saw V. He hasn't got that much experience behind the camera but I think that he done a decent job with this movie. He had some professional actors to work with, which included a bear and the storyline was well written so he must be happy with his achievements, especially as it's his only his second film.

    Budget: $10million Worldwide Gross: N/A

    I recommend this movie to people who are into their action/horror/thrillers about a group of people in the wilderness trying to escape from a killer bear. 5/10
  • "Even grizzlies can get lost down there." Rowan (Marsden) has finally come back home after being gone too long. He wants to head into the dangerous grizzly maze for hiking. His brother, Beckett (Jane) doesn't want him to go due to the recent attacks. Reluctantly Beckett heads in to protect Rowan, find his wife, and and find the bear before it attacks again. This is a movie that you pretty much know what your going to get. Action and tenseness. The cast is pretty amazing for a movie like this. The movie is exciting and entertaining but some of the actual story gets lost in between the action. That isn't a bad thing but when you watch this you watch it for one reason. This is the type of movie where you can almost predict whats going to happen and there aren't any real surprises, but that said it is entertaining and well worth your time. Overall, not as good as The Edge, but still exciting and the cast makes it better than it actually is. I give this a B.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    All in all this was a pretty good film, some bigger names in the cast, and I thought Piper's character (SPOILER) being deaf, was a nice choice, and added some legit horror to the idea... However, for such names to be included in the casting, each was not featured enough in this movie, to build any real back story for each character.

    For me I would've like more scares, more tension, and I didn't feel that much at all in this. I will however give huge props to the makers for using (SPOILER) a real Grizzly bear for this movie, and limiting the use of CGI. Bart the Bear is massive, and really had me wondering if he was going to go full on bear attack. That being said,(SPOILER) the switch from real bear to CGI bear for the big attack scene at the end, was bad. I understand the need to do that, but it just wasn't executed very well.

    So, Pluses = Bart the Bear, the cast, the scenery/locations, production Minuses = limited use of such a talented cast, not enough scares, and the bad CGI transition. I'd still give this a 7.5-8 out of 10 though.
  • 85122217 October 2015
    Greetings from Lithuania.

    "Into the Grizzly Maze" (2014) is a very predictable but at the same time entertaining flick if you don't hope for a great movie. It has surprisingly great cast who did a uniformly good job in this flick. This picture is rated R - it is bloody and has some visceral scenes. The plot is very simple and predictable, but this flick isn't about the plot - it is about a grizzly man killer, so as you guest it won't win any Oscars or other awards in here.

    Overall, if you will skip "Into the Grizzly Maze" you won't loose anything. But if you will see it, first of all lower your expectations and just enjoy the ride, because this flick delivers what is promises and nothing more. At running time 1 h 23 min it never drags and very well paced. Locations are truly beautiful, add a great cast and very simple but kinda griping story and you will have some nice time watching this flick.
  • I am seriously torn between opinions on this one. I'm actually somewhat of a fan of animal horror movies. I still think Jaws is one of the best horror films out there. I even somehow liked the Orca Rip-off. Seriously, the animal horror genre occupies a major part of the most fun B movies ever (strangely, the ones that come to mind are mostly shark focused....Deep Blue Sea, Ghost Shark, Shark Attack 3: Megalodon...). From my childhood I remember being really scared of titles like Tarantula, Kingdom of Spiders, Frogs, Razorback, Cujo and so on. Well, times change and I know just enjoy some dumb fun. And I really don't know if Grizzly actually fits my bill here.

    I admit I was predominantly drawn to this movie by its cast - James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton, and Piper Perabo (which I haven't seen for a long time). So my guess was that with such a pretty well known cast, they would have confidence in the movie and some budget associated with it. And again, I am not sure...

    So the actors actually do their job pretty well. Their performance is probably one of the reasons why the movie is sometimes quite gripping and tense. The setting is quite nice - foggy gritty cold forest. The plot is pretty much what you expect...and even if you have low expectations it is kind of a lackluster.

    I think the biggest gripe I have is with the bear "effects" and associated with it the cinematography and editing. I am quite astonished how they managed to actually make the bear feel real and menacing and at the same time weirdly harmless. Sometimes the bear appears huge and some of the attacks are really grippy. Other times you feel that the bear is just prancing around like a nice little teddy. They used real bear footage for the most part, which is nice, but somehow feels fake at the same time. No idea how they did that. There is quite an amount of gore as well. And some of the attacks were quite hard to watch - although the victims showed some questionable defense behavior. At the same time, there are a lot of cheap off-screen deaths. This is not similar to Jaws, where it's done tastefully and suspenseful - here it just seems very cheap - like in the average low budget TV movie. That transgresses to a general problem here - the editing. A lot of the scenes are like this: Bear growling - people looking in fear - bear standing - people deciding to run away - bear prancing towards them - people actually running away scared of their life (and that quite authentically) - bear catching up with one of them - people shooting at the bear and missing - bear turning around and running towards the shooter - shooter looking dumb and shooting and missing again - bear closing in on shooter - other people shooting and missing - bear turning towards other catch the drift.

    There is just not enough real interaction or shots with the bear and people together convincingly to make this movie really good. As mentioned, the effects are good and bad at the same time - CGI was avoided most of time, and when it was used, it was OK. But generally, it has just this extreme cheap TV movie feel. It is also not over the top, which could have saved it. If there is humor in this movie, it is extreme the extend that I'm not sure if I noticed it.

    So in sum, really, I have no idea what to make of it. I do not recommend it. That's for sure. But I also do not hate it. I somehow do not really care (despite this long review...). And oh yeah, and the ending is really cheap.
  • Seth_Rogue_One21 November 2015
    The cast was a definite appeal for me: James Marsden, Piper Perabo, Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Jane and Scott Glenn are all actors that I enjoy usually.

    And although they aren't terrible I don't think any of them shine in their roles, but then they didn't have much to work with; the characters are all pretty flat with little to no character development.

    The script is not well-written (to put it mildly) in fact it reminds me of the typical creature feature that SyFy channel mass-produces by the dozens every year, but with better acting and better music.

    Extremely clichéd and no real suspense, I mean there were attempts at suspense but it all felt pretty flat just like the rest of the movie.

    PS, Piper Perabo plays a deaf-mute woman so she has no dialogue, in case you were like me looking forward to see her act again she does so just by gestures and facial expressions.

    I recommend Backcountry aka Blackfoot Trail instead.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    INTO THE GRIZZLY MAZE is an action horror movie with an A-list cast and B-movie feel. It's about a bunch of characters who end up in the woods with a rampaging grizzly bear hunting for them, and the entire plot consists of waiting to find out who lives and who dies as a result. The film seems to be a throwback to the exploitation pictures of old, like GRIZZLY, but it fails to entertain due to the fact that it simply isn't thrilling.

    Instead this film consists of clichéd characters and situations and over-obvious direction. Familiar stars show up and spout dialogue and either hunt or are hunted by the grizzly. James Marsden and Thomas Jane have both had successful careers but seem weak and insipid here, and Billy Bob Thornton's kooky character is underutilised in what amounts to little more than an extended cameo. Scott Glen has even less to do other than hang around looking haggard. The main recommendation is that the bear attack sequences are convincing, reliant on trick photography rather than the usual CGI creations or man-in-a-suit monstrosities.
  • I'm not a huge horror fan however I read the write up and wanted to see this.

    I'll say from the outset that these realistic horrors scare the hell out of me! A bit like Cujo- a rabid dog could easily go on a rampage. In this case, a slightly angry bear goes after anyone who comes near him or enters his territory.

    Now the limit of my knowledge of bears is next to nothing given the only bears we have here in Australia are Koalas (and the stuff we tell tourists about them being drop bears, attacking people, peeing on you from the trees, etc) is rubbish! But good for a laugh.

    Based on that limited knowledge, I have no idea how realistic this movie is. I don't know how big they get. I don't know how likely they are to attack.

    But either way, I'll stick to camping in the caravan park after watching this. I'll feel a bit safer than out in the wilderness.

    Talking wilderness, the scenery in this movie is incredible. Whilst I don't want to hike or camp there now (in case of bears), the cinematography is pretty impressive.

    Overall, a good movie....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just sat through 126 minutes of this movie with roaring, hammering roadworks happening right outside my window. I was still very much engrossed and looking forward to watching it when it's dark and quiet outside!

    I've been waiting for this "nature terrorises mankind" adventure thriller for a year now, originally titled 'Red Machine'. I never did know what happened to it, until I stumbled upon the same cast and concept plastered across the DVD cover of a new movie on the supermarket shelf.

    Lo and behold, the studio just decided to give 'Red Machine' this ridiculous alt. title, 'Into the Grizzly Maze', which makes it sounds like a hark back to 1970s Disney or stuff like 'Killdozer'.

    In fact, 'Grizzly Maze' is an underrated return to 'Jaws', 'Anaconda' and 'Cujo', and it's really good quality, despite critical ratings.

    Setting the tone, mankind is happily poaching bears and chopping down forests at will when one particular grizzly goes on the rampage. Our lead characters set out deep into the mountains on a rescue mission but end up being hunted themselves.

    With an ecological message, our characters are at odds. Some of them are highly respective of nature and hate poachers. Others are in the business of killing and are morally ambiguous people. That just doesn't stop a giant grizzly hunting the scent of their blood as they're stalked through the mountains of Alaska, so they really have no choice but to do everything it takes to survive and to protect their town.

    The cast is great. Thomas Jane being no stranger to being hunted by monsters over the years is a natural and James Marsden provides the fresher star pulling power. Billy Bob Thornton and Scott Glenn are right at home and then a surprising cameo from Adam Beach has me scratching my chin.

    As for the movie's weaknesses, the special effects, writing or simplicity are neither of them. For authenticity, they used a real life bear for much of the movie's essential scenes, which at times is awesome and then other times - no doubt for safety's sake - made for some weak suspense, however it attempts something of a 'Predator' feel at times, which is enjoyable and somewhat suspenseful.

    I also feel that the studio has left out a lot of footage because the movie's message isn't left all tied together. Maybe it was rushed, maybe they ran out of budget, but I'm sure as hell not demanding my money back.

    Enjoy along with Jaws, Anaconda and/or Deep Blue Sea.
  • -Grizzly (2015) movie review: -Grizzly, opening in wide release next month, is a thriller following two brothers set out on a hike together in the woods after they reunite, having not seen each other since childhood. They soon discovery they are being stalked by a massive grizzly bear who has been terrorizing a local town. And it is from the director of some of the Saw sequels. Great…. That makes sense.

    -This film missed a lot of opportunities to be meaningful and well done, plus with a cast like this, there is really no good excuse. Maybe if it was made by someone NOT known for horror movie sequels….

    -The story is not too original to be honest. Reuniting and forgiving through desperate circumstances so they can work together? Plus the bear is apparently killing people and other bears because it is mad about deforestation. In Alaska. IN ALASKA. His next film will include a group of killer polar bears out against a local research base. In the middle of the Arctic….

    -The pace was good, and it did keep me from being bored or too disinterested. It really it not all bad of a film. Kinda.

    -The acting is passable. James Marsden (Cyclops) did not have to try too hard, and he did fine. Thomas Jane (Punisher) did not try at all and it kinda shows. Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs) did a very good job. Billy Bob Thornton did fine. And Scott Glenn played himself yet again.

    -The characters were somewhat interesting, but none of the character motivations or development went anywhere. You start to get to know someone and then that is all, moving on to the next scene.

    -The music was very forgettable. Because I don't remember it. Soooo…….

    -I have to talk about the effects now. The special effect in the movie are weak. The editing is good though. There were a few times that they made the bear look like it was there. Being a pretty gruesome movie, there were a lot of practical effects in it. This is where the director of Saw II shines, because the film was really over-the-top bloody and gory without cause. In fact most of it did not even make sense.

    Another thing, if you are going to have a finale, make it good. Don't have characters you want to win get thrown around by a bear only to have them totally fine without a scratch. Add some tension. I was so tense at one point, then I realized that the leads are immune to bears. Take some decent production design and some not-to-bad editing and ruin it with an over-the-top ending that didn't need to be, and you have a very anti-climactic film with no actual danger.

    -One more thing: A film like this does NOT need a plot-twist. No spoilers, just sayin'.

    -Grizzly combines some good production design, editing, and acting with a poorly-made animal slasher film. It could have been a good film, and it was slightly entertaining, but ultimately, the direction of the film drove it into the ground too deep for a cast that could care less to redeem. Grizzly just isn't worth the time.

    -Grizzly holds a strong R-rating for violence really. It also has some language in the film, as well as a short scene of nudity that didn't fit anything else in the film. Thanks director of Saw II, III, and IV.
  • Into the Grizzly Maze is about as low grade B-movie as you can get, with the exception of its start lit cast.

    Basically a horror film where an animal is the killer, ala Jaws or more closely Anaconda, Into the Grizzly Maze is about two brothers who must reunite despite their strained relationship in order to hunt down a bear on a killing spree. Set in the Alaskan wilderness, these men, along with other trained experts, think they are on the animals trail to only find out the unrelenting grizzly bear is in fact stalking them.

    I'll admit, I don't like animal horror films. I dislike the idea of an animal on the rampage because typically it sparks unnecessary paranoia. Especially since I am on the east coast where bears seem to be wandering into populated area, thanks to deforestation, and the group terror causes them to be put down rather than relocated. But, the relative mystery of the film's existence coupled with the name-y cast was enough for me to give it a try.

    Coincidentally, Into the Grizzly Maze is a terrible film with a flimsy unoriginal plot and horrible CGI. No amount of actors such as James Marsden, Piper Perabo, Thomas Jane or Billy Bob Thornton can save it, though their acting is far beyond the subject matter of the film. The film is just your basic 'killer animal on the loose' film and seems to have devolved from the original premise of being based on Timothy Treadwell's life.

    Overall, the film just does not work. Despite a couple of grisly deaths, the film is not scary. Perhaps it is because of the bear, who though we know to be dangerous and powerful, just comes across as lumbering and slow on screen. The director does nothing to add to the menace or to highlight the strength and hazards of the creatures clawed paws or gigantic jaw. The use of green screen for death scenes and poor CGI when the bear was supposed to be touching and attacking characters is distracting and almost laughable.

    Into the Grizzly Maze is without merit in being green lit for film, and it is no wonder this film was released on the down low. There's no character development or back story, except when told cheaply through conversations. It is without creativity and talent and is wholly unoriginal.

    Please check out our website for full reviews of all the recent releases.
  • Don't be fooled by the title or bear sighting of this movie, this is actually a slasher movie in disguise. Every clichés from three decades ago is here , including bear killer that pops out of nowhere, people stumbling when being chased and even the incompetent acts from the characters simply because the demand of plot. It's a mix of cheap effect and surprisingly famous names, but still a B movie.

    The premise is simple, albeit slightly forced. A bear is on the loose, and this bear is particularly special for its murderous rampage. There are a lot of famous actors here such as Patrick Madsen, Thomas Jane and Billy Bob Thornton. All of which have plenty experience on action movies, even the supporting characters are familiar faces from either cinema or TV show.

    However, the large cast doesn't mean a good story. As a matter of fact, the movie attempts to create too many subplots and none of them feel fascinating. There's the usual estranged family bonded together over the crisis, the tough guy who's determined to cap this bear and a couple girls who seem like padding to prolong movie.

    This is far from a genuine survival story, the bear literally pops up out of nowhere like a paranormal stalker, which is strange considering the number of people assembled. It also has plot armor which makes the humans momentarily miss all their shots or this bulky bear manages to dodge in the nick of time. There's a mountain of inconsistencies here, and it just piles up towards the end, especially with the visibly subpar CGI.

    One might get a bit of enjoyment from the slight horror, but Into the Grizzly Maze is nothing more than a poor imitation of Jaws or slasher flick, only with bear.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    No movie with Scott Glenn in the cast can be completely bad, but in the case of "Into the Grizzly Maze", there is not much more than Glenn to say what's positive about this viewing experience. Sure, for the most part the movie looks good, with expert cinematography and some very scenic locations (though the CGI effects look really amateurish.) And the last fifteen minutes or so are reasonably tense and exciting (though when the threat is finally eradicated, the movie ends really abruptly, as if the production had run out of money.) But the moments that lead to those last fifteen minutes are not particularly engaging. The story is really slow in unfolding. To make matters worse, even when the threat of the movie is (eventually) established, there is no real feeling that the characters are in deep peril until near the end. One reason for this is that even though the production got a real bear (the legendary Bart the bear), his sporadic appearances are for the most part so poorly directed that we can't get a sense that the characters are facing a wild and out of control animal. If the movie had been rewritten to make Scott Glenn the threat, maybe we would have had something here.
  • This film is by no means Shakespeare, but as far as man vs animal films this is the best, and by best I mean they don't cheat you on the animal interactions. When it comes to films like "Razorback" or "Orca" or "The Edge" or "The Brotherhood of the Wolf" or "The Ghost and the Darkness" or even "Jaws" - the animal effects are minimal. What you see are glimpses and teases of the animal. What you came to see is the beast in all its glory, and that's exactly what you get in this film.

    Although the dialog isn't fantastic, it is adequate, and everyone does their part with the acting. But you didn't watch this show for the dialog, you came to see the bear, and that's precisely what you get in "Grizzly". I was astonished at the close-up fights the bear has with numerous characters, they looked extremely real and I didn't know how they pulled it off. Which is why I have to recommend this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The most enjoyable part of this film was laughing at how ridiculous it is.

    There is no spoiler by telling you that a group of people are out in the wilderness, and there is a bear out there too. And the bear systematically kills people off.

    And people do what they always do in dead teenager movies--they split up. Have none of them ever seen a dead teenager movie to know that you aren't supposed to do that? (but this movie is just a collection of old plot devices, including a Butch Cassidy/Sundance Kid jumping off a cliff into the water to escape thingy).

    But it was the ridiculous aspects of the film that made it impossible to experience any tension. Billy Bob Thornton is a "hunter" who walks around in the mountainous woods WITH HIS HORSE in tow. What's with the horse? He is always close to the group of four people, and they not only don't have a horse but are carrying a woman who is injured. You can't even ride the thing in those types of mountainous areas. He won't let the injured woman ride his horse because he's hunting the bear (nice guy) although, as I say, he doesn't move any faster with the horse than they do without it. The woman with a stake through her leg might have appreciated the ride.

    And the bear? I think Bart the Bear ought to sue his agent. He's made to look slow and stupid. The people, even carting along their wounded mate, CAN OUTRUN HIM! A grizzly bear can cover 35 mph going uphill or downhill, but this thing can't get up to even a few feet an hour. He is often shown about 100 feet behind the group, but somehow they outrun him.

    Not only that, but the big game hunter, a sheriff's deputy, the sheriff, and a guy who practically lived in these woods with his father can't hit the broad side of a barn with their rifles. Even when the bear is only 100 feet away they keep hitting branches and rocks. Really, they deserved to die. But unfortunately, they didn't--not die that is. Bart does, which you can probably guess, and he shouldn't. He's the most likable one in the movie....even if he is kind of slow.

    Then there is the hearing impaired naturalist who is out hiking without any equipment, and then when she sees the bear manages to lose her bear spray. And get caught in her own snare, which she had just set. But, no matter, three sets of people manage to find her in an area the size of Rhode Island, and take her to safety.

    The best advice in the movie, advice you'll want to heed, was "don't shoot a bear if it's heading toward you." Instead, you are supposed to shoot it from its side. So, do you yell real loud: "HEY BEAR, PLEASE TURN SIDEWAYS?" The great stupid hunter, Billy Bob, has three shots at this bear lumbering at him at less than 1 mph and misses all three! All three! (but it might have been different if the bear had been more cooperative and had turned sideways).

    For the bad guys, and the nonessential guys, the bear tears them apart within seconds. When it's the good guys, they can fight and wrestle for minutes with no apparent harm. And kill him with a knife, just like Davy Crockett, who kil't him a b'ar when he was only three. A knife against a grizzly? One swat and you'd be dead, but not our heroes!

    (In all fairness, it's our fault. When we went to return a movie to the kiosk it was filled, and we couldn't return it unless we rented another one. This is what we got)
  • This is the first time I am writing a review in IMDb. In my lifetime I have watched over 3000 movies and "Into the Grizzly Maze" is among the worst I've ever seen. How can all these people with Guns miss an over grown fat bear. A ten year who has never handled a gun would have hit the bear at that close range, and by the way most of the guns has telescopic lens attached. And another awkward character in the movie is a girl who plays a deaf character venturing all alone deep into the woods to take photographs. Poor editing, poor suspense and scenes poorly shot. Such a waste of talented actors. It is really a pity as it could have been a better movie if handled by a talented director. So disapppointed!
  • kosmasp17 May 2015
    I'm not sure if this was a working title for the movie once (I think I saw it in the End Credits, but it might only have been there because they call the movie "Red Machine" in Germany), but it doesn't really fit. Even if you consider the Grizzly to be aggressive and violent, Red Machine is not how you should call it.

    It's an animal strikes back (or nature if you will) movie, which might not be everyones cup of tea anyway. It's fairly decent for the budget it has, though you should not compare this in any way, shape or form with any Saw movie. Another reviewer falsely believes the director also was at the helm of Saw 2-4, which is incorrect. He only directed the fifth in the franchise, but was involved in other roles throughout the series. Nonetheless this "guarantees" that there is a violence level that will be explicitly shown in the movie.

    You have a nice ensemble of actors involved here, which is almost strange for a movie like this. Not all of them get the time to shine, but at least there is more depth to some of the characters that you might expect (some may add more focus was shown there than on some of the technical aspects of the movie, but that would be a bit mean)
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