Adrien Brody was heavily involved with this early on, wanting to star and produce. He met with Gerard Butler and discussed with him the idea of them playing brothers in the film, but he eventually passed.

When Billy Bob Thornton sits up against the tree and nestles his rifle against his chest to get a good night's sleep, it's an homage to Grizzly (1976) when Richard Jaeckal's character did the same thing.

The cast went back to Vancouver in October for additional filming. Rumors of going back to the original ending from the original screenplay which had Adrien Brody attached to it is what they used.

Chad Michael Murray, Hayden Christensen, and Paul Walker were considered for the part of Rowan.

Missy Peregrym auditioned for a role, but the producers went in a different direction. Coincidently, or not... she went and made a similar themed bear film with her television show friends called Backcountry (2014), that has many of the same scenes from the original screenplay "Red Machine".

The character "Kaley" (Michaela McManus) was named in reference after the writer's real-life friend, Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory (2007).

James Marsden and Piper Perabo appeared in 10th & Wolf (2006).

Goof, not a point of trivia. When Zoe (Louisa D'Oliveira) gets attacked, you can see her reflection in the abandoned car as the bear creeps up on here. It's supposed to be the bear in the reflection, but you can see it's someone throwing a blanket over the top.

Emily Hampshire screentested for this film.