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  • that is actually entertaining with acting that is a cut above the usual micro-budget horror films and also has good cinematography and editing. The movie moves along at a brisk pace and never bores.The low budget does hamper movie at times but overall movie overcomes it with creativity. The movie is a worthwhile time-waster if you like these kind of things.
  • Not to bad at all. SOULEATER has some issues due to its low-budget but the camera-work is good as it the acting, though Peter Hooten is a little hammy as the stereotypical Southern sheriff. Lead actor Loren Blackwell(who is also the screenwriter) does well as a Sam Elliott-like hero. The story is suspenseful and easy to follow. Compared to the many, many micro-budget horror films out there, SOULEATER is one of the better ones.
  • Souleater is a fantastic example of a bad movie being made watchable by those involved.

    It tells the story of a spate of missing persons and the parties involved. The inept bigot Sherriff and his deputy, the religious evil vanquishers and a pair of bikers in search of one of their daughters.

    It has a real 80's/90's vibe to it, this is the kind of movie I used to look forward to renting on VHS back in the day.

    Cinematography is solid but the lack of budget shows, especially when they attempt cgi. The music is ill fitting in places and the whole thing does come across a tad cheap and nasty.

    On the flipside however it has charm, it has competence behind the camera and the cast are well above par. They really do a great job in portraying the movies varying characters and it's things like that which has raised Souleater above the average.

    Nobody would ever say Souleater is a good film, it really badly isn't. However a lot of talent has gone into it's production, so it's been saved to an extent.

    There are worse things you could spend 90 minutes on.

    The Good:

    Loren Blackwell

    Great characters

    Neat looking creature

    The Bad:

    Stock screams

    Feels really cheap in places

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Apparently you can successfully polish a t*rd

    Finding an entire arsenal of weaponry isn't grounds for arrest

    If the creature hadn't been invisible the film would have been a lot better
  • entertaining little horror flick. Well-done for the very low budget and has some good actors it who keep it interesting. Peter Hooten who plays a sheriff in the movie, was the original Dr. Strange in the 1978 television movie. The camera work is far above what is normal in low-low budget moves.
  • A vengeful biker, a rogue priest and a crusty sheriff take on a tentacled, soul sucking critter that turns folks into zombies in backwoods Florida. This is a low budget indi and no "envelop please" presentation, but rather a dark and sweaty unapologetic creature feature made by folks who clearly enjoy the horror genre. The story is surprisingly coherent and snaps along, performances are fine (Peter Hooten is outrageous), and there are some fun surprises. Worth a look if you like monster movies.
  • that uses its low-budget very well. Very well filmed with good creepy locations enhance the tight storytelling. The original Dr. Strange Peter Hooten is very good as the stereotypical Southnern sheriff and Loren Blackwell has movie star gravitas as the hero Sebastian Pike. Overall a great job!
  • horror film with decent acting, good sound and editing. A cut above other horror films in this budget range. The story tracks well and is suspenseful. Actors Loren Blackwell(Pike) and Peter Hooten(Sheriff Talley) brings gravitas to the film. The cinematography is excellent and the special effects a very good too. All in all a good show.
  • that reminded me of the low budget horror films that were made in the way back then. Very well done for it's low budget.... with good camera work, direction, editing and acting. It took me back to a simpler time when horror movies were more inventive and not repititious like they are today. Peter Hooten, the original Dr. Strange stars as a cantankerous Southern sheriff.
  • Pull out the popcorn and curl up on the sofa for some classic creepy suspense. Loren Blackwell offers a strong, crusty performance as biker dad Sebastian Pike whose feisty daughter (well-played by Kelly Sullivan) has disappeared. He rumbles into town with his sidekick, Demon (Brian Kahrs) to get to the bottom of the mystery. Peter Hooten plays a bumbling, on-the-edge sheriff who makes the mistake of getting in Pike's way. All in all an entertaining movie with a good build of suspense. The effects, though somewhat limited,did the job nicely.
  • acting bad sound quality bad all music from a synth....and you guessed it...bad. Camera work isn't even up to scratch...7.9? i don't think so. story line - uh, yea I'm sorry this just isn't very good - i should have guessed when some of the actors also star in the picture. Somebodies pet project shared with the world....not sure they should have.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    No... actually, there was no help for this film the minute it started.

    Could the acting have been any worse? Probably, but I'm sure glad it wasn't because it was painful enough to sit through as it was.

    The only cool thing about this film was the ragged and dilapidated old house. the plague, avoid!
  • A poverty-level attempt at horror that is so boring and so inept, it's hard to believe it was filmed by anyone that could be called a professional. Image a porn film with the sex scenes edited out. I was interested to see Peter Hooten, TV's original Doctor Strange, but that's what comic conventions are for.
  • User xsagaroth's assessment is likely spot on where they believe the other two reviews are from cast/crew. This film is a complete turd. There is a saying: "Good, fast, cheap. Pick two." and it's clear that the decisions made in this film did not include the first option of 'good'.
  • the_aids_giver25 September 2017
    6.1? Nah. One only has to look at the reviews to note they are written by members of the cast and crew. It has all the failings of a cheap production. Set design is poor, acting is quite bad and, worst of all, the sound is just not up to snuff. Movie watchers can forgive a great many things when it comes to quick cheapies but the one thing they will not tolerate is bad sound.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    IMDb estimated they made this film for $100,000 and that is 2017 dollars. The production and acting is better than most films twice its budget, but that is not to say it is great, but it certainly had missed potential.

    The Sutter house, said to be haunted, has taken a teen boy ( Gavin Roache). Lindy (Kelly Sullivan), the scared girlfriend and witness, is being held in custody by Sheriff Buford Talley (Peter Hooten) of Bixby, Florida. She calls her biker daddy Pike (Loren Blackwell) for help, a man who acts like Sam Elliot with the personality drained from him. Meanwhile a pair of soul eater hunters are in town to close a portal. This includes an ex-priest most likely defrocked because he speaks in pretend Latin and only knows a couple of lines from "Hail Mary." The film had camp potential, being a possible low budget "Return of the Living Dead." Instead it took itself seriously after a comic introduction of Sheriff Buford and went downhill.

    On a side note, whenever I hear the name "Lindy" I always get an image of Tony Randall in my mind singing a cover version of "Lucky Lindy" not in anyway similar to the DVD cover image. The film is classified as "sci-fi" because we get to see a CG portal at the end. It is in fact horror.

    Guide: No F-word (S-word, A-word, GD). No sex, nor nudity.