[repeated line]

Cullen Bohannan: Dammit, Elam!

Thomas 'Doc' Durant: Mr. Gundersen, have you ever had your heart ripped out by a woman?

The Swede: I was married once, sir, but she run off with a gypsy. Uh, my heart was not ripped out, but, she did steal my cuckoo clock.

Town Sign: Hell on Wheels. Population: One less every day.

Ruth Cole: [about her father] He wanted to be a Christian. But in the end, what he really wanted was to be a martyr.

Mr. Toole: [toasting] To Mr. Bohannan. He may be a son of a bitch, but he's *our* son of a bitch.

Sean McGinnes: I came to America to build a life in this world, not the next.

Lily Bell: It's not your manners, Mr. Bohannan, it's your manner.

Eva: No one's ever gutted a man for me before.

Eva: [answering the door] The man of the house is out.

Declan: The man of the house is dead.

Louise Ellison: I can assure you, Mr. Bohannan, I'm neither a lady, nor a whore.

Cullen Bohannan: [toasting] To the truth...

Louise Ellison: And consequences.